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This story is a sequel to Anon Buys the Everfree Forest

Anon is here and still very much on his bullshit. While he now has the run of his expansive property, not only does he have to assure his sovereign soil receives proper international recognition, he now has a flock of citizens seeking his guidance, expertise, and wisdom.

Ah well, one out of three isn't so bad, right?

Art is once again by me, lol.

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That would get old real fast ngl. And ain't Celly a bit of a troll herself, I wanna see a rivalry.

I sure do hope Anon treats the Deer better than the Western Frontier Settlers treated the Native Americans.

I am sure he will be willing to offer them very reasonable terms. His kindness will enshroud the like a warm blanket.

...wait no.

Comment posted by Glutbier deleted Nov 5th, 2021


Honestly, whatever is going on with the Kingdom of Thicket, I'm sure that Anon will figure how he can best use the newly established relationship between Thicket and Everfree to extort more stuff out of Equestria.

I like the hat. But I would color that green instead of purple.

Rarity insisted on purple, purple is a proper color for a ruler, and the fact that clashes horribly is totally not a petty passive-aggressive gesture on her part.

Is that what it was? Or did Anon ask for a hat knowing this is how it would turn out — as a total offense to the eyes — allowing it to be used very effectively as a social weapon to push foreign dignitaries on the back foot?

All according to cake.

im pretty sure that if equestria sold land that wasent theirs then you might get pressured to give anon the exact ammount of land they falsly tryed to sell him. and we all know he is going to take a bit of land that will cause the most headace for the princesses

I'm really happy to see this saga continue! Looking forward to relations with the kingdom of Thicket.

You have no idea how happy I am to know that there is a sequel.

Very excited to see where this is going, any chance at seeing some kind of map of what Anon's holdings look like or naw?

The geograhpy is a lot different than standard Equestriaso it might be a tall order, maybe if I can get it commissioned at a good price

Gotta have a hat for important meetings though good on Anon for keeping it simple since wearing a big golden crown would probably do a number on his neck after a while

Heh, once again Luna shall graciously provide legitimacy to a fledgling nation.


Oh damn, this is just going to end up with Anon and Luna hate fucking somewhere after the party isn't it.

Interesting... I wonder what that plan might be? And will that piece of cheesecake make past Celestia intact?...:derpyderp2:

Pfffft maybe save that for the xxx spinoff Anon Fucks the Everfree Forest

I have a feeling that Anon's Official deal to Aspen is that "While no, i wont give you your land back, i will recognize it as a territory/state within the federation of the ever free." or something along those lines because we all know that Anon is a most gracious and caring Leader.

Well, either Anon is going to get some new subjects or an allied nation, albeit an unrecognized one...hmm, he's going to form an alliance of minor nations in the Everfree, isn't he?

I can see Luna having to concede ponyvill to the federation of the everfree to avoid a grievously disastrous international incident from what she might be planning with that cheesecake.

It looks like Luna is developing feelings for Anon, I can only imagine how that will play out.

pfffft,now now. it is totally possible she also got an invite off screen ^^

soundlessly and needly manipulated and humiliated as if you were common schoolfillies…to be made to feel so vulnerable was almost impressive...

No! You will not stand for this

Crap. Anon has found Lulu's kink without realizing it.

So Luna is plotting something. I feel she is unknowingly about to start a prank war the likes of which she has never seen.
The battlefield will be littered with the remains of rubber chickens and whoopee cushions.

Friends, friends, friends, I'm afraid you've got it all wrong. I have some insight into how the Aufpasser thinks (which, I have just realized, may reflect poorly upon my moral character), and I'm happy to share with the class.

The purpose of all of this is not to gain international recognition or respect; the purpose of all this is extortion. The objective is to extort things from Equestria, it doesn't really matter what. If you just take, then you look like the bad guy. If instead you extort... well, you still look like the bad guy. Unless you're extorting Equestria; then, you look like Robin Hood (except that the Aufpasser doesn't dress like Peter Pan).

"'Fair and square' is for chumps."
- Anonymous, probably

Celestias cake stash is about to get much smaller....

Not gonna lie, anon's full title hot a good chuckle out of me. I had forgotten about that.

Anon is about to engage in high acts of tomfoolery I feel. Can't wait to see who crashes and burns this train wreck coming.

Out of the bushes struts...a deer. A fairly heavily armored, rather intimidating-looking deer as a matter of fact.

Oh deer!
(Did I just secure the price for the worst dad joke in this comment section?)

We have much to discuss. Are you aware of the existence of a kingdom called Thicket within….your borders?

Well, that surely will be interesting.

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it and look forward to see where it goes.

-Anonymous, Aufpasser of the Federation of the Ever Free, Based Chad

I swear to god, if I see a meme involving Chad Anon and Virgin Luna...

A heavily armored person with equally armored squad, whom claims to represent a country that has...obviously, been slighted by Equestria, approaches the lightly guarded leader of the newly founded nation that has unknowingly absorbed their country...

Is the forest that dangerous? I hope that is their answer, else they were there expecting some...aggressive negotiations.

I wonder what happened to make them so cautious.

If the Deer can divert forces around in th Everfree, then anons lands can appear far larger than the outside of the forest is measured?:trixieshiftright:

If Luna is so moody, maybe Anon could request Pinkie to deliver something to help calm her down. Like a letter in an envelope complete with a chilled pickle smoothy?:pinkiehappy:

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