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So this is a group for any story involving parent child relationships, parenthood in general, or becoming parents, . The rules are basically the same as the sites be polite, don't start a fight, and don't be over sensitive, let's all just be friends. M stories are allowed but no clop fictions, sex is okay but it can't be an orgy fest, nor can it be the main point or plot of the story. Gore I don't think that should be a problem, but if it becomes one restrictions will be defined. Please put your stories into their appropriate folders and have fun. I hope every member and visitor finds something that they like.

If you are a good artist or know of a picture for this group please let me know.

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Please add aunties and uncles folder

S'cool. I meant the group picture for my "57,000 words" group.

Never saw it?
Sorry for late response.

How does my group picture look? Feel free to use it.

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