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Average brony obsessing over the main cast with an unhealthy desire to see them in a dark fantasy setting.


The Post Con Post (Part 2) · 6:09pm August 13th

:unsuresweetie: Immediately upon returning home, I was informed that my old dog could no longer walk. He was fifteen years old, and I initially got him as a puppy when I was nine. It was a pretty rough few days. I had no motivation to do much of anything. As a matter of fact, I was so upset about it that I invited my friends over and we drank until we puked by the fire side. To Boomer, born sometime in February 2004 to August 5, 2019. I had my hand on him when they put the needle in. It's a

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Tbh, I don't even remember what all was there save what I bought. Which one(s) were yours?

And someday you might even get a copy of my book! :trollestia:

I'll probably do the same thing or something similar with mine.

Well, cool. Good luck with your books. I read all of Bulletproof Heart a few days after the con and eventually I'll start reading one of the other two, but I have the issue of slow starts. I can get into and read something, but only after like an hour of trying to start reading and procrastinating.

Nah, most of us in the author community knew. I was pretty open about it.

The irony is that it's hard for me to force myself to read fiction, given issues with concentration from medical stuff. But I keep hope alive.

I still have a couple dozen copies of mine, so things turned out well for me (I ordered like 120 I think). Once I blow through the overstock I'll re-edit to remove any remaining errors and set up a Lulu link.

  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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