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I like cake and all things Shining Armor/Chrysalis.

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2497739 That's precisely it, yeah :twilightsmile:

To some extent, but if I'm reading a story because I already like a particular character, and then an author does something very different with them, sometimes it can be captivating and wonderful to read, other times it can just feel wrong. Especially if a character is being used as a one-note villain, in my experience. Thankfully Chrysalis is mostly loved enough that she escapes that kind of treatment.

Yeah, it's a good way to show her 'human' side while keeping her confident, so that she still contrasts with Luna working it out as she goes :twilightsmile:

I know exactly what you mean! Watered down and boring. They push them on you so hard and they honestly lack the depth and shortcomings that would make them believable. Just because you're 'good' it doesn't make you a 'better character' or a better anything.

I agree that expanding on characters and canon is always a good time. Especially if its believable and even when it takes a chance with a twist. For me I don't mind what's introduced as long as the author sells it well.

I didn't like Celestia at first, but now I enjoy how relaxed she is. I suppose all she has is time so it makes sense. Its refreshing I that she does have that sense of humor. Otherwise shed be self righteous.

2497716 Most of the time I think my irritation with he and Cadence comes from how they're portrayed as being 'better' than Chrysalis, or what we should be aiming for, when they don't quite have the personalities to live up to hers. I find the same thing, by a hundred times stronger, with Thorax vs Chrysalis. Wholesome characters generally do my head in, and I find Shining Armor and Cadence are at risk of being stalwarts of that, but without any of the humour or eccentricities that make it bearable in the mane six or the royal sisters.

To me, Cadence was at her best when she was Chrysalis. Ever since the real Cadence reached the throne room in A Canterlot Wedding, I've felt like I'm on the wrong side to the one the show says I should be on. Canonically, Cadence is a bit stuck, as they can't really do much with 'princess of love' in a kids' show. Dull in Canterlot Wedding and The Crystal Empire, and they tried to give her a bit more humour in Three's A Crowd, but to me it just felt like Celestia-lite. She works a lot better in M-rated stories, I find, having some way she can step out from Celestia's shadow. I guess that's expanding the canon rather than deviating from it?

But Changeling Courtship Rituals had her being very different from how she is in canon, and I thought it made her way better. Less likeable, sure, but with considerably more personality. So I think changing the canon to improve characters isn't a bad thing in itself, as long as it doesn't seem distracting or unbelievable maybe?

Thanks, I think it's easy to see the quiet first chapter of that story as just setting the scene for the revelations of the second, but I really like its melancholy vibe, and I think it's probably the most important bit for Celestia and Chrysalis being on the same page. I imagine Celestia in many ways to this day feels that her greatest failure was what happened with her sister, and must have wondered how she could have prevented it, if she'd seen it coming and acted differently. I think there's a great depth to Celestia, to have dealt with that but still be such a shining white ideal, and to still have her humour there.

Lolol. I appreciate the interest nonetheless. He is a rather flat character. But I just love those 'wrong side of the tracks' relationships. Lolol.

Idk what's up w/ tht stereotypical, staple type of guy who does absolutely nothing to warrant the type of dedication these strong female types express for them. I hated Cadance for the exact same reason I think you dislike SA... but then I wrote her as this bitter, hurt type and I gradually started to feel like 'oh she's not so bad when she's in her feels. But I've digressed. I have such respect for ppl that follow canon to some degree because I never could.

One of the things I loved about your story was how you had that introspection regarding Celestia's treatment of her sister. That's a heavy thing to live with despite your actions being justified. Like you would always wonder if it was the right thing to do or the most spiteful thing to do. There was a lot of that sprinkled in your story and I loved it.

2497163 Ah, stuff like that just falls through the cracks sometimes :twilightsmile:

I agree about Chryssi, there's a wonderful balance of the usual villainous traits of intelligence, pride and cruelty, but with the added bonus that when she's not in disguise, she's often not really after anything, so she's free to say whatever she wishes without worrying what anypony else thinks.

That's a good point about the tone of MLP. It gives a much wider range of options. As you say you can excuse some things and not others, and you can get away with much sillier comedic stuff than you might do based on a more adult work. But you can take it to darker places if you want. And that all adds both variety and unpredictability.

I'm intrigued by your stories and interested to read them, but I'm not much of a Shining Armor fan, which is why I've put them off so far in favour of others on my reading list :twilightoops: I will get round to them sooner or later, though :twilightsmile:

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