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Get it while it’s Hot! · 1:15am March 9th

I’m slowly but surely taking down the videos on my YouTube channel. Watch them while they last!

Here is the channel!


The Raven is Up · 10:58pm Sep 27th, 2022

My first dramatic reading. I’m a bit nervous to share this, but excited too!


I have more audio play & dramatic reading projects on the way. Hopefully this one works.


New YouTube Channel · 7:43pm Sep 19th, 2022

I technically already had a YouTube channel, but I made a new one to put my personal creations into it. The videos on the old channel will start disappearing in favor of putting them on the personal channel instead. I used a new pen name for it, "Bernard Butler", which is a Megamind reference combined with obscure DC comics from the 1940s.

So far, it's just for me to use very basic screwed up edits, but the plan is to gradually turn it into primarily an audio drama channel.

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9/11 · 5:43am Sep 12th, 2022

The day that changed everything. I’m not forgetting it any time soon. Nearly 3000 people tragically died that day, & because it happened at home & caused such destruction, it made so many Americans feel far less safe. Many feared being in urban environments & around major landmarks out of fear of copycat terrorism, & there was an anthrax scare too - Americans were afraid Al Qaeda was planting viruses in the mail because basically, they were.

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Need for Voice Actresses · 9:44pm Jul 1st, 2022

I'm going to eventually move on from MLP fanfiction for a while, if not forever. My plan was to become to Discord what MemJ or whatever she's called became to Princess Celestia. But I'm choosing a new life, so I'm going to, instead of making this the grand opening to a new fanfiction career, make this the temporary or permanent swan song to MLP fanfiction.

My vocal work will be an adaptation to this story.

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New Life, New Me · 3:05am Jun 21st, 2022

I’ve technically been a new person since April 1, but now it’s time to turn a new chapter.

My first update is that I’m sick with COVID-19 in a Blue State

That means I have to avoid work until Saturday, so you all have me for the rest of the week. Feel free to shoot me messages on my Discord & on FiMFiction. I also have a Steam account, where you can game with me. I still will not always be available due to getting drawn in by art & literature, but I’ll be more available than usual.


Time to Come Clean · 6:38am Apr 2nd, 2022

This was all good & fun, but I think I got too deeply into character. I was LARPing as an autistic American for comedy purposes, but it's time to be the real me.

Hi, I'm Smiling Scripts. I'm a unicorn from Canterlot. I come from a largely martial family. I attended magic tutelage under some of Celestia's finest students, & now I'm working at a hardware store. What are the odds? Earth ponies & donkeys make for good customers though.

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Self-Improvement Introduction: Acknowledging Problems & Solutions · 9:58pm May 27th, 2021

Imperfections. Chaos. Problems. Strife.

We have to accept that life would be nothing without these. Maybe you have bad relationships with people you love. Maybe you have health problems. Maybe you’re out of shape. Maybe you’re addicted to drugs. Maybe you aren’t very popular in your clique. Maybe you never get the things you want done in the day.

However, rather than simply embrace them or accept them, our job is to overcome them to bring order into our own lives.

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Upcoming Stories! · 2:57am May 17th, 2021

I’m going to republish, edit, & extend some of my old stories! Be sure to look out for:

Daddy’s Day

Sweetie Bane

Blackadder of Equestria

Never Say No to Panda

Diamond Tiara’s Box

The Eleven Doctors

However, new stories are on their way…


A story about Aryanne’s mother, Swastika is set in the past, before the show even starts.

The Magnificent Six

Bad guys doing good things for bad reasons!

The Bouncy Binturong Birthday Bash!

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The Language Police: Censorship from the Left · 2:58am May 16th, 2021

Now that we have covered how a far-right movement that was barely alive for more than three decades, one that came & went quickly, was still enough to leave a lasting impact on children’s literature, we will now discuss the political spectrum that has been calling for censorship long before & long after a mere three decades: The Left.

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