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Hay everypony! So this group is a place for all holiday themed stories to go. All I ask is that the stories go into the proper folders.

Please read the rules because there are only three, and really, they're super easy to keep.

And check out the winner of our 2013 Hearth's Warming competition, Candy is Magic by JMac

Most importantly...


fallen starr, Founder

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341123 I'm totally blind and didn't see this...but alright, I'll remove it if you'd like. You don't want to compete?


I actually didn't mean to add my story to the competition, it was an accident; sorry about that :fluttershysad: Milky Way, you can remove it if you want to. I don't want people to think it's competing with them or something

334192 Thanks to this group, I've done two holiday stories in a row. :twilightblush: That's a good thing by the way. :yay:

Check it out! We now have a banner and icon.

334165 nope, that works! And...ignore that PM I just sent you. That seems like a holiday ponies, or at least the ones in Ponyville, would have.

I added a story to the Other folder of my made-up holiday "First Snow" I'll remove it if you don't approve.

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