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I am the Doctor, the Rebel of FiMFiction, and I'm here for the food. We should love and tolerate everyone, not just the people we agree with. If you have a problem with that, that's too bad.


I'm Looking for Something · 8:39pm July 30th

It was one out of many adaptations of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It was a VHS. The slip cover claimed that the Knights of the Round Table were fighting against a group of evil knights trying to bring back the Devil. I have been trying to find it and I can't. I don't remember the title of the movie. Can you help me find it? It's possible the slip cover oversimplified, they always do. Maybe, for instance, it wasn't the Devil that was being resurrected, but a more

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I said The Eleventh Doctor hates this song because it reminds him of the Time War ;p

Ok making sure got worriers there when you said you missed my response wasn't sure which ones.

Test, test....Making sure PM's still work.

Oh that scene I hoped to see expanded today (the one we talked about this morning) -good way to connect to nightmare moon 🌚 as well

Also future concept idea: https://www.deviantart.com/foxi-5/art/Twilight-Sparkle-vs-Sunset-Shimmer-563573167

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