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Well go with first the past starting then the girls then show the riders appear in form civilan when the girls are in trouble they are first saved by Ichigo who henshin later saving them then kugga later after some parts and then zero one who comes in the last time to stop a second strong kaijin and takes him out

Hey guys I have an idea for a kamen rider crossover story with equestria girls but I need some advice. You see I want to make a story of the equestria girls meeting the 3 riders like ichigo, kuuga, and Zero one since I don't see any stories like this here on fimfiction. I have an idea on how it would go but I am not sure how to present it. Any advice would be helpful

Can anyone here please show me to the kamen rider ex aid stories are or at least the wizard stories

Hi folks!

Just checking if there were any groups for this kind of crossover; and surprised to find so little activity.
What's the rules here about adding stories to the group? I just started a MLP/W crossover, but don't want to add it to the group without checking what the rules are.

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