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Welcome to Chrysalis is Love!

What we are doing here?

This group is for everything related to our beloved Queen Chrysalis. Only she, just our beautiful highness. Being the best queen we know and love, she needed a group for all this love, and to, of course, gather her followers and lovers.

If you love our queen or have a story with her in it this is your new home! Discuss how she’s simply divine in the forums or just hang around giving us images of our goddess!

To show your love and loyalty, post all your stories in the right folders, and all stories that don’t contain Chryssy will be excluded. Hate comments and thing like that will have the same results, or even more (like a permanent ban). So please, follow the rules.

Important Issues

- Art Thread
- Rules
- Admin/Contributor Applications
- Story of the Week

Now go and spread love, minions!

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This group has 69 members... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

388977 Then shameless self promotion ahoy!

388807 It can just involve her too!
Congratulations! For its freshness, this group has been awarded a listing in New Groups.

Does the story have to star Chrysalis, or just involve her, or even just mention her?

Commencing Attack Pattern Alpha
Target: Chrysalis
Using: Pillow Cannon

Sure, I will join. It is not like there are any other Queen Chrysalis groups on FiM Fiction, anyway.

ChrysalisxUltron is life....make that fic happen. Ultron commands it.

I added my stories some will contain Chrysalis in the future, some have her already.

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