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He was expendable, they thought. There was no honor, no code of morals, no sense of team. Soarin wasn't going to stand around and be treated like this, he was going to stand up for himself the only way Spitfire would understand: Leaving the Wonderbolts behind.

Now teamless, Soarin decides to run home to the only pony in Equestria that would never leave him in the dust; His little sister, Nightshade, captain of the rival team, the Shadowbolts.

A co-written project by Uria the Sacred Beast and myself! An alternate take on the ending of "Rainbow Falls" in which Soarin decides that an "I'm sorry" from his neglectful captain and teammate just isn't enough.

Using the basis of the Shadowbolts by PoorYorick/YoorPorick
EDIT (5/24): A certain Mr. Uria has graduated to my co-writer. Thanks and thanks again, Uria!

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As always I'm happy to beta, dear. Very excited for this one, always love seeing the Shadowbolts explored in full and the cover art looks great!

If the Shadowbolts were voiced, what would they sound like?

8159272 I can actually answer this in full, given that Sunny and I have discussed this at length. You have no idea how happy I am that you've asked this.

Nightshade - Nicole Sullivan (E.g. Shego)

Charger - John Barrowman (E.g. Captain Jack Harkness (but more Detrot-esque))

Blueball Blitz - Eden Sher (E.g. Star Butterfly)

Starry Skies - Meredith McCoy (E.g. Android 18)

Stratus - Brian Drummond (E.g. Carver)

You have no idea how excited he was that someone asked this.

Done and done! It was rather unfortunate timing that this went live while I was at work, so there was no way I could have put it in groups at the time.
Thanks for the suggestion!

I'm looking forward to this story. Please update often.

I'm happy to report that I've decided to work on Chapter 2 of this immediately instead of Chapter 3 of "Empty Skies". Expect it soon!

Edit: Eheheh... Well, scratch that.

YES! Another shadowbotls story. This time with thestrals. I love it already.

Surprise just wants to hold another wet plumage contest. :trixieshiftleft:

“Oh yes, The Equestrian was more than happy to put it all over the front page. Might I just say; good job, Cap.” Streak spat, frowning heavily, “If your goal was to slander our good name, you succeeded.” With that final hiss, he left Spitfire’s office, slamming the door behind him. He mumbled incessantly, stomping his way over to the canteen, where the other Wonderbolts were assembled.

Thank you, Fire Streak.

Well, at least the MAJORITY of the Wonderbolts care about Soarin, anyway.

Too bad that they've got a snowball's chance in the center of Celestia's sun of succeeding at it, though, given that that I have the feeling that he's going to end up one of Luna's Shadowbolts.

Can't wait to see what happens in Chapter 3!

Always great to see another chapter of Shadey and friends ;P

I'm loving this so much. Become a shadowbolt Soarin. You can do it.

Which show is Carver from?

Best show to ever grace Cartoon Network

I remember that show!

I miss it dearly and it deserved a season 3

“I like to believe one of our rulers isn’t that stupid.” Starry said wistfully, casually taking Celestia’s name in vain. Somewhere else in Equestria, a strand on Twilight’s mane sprung up.

Not even five chapters in and I already like these ponies.:pinkiehappy:

Aww, yay! Another Shadowbolt and thestral fan! I'm glad you're enjoying. ^^

Luna would be proud; I'll be honest.
But yeah, unlike Fleetfoot and Spitfire, I'd like to think Soarin is very well liked in the 'Bolts. They seem to respect him, and he seems easier to talk to than Spits. No one is happy with Spitfire's decision, that's for sure. As for Fleet... They'll probably throw her in a lake like Surprise wanted. xD

Hahaha, yeah, they're all cards. Glad you agree; it'll only make this story more enjoyable.

8265746 Indeed she would.:ajsmug:

Indeed, and so I noticed.

As to that last sentence: :rainbowlaugh:
(Translation: Oh, I certainly hope so!)

This story is just starting and I am Hooked. Keep up the good work man!!

I like where this is going!

I never see any stories with shadowbolts!

Why does that Wonderbolt want to throw some pony in a lake?! XD

Your cousin is crazy, Pinkie. Besides, who wouldn't want to dunk Fleetfoot in a lake?

Can I throw a party for that? Congratulations for Getting Drunk in a lake! Party!!!!!!!

Yas!!!!! Hehe, you ponies don't know what's coming.....:pinkiecrazy:

*Blink* She was a changeling all along!

That's no changeling! ''Tis Nightmare Pie!

Or at least it was

I'm really liking the start of this story so far. Soarin's arc is interesting. How deep do his loyalties lie, I wonder. Do the wonderbolts still mean a lot to him, considering how much of his effort he dedicated to them? Or will the pull of family and a new environment inspire him to make a fresh start?

His relationship with Spitfire is interesting as well, and I hope to learn more of that. It's cool to have a viewpoint from her perspective and how they are handling Soarin's departure.

To be honest, one quibble may be that it's a tad overwhelming with all the OC's right off the bat, but I hope each can develop into unique and interesting characters as they interact with Soarin. It's nice how this chapter gave us a bit more depth to Starry.

Keep up the great work!

Who gave the ring to who or who will the ring be given to.

About the ring. Did Soarin and Spitfire were once a couple and were about to marry or what?

Yes, that's what the ring and the fact that Soarin's sister is calling Spitfire "sister" means. Spitfire and Soarin were engaged.

*Brain explodes*

That's what the romance tag means? This will end in a Soarin/Spitfire shipping fanfic? Now, that's unexpected! Thanks for explaining!

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