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Midnight Radiance

Anime is my guide, fantasy is my drive for inspiration.

My number one favorite ship in all of MLP, Sparlight!

To those who don't know, Sparlight is the shipping title between Spike & Starlight Glimmer.

Founder of the group, Sparlight Kingdom. The princess of shipping would love it if you joined the kingdom.:raritystarry:

☯Midnight Radiance☯

Warrior of the Night: Midnight

Midnight of all Forms by the great EifieChan

Midnight Zero

Rise of Tirek, Fall of Midnight: Drawn by bakki


Happy New Years! · 5:36am January 1st

Yes! A new year has been made!!!!

Let this year be as epic as an action movie!:pinkiehappy:

Happy New Years to all of my 112 followers and counting, whether you follow me because of my stories, ideals or just because you're just awesome like that, let us head into this new year together and on to the next!

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I don't know what you mean/

Bestiality is disgusting as well.

You're welcome!
Admittedly, I'm Fimfiction's resident grammar Nazi, so I catch stuff like this rather often.

Well it turns out that the user who had that name has either removed their account or changed their name.

Thanks! My name is complete now.:pinkiehappy:

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Wall of OCs

Twi Midnight & Moonshade (Kix)

OC's from the Supporting Original Characters group.

Drawn by EifieChan

Left to Right: Snowy Silvercast (Chaotic Note), Coalstone (The Fan Without a Face), Wanderer (Zodiacspear), Potion Bubbles (The Bricklayer), Silver Stroke (Portaljumber), Delger (Liberty Prime), Arcanum Folklore (Disavowed ASH)

Drawn by EifieChan
On the left side, front to back: Sentinel Shield (Chaotic Note), Coalstone (The Fan Without a Face), Shark Puncher (NicLove) , Midnight Radiance (mine), Grape Vine (The Bricklayer), Shimmering (Shimmering Thunder)

Alibond: Origin of the Alicorns

Through countless searches through the Forbidden Jungle, we have finally discovered proof that alicorns are not native to Equestria. In fact we might have discovered actual proof that Princess Celestia and Luna's birthplace was this floating island, Alibond!

Characters from left to right: Wanderer (Zodiacspear), Midnight Radience (mine),& Tina (Chaotic Note)

☆Life in Equestria High☆

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