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Twilight takes Anon on a tour of Ponyville shortly after he arrives in Equestria. While showing him around, she forgets to mention other species. When she introduces him to her number one assistant, Anon naturally assumes Spike is a pony. A scaly, disfigured, diseased pony. Naturally.

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This was incredibly stupid. Have an upvote.

... I'm just gonna walk away


10/10 would become the elephant man again.

Hillbe #5 · Apr 15th, 2017 · · 2 ·

"He's got to be a pony he's trying to mount that white unicorn, Hate to see the results..."

8096685 you'll be back... they always come back :pinkiecrazy:

if only we were as kind as anon to that poor tumor pony,

He's not a pony? I thought he was a fire breathing gecko!

8097117 like in friendship is witchcraft:twilightsheepish::rainbowlaugh::raritycry:


I laughed!

Anon... I have only one thing to say.

Are all your stories Canon?

8131013 To each other? No. I briefly considered making this a prequel to Peephole, but I decided against it, since the attitudes of the ponies are different in each story. In this one, ponies are pretty laid-back about a human suddenly appearing. But in Peephole, they're generally afraid of Anon. Also, this Anon is borderline retarded, but has a good heart. The Anon in Peephole is just an oblivious asshole (who is also borderline retarded).

I'm actually considering having two separate little universes; one for the Anon in Canterlot and one for the Anon in Ponyville.

Anon naturally assumes Spike is a pony. A scaly, disfigured, diseased pony. Naturally.

It is too a natural assumption! Especially if one is aware of a certain character in Batman!

8135179 Hey, Robin's not that ugly...

Aw, is this all? I suppose it's not a bad ending, but I'd still like to see more.

8135485 I've been considering a spin-off of this consisting of short stories about Anon and Spike being buds

8135900 I really hope you do!.... crap I came back!

8136236 :pinkiecrazy: told you

8135900 Haha, perf. That sounds adorable.

Author's Note:
this is so fucking stupid holy shit

Reader's Note:
You are so fucking stupid holy right.
Take my upvote.

8135900 I would read the HELL out of that.

Gotta have more.

Oh god that was funny XD

Great story! Do write some more!! :twilightsmile:

Nice! Funny! Fantastic! Exciting!

Well... perhaps not exciting, but definitely the other three.

xD This Anon has a single digit IQ but manages to come to the morally right conclusions I love it! He is humanitys reincarnation itself TT__TT :)

Holy shit, I've been annoyed by their continual use of "everypony" while Spike is in the room since day one. It's fookin' rude!

1 like = 1 prayer for Spike


This was such a great idea for a story :rainbowlaugh:

I certainly just read that.

Your mother recommended it.

Gotta be honest I wanna go down this rabbit hole and see where I end up. I hope you decide to make this a thing lol. In the mean time have a like and a follow

Is this tree still alive? There were leaves on the branches, so it must be. Are they using magic to sustain it? These monsters carved out the inside of a tree and now use it to store the alphabetically-sorted remains of its family... and they won't even let it die.

Now this would give Fluttershy nightmares

' "Thanks, Anon. That means a lot," Spike quietly responds, his tumor fully erect once more.'

Hoooooly shit, that caught me off guard. :rainbowlaugh:

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