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Average brony obsessing over the main cast with an unhealthy desire to see them in a dark fantasy setting.


Applejack finds out the hard way that she is one of the few sane ponies in Ponyville. Or perhaps Equestria overall. Because of this, Princess Luna often comes to visit to discuss her policy plans with the farm pony. Hi-jinks ensue.

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This needs a sequel. And more drunk Luna.

Comment posted by Iron Comet deleted Feb 12th, 2023

Not in the cards, but I've got other short stories I've forgotten about that I may finish in the future. Otherwise, go check out my Star Overhead novels on Amazon or the rest of my stuff here on Fim.

A steady tune of medium-level amusement. Barely even a stop. Groovy.

I for one welcome our new orange apple pony overlord.

"I said Texas, not taxes!" :ajbemused:

She’s only ever here when she’s either lonely and rents out my brother

Oh, so this IS that kind of story. (sigh)

(but was it a tired sigh, an exasperated sigh, or maybe one of those OTHER kinds of sigh?)
:twilightblush: 😊

we need our own princess of taxes

If only, if only...

Do... do you wanna discuss fiscal policy with me?

Okay but seriously now I'm trying to model Equestria's economy and what you'd need to do to it.

Honestly I'm not sure you'd need to do much. It seems like they've got full employment. I'm guessing cutiemarks or Harmony bs is doing a lot of the heavy lifting there. Inflation doesn't seem like it's really a thing either, at least in the show, but that's probably down to the writers not bothering to economically model the society in their kids show. For shame.

Now there's an important question of whether the Bit is a fiat currency or not. Are those coins solid gold? Or are they just rocks that the princess put an illusion on? Discord mentioned selling debt and Applejack's talking about inflation, rather than literally running out of gold, so I'm guessing fiat. Which means technically Twilight was right, the money does come from the government, but there are of course still important considerations to be made when implementing policy.

It seems like there will be a shock to the economy as humane technology is integrated into society. It's likely this would cause deflation as, without intervention, the same amount of money is going to be stretched to include an entirely new sector of the economy. The problem with deflation is that it's harder for businesses to find capital to start up or expand, possibly firing workers in response. So you'd probably want to either lower taxes or increase spending to compensate. Possibly a combination.

Plausibly, some of that spending could be used to buy back national debt if servicing is is a substantial expense. Otherwise, you could put it into programs helping ponies who's jobs were made redundant in the transition to industrialization (if we're bringing over that much tech) to find new jobs, or payroll tax breaks as an equivalent.

Actually, I don't really know what the tax structure of Equestria is like. I could see arguments for it being flat or regressive given the power of the aristocracy, or a progressive one, or a giant bureaucratic mess of carved out exceptions, again because of the power of the aristocracy. Maybe Applejack fixes everything by going georgist and simplifying the tax code to just land value.

The real issue to keep a watch on is making sure that you don't get market consolation in the new industry. That's how you get a gilded age instead of a golden one. But I think I've already gone a bit long.

An I weird for wanting more economics in my pony fics?

"Wut in tarnation...Just cuz yall put 'Fair' in the name doesn't make a flat sales tax rate fair!"

in the past usually the 'prince of taxes' in most kingdoms was a eunuch for reasons our modern minds just can't really fathom, but a guy who volunteered to be castrated was somehow seen as a paragon of virtue and trustworthy, even when they could be the most corrupt pieces of slime

is it weird no, terry pratchet wrote three books, one on the logistics of the post office, and its financing, one on running a central bank, mint, and inventing fiat currency, and one on stepping up a railroad all in a world carried on the back of a great cosmic turtle

(Going Postal, Making Money and Raising Steam are amazing books about industrialization, economics and innovation in a fantasy setting)

I would say equestria's tax system is almost certainly traditional land, and tarrifs as well as a mix of small sales taxes and bonds, because you really only get an income tax coming along in the modern period because governments started to realize that land ownership wasn't really connected to wealth anymore, and also like in the US we literally had to be bailed out by JP Morgan paying for the US debt out of his pocket, governments in the industrialized west all adopted income taxes out of nessescity.

the bretton woods system held pretty steady until a major resource scarcity (the 71 oil crisis) caused too much inflation for a gold backed currency system.

the Bit is almost certainly a gold backed currency system as the conditions for a gold backed system are quite favorable, there's little capital flight due to large travel times and difficulty traveling between countries, there's plenty of resources and Equestria being over 1000 years old, seems stable enough as a benchmark currency for everything to be convertable into

not really, we all have our little obsessions, and your thoughts and the matter have been interesting

How did you make the cover art?

Too crazy…… Too funny……
Also I vote for Magpiepony making this into a bonus video of "what if …… is a princess" series.
Seriously, that would be so awesome!

I drew it with a pen tablet and clip studio paint ex. Save the self published books, i usually draw all my own cover art.

I'm afraid im unfamiliar.

I shivered and suddenly had the image of Rainbow Dash with a horn and alicorn magic trying to sonic rainboom around the moon, then dying a horrible, horrible death once she hit space.

Oh my :rainbowlaugh: she'd probably totally want to go out that way, no way anypony will forget the day a sonic rainboom erupted from behind the moon!

Luna looked away, a light shade of lavender over her cheeks. Realization dawned on me.


:rainbowlaugh: Stawp my sides aaa they hurt~

The series? She's Magpiepony's creation on YouTube, also has an account here. Search it up! Her videos, voice acting and stories are good!:pinkiehappy:
This is what I mean when I often say that the "departments" of creating different types of pony content are a little too separated. Much more could be achieved if community members are more familiar with each other's talents and creations:twilightsmile:.

Considering this is Applejack, you could even swap the a and the e around and it would still kinda fit

Well any advice on drawing your own cover art?

well I felt that AJ is more interested in a policy of fiscal austerity and I think this is not exactly a good idea, but considering that it doesn't get much into a discussion about whether this is the best way forward or not and it wasn't even talked about whether the social programs have some kind of result i will give the benefit of the doubt if this is the best plan for equestria or not

Delightful bit of madness. It really says something when Discord is one of the most sensible characters. Thank you for this.

I'm glad somebody finally caught that.

Well, there's "austerity", and then there's "stop blowing the national operating budget on personal expenses".

well said bro! 🤝


I love this so much. :heart:

She licked her lips, out of breath with her mane falling over her face. “And we… and we…!” Her wings flared out. “Discuss fiscal policy!”

:pinkiegasp: Oh my, how lewd! :raritydespair:

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