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Anon is a villain. Not a particularly good one, but... he’s a villain. Let’s see what stupid shit he did this time.

A one-shot inspired by “If movie Villains didn’t waste time”

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I’ve not read this yet but are there any inspirations from either of the Evil Overlord Lists?

Post read: Aw this was just a high quality shit post. :fluttercry:

Nope. Entirely Inspired by If Villains Didn’t Waste Time.

I will definitely check out Evil Overlords List though.

They good lists if a decent bit outdated.

Is good, needs moar, also possibly include hambugur

Continue. Definitely. By the way, papers, ponies, and attitudes was really good

Anon gives in to desire and spends bits on Wendis and begins to relax, but Twilight and friends are ACTIVELY ROBBING HIS ROYAL VAULT! So when he feels still a bit peckish he goes to order one chicken nugget, "from the back and with a discount" only to find his credit-bit is empty (a device he made just yesterday, everyone loves it).
List of some ideas as to why this is bad:
-Diamond dogs don't do anything without pay.
-A limited time fire sale for a second-rate massage chair was JUST announced.
-Anon simply can't HANDLE having no money, he is a budget fiend (at least since he got to Equestria) and he's always had at least one bit.
-Frank tells him the bad guy ball is today, and Anon had agreed to bring the mashed potatoes.

Solution? Obtain taxes from Wendi customers.

Hope these are some ideas you like!

Oo, I like your thinking. Definitely keeping this in mind.

“Black Friday sales at Walcart, before the reckoning! You’d be surprised by how many voodoo-books are on sale!” I yell triumphantly.

They still on sale?

“Spike, is that you?” A confused, motherly voice asks. Spike looks over to see a “cell”, where the bars are iron, the floor is... carpeted? The walls have a fresh coat of blue paint on them, with various pictures and shelves set up, holding movies, books, and even a tea set. A small table sits in the middle, with the two Equestrian princesses sitting together with cups of tea in their magical grasp. The room is illuminated by several scented candles. Spike thinks it smells like Lavender.

Sh*t, I’m tryna be a prisoner.

Holy FUCK do you know how long it's been since I've seen a reference to our Lord and Savior, Papa Franku?

Dude, this Anon is like Carl Weathers in Arrested Development. Stingy as all hell, with a boner for interior decoration instead of free food.

Pinching pennies only for the dollars to fly by!

I enjoyed it up till he got news they escaped. Then it became retarded.

*high-pitched screaming* YOU SHOULD BE DEEEEAAAAD!

The fuck did I just read? Enjoyable though.

It's just good business. - Anon, probably

Awesome. You should do a spin off where he demands moooar... As in, interest. She owes him an additional bit. Breaks her crystal friendship table, or tries to. It's what they would have done.

I sit in my massage chair-throne and take out the newspaper. Its headline reads ‘Evil Villain Wins, Stops Tyranny?’

I wanna read that newspaper article

“And I’ll stop you with the power of-“ I stop and pull out a pistol. “-this gun I found!” I fire the pistol, hitting her right foreleg. She screams in pain, falling over.

I swear this has to be from somewhere to make me laugh.
Like actual laughter and not computer snerting.
Great stuff.

Amazing as always my dude. Amazing as always


What’s the principle?

“... I keep my money in a safe in my room. It’s Celestia’s birthday,” she says, sighing.

What was the point in telling him?

Also, loved this to bits! Can’t wait for more from ya!

Ay B0ss, you can have a the like please.

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