The Power of Love 43 members · 58 stories

What can love do?
Can it nurture?
Can it care?
Can it fight?
Can it win?

This group is dedicated to all stories that show how powerful love can be, and how it can affect the lives of all ponies in Equestria.


Shipping- Any pairing you can imagine! Please, no foalcon. Clopfics welcome!

Love defeated- those certain times when love just isn't enough, or when love is destroyed.

Love victorious- When love triumphs over all!

Changelings- Stories where the idea that changelings live off of love plays a key role.

Storge- Family love (Twilight and Shining Armor, Applejack and Applebloom, etc.)

Phileo- The love of friendship (The mane six, the cutie mark crusaders). NO instances of mane six inter-ship or CMC inter-ship in this group.

Eros- 'Being in love,' or romance, plays a role (ex: Shining Armor X Cadance) no foalcon. Clopfics welcome!

Agape- Caring for beings that may not be well known (crystal ponies as a whole, Ponyville as a whole, etc.)

Cadance- Stories with Cadance's powers of love playing a key role.

Rom-Com- Because everyone loves one of those, right? Tags should be Romance/Comedy. No Tragedy, Sad, or Dark tags allowed in this folder.

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Only love victorious and love defeated are there, aside from the best of the best folder.

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