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Group Admin

As every group, we have rules. And that's where you can find them. Remember to follow them and, if you have any question, send me a PM.

First: All stories must have Queen Chrysalis or changelings as principal character. Any story without them will be excluded from this group. The same goes to threads, you have to post exclusively related to them; you can recommend a story, discuss something or give ideas and discuss for/about a story, but all this must be related to them. Asking for editors is okay, but please, make sure to be asking to edit a Chrysalis/Changeling story!

Second: No NSFW in the forums, keep with the site rules.

Third: Keep the things civil around here. We won't tolerate any problematic users, spam or hateful comments and threads. All this can lead to be banned.

And lastly: Have fun!

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