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As Ponyville charges head first into modernity, Rainbow Dash lives a quiet life in the clouds with her husband Soarin, and her son Prism. Famous, retired, still the record holder of nearly everything the Wonderbolts had to offer, Rainbow has achieved all her life's dreams and more.

But, for some reason, she's still dreaming of something. A nameless, faceless colt she sees in an endless sky with a single defining trait to him: her eyes. Who is he? Why does he keep showing up? What does it mean? She doesn't know yet, but she's determined to find out.

The problem with knowledge, however, is that it always comes with a price.

Set in my 'Bright Future' universe which diverges from canon after season 4.

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Omg, I love it already! I really enjoyed the first chapter :twilightsmile:

I have a few theories of who could be the colt thought :duck:

Already exciting for the next chapter-

i was literally complaining to my friends about how a new soarindash book hasn't been published on this site in so long and then boom u release this masterpiece.:rainbowlaugh:

also i may have some ideas of who the foal may be in dash's dreams :trixieshiftright:

I loved the chapter;
I especially enjoyed how you wrote Dash's character and her and Soarin's interactions.

Can't wait for the next chapter :rainbowkiss:

Wow, I'm glad to know that they still make fics of this ship, even though the appledash is "Canon" (Among many quotes), I loved the fic, you won a follower, ClipperxCrash Forever.

Really liked the character interactions, they felt very real.

Patiently awaiting more.

I’m confused at the the last part, what just happened?

What about the scenes with Prism and Soarin?

That was really well written, and perfectly described. I really enjoyed it:twilightsmile:

I loved this chapter's flow and progression. Awesome work:twilightsmile:

What happened with soarins mom subplot, is that gonna be in another fic or?

I cried, I cried a lot. I had to go out, drink some water, breathe. Then I cried even more
Poor Rainbow :fluttercry::fluttercry:

:applejackunsure: I don't have all the details worked out, but yes. The final draft and what I originally had for this chapter ended up removing a lot of information that didn't really make for a good ending. The basic idea of it is that this event turns Dash into a hard core hovermom, but over time, that stops applying to Prism entirely and is laser focused on Haze. It goes on for about 12 years before something else happens, which would be where the sequel starts.

Ohhh, nice! Will definitely be there to read it once its posted

The failings of modernity ...

Beyond the family drama and such, I find fics like this, as well as most of Seasons 8 and 9, profoundly depressing, as a functioning, nigh-utopian society is changed irrevocably for the sake of idealistic notions of progress. Though it has certain advantages - convenience, chief among them - this new way of life is bureaucratic and artificial, the populace increasingly disconnected from not only the people and places around them, but also themselves.

The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

Season 8 & 9 are depressing because they're a heaping pile of garbage, tbh.

You can read it however you want, but this isn't about the problems with modernity, but the consequences of the choices we make, especially when there are no good options. That is: tragedy.

New technology is only a tool, how we use it is what changes us. The world as a whole has risen to a level of prosperity unseen in the past thanks to modern science and medicine. Social decay is the fault of society and the broken heart. With or without advances in technology, the heart would still be broken because that is something we cannot fix, and something we never will.

That too.

We're rich, but we're miserable - again, I'll never deny the tremendous material benefits that we have gotten from technology, but I'd argue that they, along with many, many other societal circumstances, have made us unhappier. Technology may itself be neither good nor evil, but the ways we interact with it have had many negative social consequences.

I think we're 'unhappy' because a number of bad ideas have taken root in society and are being pushed as if they're truth or something.
A perfect system or Humans.
Choose one.
You can't have both, and people as a whole understand that less in the modern age than they did in the past. Technology definitely facilitates this increased spread of bad ideas, but it's the bad ideas and not the technology.

I largely agree - our society is miserable because of wider circumstances and general trends - but I would argue that technology has also had an effect. It isn't the worst offender, not by a long shot, but it has still hurt us, mainly in encouraging antisocial behavior and rendering a good number of jobs obsolete.

Technology will always replace jobs, but technology also creates jobs. The idea that you could spend your days playing videogames for a living was absurd 20 years ago, but look at streaming platforms now. Youtube went from a hobby to a job that pays well beyond a living wage in a little over ten years. In 2000 your parents said, "don't meet people from the internet, don't get in cars with strangers." Today, we summon people from the internet to get in their cars.

As much as I think twitter and Facebook are cesspools, that's just the result of people being people and abusing a new way to communicate like we always do. This happened in the UK when the printing press and the pamphlet were invented. People are the problem, and we always will be, so any system we create must account for the unaccountable to be perfect; i.e. impossible.

Personally, I think the world we live in today is the result of socialism and the deep seeded hatred for western culture that's been spread in the past century is why people feel so alone and atomized.

Have sex with anyone, don't build families, kill your children, spend money because it doesn't matter, no matter how hard you work you can't succeed because your are [immutable trait], life is meaningless and so are you, serve the ruling class and die off.

When they blast that in your ears generation after generation and nobody stops them, at some point, one generation is going to believe it. This is that generation.

We live surrounded by an empire of lies. Only a crazy man can speak the truth. As volitile as it can be, it is only because of new technology that we can find a way out. And that way is forward.

:eeyup: Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

Maybe this is just my inner boomer coming to light then, I dunno, but all this internet stuff is parasocial at best, and yet we increasingly replace meaningful social interaction with it.

I put the blame on a horrible combination of extreme corporatism, multiracialism, increasingly immorality, and what Glubb calls "decadence," a sort of stage in the life of a civilization where great material wealth leads to a gradual decay of tradition and vitality. Explaining how, and why, everything's so terrible would be nearly impossible to do in the comments of a horse fanfiction site, but to make a long story short, read Spengler.

I'm actually pretty sure we're on the same page here, I'm just arguing that it's society and not technology. This period of history we're living in now is similar to the book of Izaiah and the Gracchan disturbance in Rome. Whether or not we cave in to the ruling class in the US decides if the game is over or not.

Looks like it, yeah. It’s society, but technology is a factor as well - it's part of the big grand shitpile.

Frankly, unless King Arthur, Jesus Christ, and George Washington all rise from the grave to personally fix things, I don't think the West, as it currently exists, will last another 100 years. The future is either a neo-Medieval shithole or a Blade Runner global favela.

Regan gave us a good 25 years after the disaster that was the 60/70's, and I do believe things can be good again. Much like this story has a sequel planned, things can still get better because tomorrow is still there.

holly hell. This was good. Unexpected but really good. wtf why did I like that so much

Because, the kids are alright.
Glad you liked it.
If you haven't read any of the other stories in my Bright future series, check 'em out. Just Around the Corner was posted a few days ago, but the event that takes place in it is referenced in this story.

Anyway: he proposed, I said yes, we got down to business, and I got pregnant within the month. Now, I don’t care how many times Applejack, Fluttershy, and Pinkie had already done this; that shit messes you up. I used to carbo-load before races, but when I was pregnant, I ate like that every day! Food expenses went through the roof, my moods swung all over the place minute to minute and I. Never. Stopped. Eating .

And that is why I plan to never have this experience. I’d probably adopt! There’s a bunch of adult things I do NOT wanna do.

  1. Marry
  2. Have kids
  3. Be a doctor
  4. vote
  5. not be a game developer
  6. not invent a time machine
  7. not live abroad.

And I ate things I didn’t like, too! Spicy food is okay ; it was never my favorite thing in the world, but damn it, I needed a pepper with every meal or I was gonna die . Including when I wanted ice cream. Gotta give the guy props; Soarin always ran and got whatever we didn’t have. Even at odd hours of the day like needing jalapeños at three in the morning. It was a mess.

:rainbowlaugh:+:pinkiesick: equals this paragraph

It’s like foals were specifically engineered to remove the memory of physical pain after they come out. See, I’m not a full-figured mare. Far from it actually: I’m way too small for twenty-five. The number of times I’ve been mistaken for a child or a teenager in my life is far too high, and the teenager thing still happens, even when I’m flying around with what is clearly my foal on my back. Rainbow manes aren’t common, after all.

:unsuresweetie: Seriously?
And for some Easter, I was dressed somewhat similar to Rainbow EG, except an eleven year old, black haired, tan skinned, brown eyed, definitely taller than 11 year old Rainbow version. It’s like KMExperience’s blog post where he wore a party hat on his butt to kindergarten.

Still, is it because you don’t want them to get lonely like I did when my parents weren’t around all the time? Scratch that, I was never lonely. Uh, definitely. Didn’t ask for a brother when I was little, didn’t get a weird, weird answer that haunts me to this day. Then again, what if Prism comes to me like when I went to my parents? If I have another foal, if just for Prism’s sake, then am I doing this just to please somepony instead of intentionally bringing another kid into the world? I mean, Mom and Dad definitely wanted to see me have kids, but them pressuring me into it isn’t why I wanted to have Prism. I wanted him because I wanted him. Soarin had some input there, literally, but I was the ultimate decision maker.

You do NOT want a brother. You do if you wanna be kicked in the face by a five year old. A FIVE YEAR OLD, for pony’s sake!

Hi, experienced big sister here! Don’t worry, he doesn’t have a platypus or build disappearing objects. He’s 5. My advice is to NOT have a brother. Like, at all.

January came and went, and on February 10 th , 2012, Haze took his first breath. As Prism predicted, he had a cyan coat just like mine, magenta eyes just like mine, his dad’s dark blue hair on his head and tail, and little hints of the rainbow at the back of his hooves, meaning he might have the same rainbow highlights there that Prism had.

My brother’s birthday, but in 2012. I must’ve been 2-3 at the time. My bro was born in 2016. Does anyone in the story by any chance have a birthday on Feb 4?

this was beautifully paced :)

just such an enjoyable read and i loved their banter hehe

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