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It was one out of many adaptations of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It was a VHS. The slip cover claimed that the Knights of the Round Table were fighting against a group of evil knights trying to bring back the Devil. I have been trying to find it and I can't. I don't remember the title of the movie. Can you help me find it? It's possible the slip cover oversimplified, they always do. Maybe, for instance, it wasn't the Devil that was being resurrected, but a more

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So I wanna get your take on how I'm gonna do the next two Kingdom Hearts Re-Imagining Stories and see if you can give any ideas or feedback on them if you'd be so kind.


Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
The main story is more or less the same Sora goes into Castle Oblivian and slowly loses memories thanks to Namine and Maurluxia.

HOWEVER: The Worlds he goes to are different, they are based off the worlds from more Donald and GOOFY's own past, he starts to get his memories (There might be some memories of Ven sprinkled in their as well)

World 1: Timeless River
World 2: Mickey and the Beanstealk (Sora is Mickey/Jack character0
World 3: A Goof Troope World were Sora is ten years old

Each world Sora starts immersing himself in thinking it's the real world. For example in Goof Troop World Sora does think he's 10 and is best friends with Max and P.J.

So now the ending differs
During most of this time when he traversing the place Bill Cipher pops up in Sora's head saying he's gonna help him. Once Maurluxia is defeated Sora has one more world to go too. Destiny Island Their he thinks life is normal and he's boyfriend to Namine, the idea is that Kairi shows up as the "new girl" and he needs to fall in love with her all over again to get the process started on rebuilding his memory.

Bill Cipher though wants those chains broken so he can take over Sora's body and wield the Keyblade for himself.

The final battle will be in Sora's mind bewtween Bill, Sora, Riku and Namine. Bill beaten Sora's asleep happy ever after.

Riku story is more or less the same till the end were it intersects with Sora.

Kingdom Hearts: Road to Dawn
Basically it's Return of Jafar in Gravity Falls but with the plot of ONCE Wonderland. With songs from the SpongeBob musical

This will take place after Chain of Memories and will be a Riku centric story. Basically Diz's assistant (Who's is Grunkle Ford but we don't know that) sends Riku off to Gravity Falls to recoup and hopefully get his life together. His main goal is that he hopes the twins can be-friend him giving Riku the light he needs.

However while there Gideon gets ahold of Jafar's magic lamp (Which Dipper got from Toffee in Kingdom Hearts 1) together Gideon and Jafar plan to change the laws of magic in order to achieve their end.

In Disney World Max Goof is missing his dad yet wants to do something make him proud, he finds the Star Shard from Birth By Sleep and is transported to Gravity Falls.

Strangely though this story is very Mabel centric heavy and thus with Riku and Max help, Mabel is off to stop Jafar and save her beloved Gravity Falls.

Oh and Toffee and Bill Cipher are manipulating Dipper to take Master Xehanort Keyblade so he can make for a good Dark Assasin to do their bidding to help against Org XIII when the time comes.

This story ends with Dipper on the Darkside, Wendy sticking with him, and Riku, Max an Mabel taking the Road to Dawn together and help wake up Sora.

Also Riku is struggling to remember Sora and sorta talks to him like a imaginary friend type deal.

Well those are my pitches for the next two Kingdom Hearts stories in my Re-imagining series...any suggestions. I could use the feedback.

Since you seemed done I updated the story.

Now on to Prince to Darkness hopefully will post Saturday.....My hope the Prologue and Chapter 1 since those are the most formed.

Think we got it, Prince of Darkness goes into this idea as well (I added some foundation already) and the link.


I put it in already, basically it's Dima seeing Sunset writing a fan fic in her queen outfit....which is how she gets her moos....become a character to write a character.....a 'strange behavior'

A wrote the foundation, and that's all i got....So Have it it ;p

I'm all eyes for this!

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