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Cinch has gotten desperate to keep her school on top for as long as possible. So she brings in an expert on friendship in order to try and whip her students into shape. Unfortunately for her, Gentarou Kisaragi doesn't play by anyones rules, and sets to befriend the two schools as best as he can!

Kamen Rider Fourze x Equestria Girls Friendship Games
Alternate Universe
Part of the Equestria Girls Heisei Generations series

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I'm going to do a reading of this at some point, but I'll have to watch a lot of Fourze and other toku to get the Nippon accent right so as not to sound like a WWII propaganda cartoon

Easiest place to do it is at TVNihon for the entire series, plus the movies. I'd also recommend Over-Time as the other group to get the fansubs from, but the subsequent explosion of the original nyaa torrent seedbox has made that harder to do. Or you could just try kissasian but I recommend torrents over the dodgy site.

But thanks for the heads up!


I'm going to do it through vk or JAtoku, since they have a better quality site than Kissasian and don't havenrew-tab ads as I refer to them, and they probably don't have malware lol


GOOD PLAN. That works well.

I hope you have fun, Fourze is THE Toku that fits 100% with MLP and EQG.


you know what I realized after watching the MLP movie?

Capper and Urataros have a lot in common when it comes to their mannerisms and like Ryotaro he has to deal with a lot of bad luck

so a den-o crossover involving capper would be perfect lol

I've yet to watch the movie, but I'm probably going to use Den-O in this universe eventually.


another thing, Celaeno and Captain marvelous have a bit of a rivalry

Rounding the corner, Gentarou braced himself as a minor shockwave of violet energy buffered him. Reflexively, he held up his arms as the Fusion Switch flared to life, and in his hands a driver resolved. For a moment, Gentarou cast a puzzled expression before running up to Applejack. Twilight had run after the pendant as he stooped next to her. “What happened?”

I guess what Kengo said in War Taisen Ultimatum was right. Gentarou was in a pinch, and it surely returned to him

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