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You just want to be left alone. Pinkie won't let that happen. She's been there.

Lighter, fluffier sequel: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/373623/youre-getting-better

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;-; damn it pinkie

I wanted to write a funny wtf happened

One does not simply write a funny. It starts out there, yes, but then the funny absorbs too many mutagens. It begins to change, mould in your hands into something only barely recognizable. Sometimes it goes in unfathomable directions, leaning sideways towards Drama or Slantways toward Adventure or Branchways toward the most depraved of pony pornography. But sometimes, just barely, it stays on course. It goes the distance. It reshapes itself, yes, but into something better, something more in-depth. Only then, can a true funny be considered ready.

I'll admit that I enjoyed this. Felt a bit short, but was nice and heartwarming. Have a fave for a great story. :yay:

People always tell me I remind them of Pinkie....I can relate to this Pinkie more the i would like to admit.

Pinkie is always there to make you smile:pinkiehappy:

What happened? Goodness happened. :pinkiesmile:

Sometimes characters can do things and stories go in ways we don't expect when we start writing. This can be a good thing and it's usually best to just run with it.

Pacing was fast as ever loving fuck but it poked me right in the feelaroos thumbs up for general good quality writing

I wanted to write a funny wtf happened

You realized what a pathetic person Anon is in all those stories and what it meant.

Pinkie used to be my least favorite character, TBH. But she's kinda grown on me. This song truly does what it says and helps me smile sometimes when things go sideways. The world needs moar Pinkie.

I was thinking if i would give you a like.
Then i read this:

Author's Note:

I wanted to write a funny wtf happened

Instant like.

Her hug turns into a bone-brushing vice

Her hugs have removed his flesh, run for your life! She will destroy us all, with love!

For fuck's sakes, Anon, get out of the house once in a while and maybe you'll be happier.

8165308 oops, fixerino'd

There needs to be more people like Pinkie in this world

This was really excellent!

Heart and Happy Pinkie reacts only. :heart: :pinkiehappy:

Just thinking... whenever I read a Pinkie-vs-don't-wanna story, they tend to be Pinkie Wins (and I count both this story and her vs Cranky in that category) or Pinkie gets used like a football by an asshole Anon. I don't think I've ever come across one where Pinkie is ever politely declined and actually has to come to terms with not being wanted on a personal level no matter what she tries. A character who was perfectly content but declined to form personal friendships would be an interesting one in the context of Equestria, where friendship is practically a force of nature. Something like pre-Ponyville Twilight, but with sufficient self-knowledge and confidence to no-sell Pinkie's approaches.

Idea... a story which celebrates diversity by having the issue of the week be something nasty which spreads via friendship. Given the show's focus on the positives of friendship, that'd be an interesting one to write. Hmm.

8166875 You have exquisite taste in YouTubers, friendo

Fun story. Did you really mean that he buys a small bag of coffee from Pinkie every week? I mean, she does break the laws of physics regularly, but that seems like a bit much! :rainbowlaugh:

I'd love to see a sequel

8167155 A very small bag. Like, maybe 4-6 ounces


Ah'm mildly stunned at how enjoyable this story was. Thought ah could humor you, buy ah guess yer the one doin' the humorin.
That spectacular Celestia mention was refreshin and sucked me rightly in.

Thank you for the smiles.

Now that's how you write a Pinkie!


Humans are practically herd animals themselves. Aside from the rare individual (just wired differently/trained certain reactions and emotions to behave differently), we do actually need some interpersonal relationships to be considered healthy. Just because it would be new doesn't mean it'd be interesting. Would it be much of a story, without drawing out a conflict to make Pinkie look annoying to an Anon who is constantly telling her he's fine and winds up actually being fine, thus cutting off any character development or story development?

Damn. You hit me right in a low place. Right in the reality. Ouch!

But why would you make a bag that's only 4-6 ounces?

This made me smile in a way I can't quite put into words. Thanks for that.

8168290 because ponies, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Coffee does come in that amount, but most people buy in bulk

A very nice and heartwarming story. It speaks to a lot of people on a very personal level. It's very easy to fall into a pit of being "content" with what little goes on in your life, but this can only continue for so long until you one day realize what sort of dank, boring pit you're stuck in.

That's why we need more Pinkie Pies in the world to fish you out with a rope ladder made of licorice and bubblegum.

You're not supposed to make me feel this deeply, darn you.
Well written and uplifting dear friend. :twilightsmile:

Could you maybe make a sequel? Like adventures with anon and Pinkie, with Pinkie trying to help him be happy and make friends. Cause I honestly really loved this short story, and I think It deserves a sequel. Not try to sounds rude or anything, I just think it does.


Maybe. No promises. I'm not used to writing serious stories.


Okeps, I'll take a maybe ^-^

Didn't care for Anon depression, but then I read this part :

Pffft! We're all dying, silly! That's what makes life so great! If we lived forever, then every little moment would be meaningless. That's why Princess Celestia acts so strange. She's disconnected from the passion and fear that mortality grants us. She just mimics what the ponies around her act like so she doesn't alienate them."

This is Terry Pratchett level of insight.:pinkiehappy::rainbowderp:

who da fuck is Terry Pratchet...?



He is... was, the author of the Discworld series.

That was really sweet

at first, i was reluctant. a short history in hot? why?

then I read it... oh boy... this was a good ride to bring up my mid-day.

Have a mustache good sir :moustache:

Would it be cool if I did a fanfic reading? I really liked the story XP

8170911 sure, go for it

She just mimics what the ponies around her act like so she doesn't alienate them.


8168106 I'll admit it would be a challenge, and need a deft touch as a writer. The Anon wouldn't necessarily need a character arc if it focused on Pinkie's own growth. Or they could get an arc which wasn't the stock "Anon learns to fit in better with Equestrian society by becoming more ponylike in their attitudes."

I don't intend to be rude, but there is this majestic, omnipresent force and all-knowing intellectual known as Google, whom through it's vast intelligence one can and may learn anything there be a need therein and of. I understand, coming from one who was ignorant for most of their life, the revelations that are soon to follow; don't hold back my child, express your inner curiosity and learn! Use this great medium for the good of the world! Go forth and use this new found knowledge and no longer be shut out of social allusions due to ignorance! I believe in you!

Or would a simple, "Go Google it," have been nicer?

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