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A Gamer Who loves MLP and want's to write some stories.

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About myself (and other stuff)

Something you should all know about me is that I have autism and dyslexia. But that is not going to stop me from writing stories.

I would be mostly writing adventures, comedies, and dark (with a vengeance) story.

Shipping that I like

Appledash- I just love a good story with these two. plus I just love seeing Rainbow Dash and Applejack working together in the show.

Fluttercord- I blame Bride of Discord I think they look cute.

Rarixie- At first I didn't like them but after reading stories by MysteriousStranger I really like these two.

Twijack- I can't help it I think they look adorable 😍 this is acally the frist shipping I read in the fandom, plus I actually don't mind if they get marred in the show. :heart:

SoarinDash- I really like this ship mostly I like they idea of Rainbow joining the wonderbolts and finding something unexpected. 😄

Octascratch- Yeah a bit overrated but I like how different types of music come together.

Flutterdash- I can see why some people find don't like them (mostly because Rainbow is way too impatient) But they look so CUTE!!!!!:raritydespair:!!!!!

Shipings that I don't like 😡 :twilightangry2:

Twidash- This one is really really overrated and I don't see them working out. And I don't know what people and my friends see in them (I read 3 fic about them but I STILL DID NOT LIKE THEM)

Rainbowpie- I get there both full of energy and they like to pull pranks but that is not enough to make me like them.

Sparity- I'm sorry I just don't like Spike having a crush on Rarity I know they use it as a joke in the show but I was only disgusted. :pinkiesick: (In my opinion Spike should give up on his crush)

Flashlight- Take one good look at them. first theirs Twilight Sparkle The element of magic, one of the princess of equstria (and one of my favorite pony's next to pinkie pie.) is paired with Flash Sentry a guy with no personality I just gave him this (🖕) Twilight deserves better THAN THIS GUY!!!!:flutterrage:!!!!!

And another thing you should know is, I don't like the friendship school! :twilightangry2: (Don't ask)

Once in a while I will wright a romance fic but I'm terrible with romance. If you have any questions feel free to ask them. (link to my YouTube Channel)

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Thanks a lot for the follow!

Thanks for the watch! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you so much for adding, Sunset's Wonderful Life to your favorites! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the favorites! :pinkiehappy:

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