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Radiant Dawn

Write what you know; write what you feel. Give life to that which lacks it, and mend the heart of they who need it most. Love, laugh, and cry. Never be afraid to be yourself. This is me.


Life is pretty unpredictable for me, but that alone is the predictable part of it. Pretty early on, I learned that I should expect the unexpected, and enjoy the brief moments of peace when they were there. Such an outlook helped me early on to keep from going crazy with all of the stuff that's happened to us all.

As the years passed though, I found my own source of peace: my closest friends.

My best friends were always there for me, and I for them. We held each other up when we fell below the surface of the sea of life, and offered friendly smiles and listening ears to each other when we needed it most. Even with all the insanity we weathered over the years, we became closer in spite of it...or, perhaps because of it. In a world of hoarding dragons, I may be the only one that cherished a small group of ponies over gold or jewels.


Rated T for use of alcohol, language of a sexually suggestive nature, and implied sexual acts.

Cover art provided by Zwagyzonk, used with permission.

Note: Ponies are considered adolescent/mature at a much younger age than humans (six and fourteen, respectively). I've made an oversight on this, and I believe this explanation will fix that. Also, this will be a Spike-harem fic, but as with all my other submissions, there is no clop; just a heads up.

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I am interested but I really hope that it isn't going to be wall of text story telling. :trixieshiftright:

Wow, It was veeery well written and it promises a lot. Faved and hoping for more dear pal, please keep up with this project of yours.

A nice, simple opening with a somewhat clueless Spike, but pretty good overall (Bit mussed up on ages, but I suppose you need to make things fit)

My only nitpick is that Fluttershy said in the show that she's a year older than Pinkie, so she's not the youngest


4713074 Griffon the Brush Off

you have my attention, please continue :moustache::heart::twilightsmile::raritywink::rainbowwild::pinkiehappy::ajsmug::yay:

I like you have my attention please continue your story


Griffon the Brush Off (Transcript here)

The lines-

Twilight Sparkle: You've met Gilda, right? What's she like?
Fluttershy: Oh, um, well, I'll tell you later, Twilight.
Pinkie Pie: Welcome. Welcome.
Fluttershy: Um, Pinkie Pie, about this party for Gilda. Umm... Do you really think it's a good idea? I mean–
Pinkie Pie: Don't worry your pretty little head about mean old Gilda. Your auntie Pinkie Pie's got it all taken care of.
Fluttershy: I'm a year older than you.

This is a story that really caught my eye. Seeing them all grown up and mature. It will be interesting to hear all of their stories about how they fell for him. Then seeing him be in a relationship with the girls as well could only be enjoyable. Can't wait for your next chapter.

Featured on it's 1st day:pinkiegasp:?! you must be one HELL of a writer:rainbowdetermined2:

4713821 I don't know about that. I just tried my best.

4713022 I said she's the second youngest, which makes Pinkie the youngest at sixteen years of age.

Wao amazing I wanna read more
I can't wait to see the other chapters and see
how this play out

4713888 I will crack up when they have the talk about their feelings if Pinkie calls him out for groping her ass. Then he is says sorry she say it's okay..... I kinda like it. I would fall on the floor laughing :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

This is very interesting.
4714027 That would be funny.

Hmm, people really hate this type of fanfic....I wonder if this will end up like the rest now that it's featured. :rainbowhuh:

This is a really good start to this story. Spike at least is aware of his growing feelings for the mares around him to an extant at least it looks like he is somewhat clueless when it comes to his friends' feelings towards him. I like how is motto is go with the flow because something tells me a big wave is coming in the form of a certain group of mares.

Great chapter man. You captured my interest. You have earned yourself a like and fav.


1. The producers and writers of the show have specifically answered that the ages of the cast are purposefully left UNspecific. However, Lauren Faust and other writers (notably Meghan McCarthy and M.A. Larson) have also stated that the circle of central protagonist friends conform to a "general age range" (note "quotations") amongst each other.

~ a. Applejack and Rarity are the "eldest" of the group. Ashleigh Ball and Tabitha St. Germain have both stated that is how they envision their respective characters when portraying them.

~ b. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are the same age in the "middle."

~ c. Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle are the "youngest" two, of the six girls. Twilight Sparkle only "seems older" because of her prodigy nature and role as leader of the Elements of Harmony. {Even more so now, with Princess Twilight now being the alicorn Princess of Friendship.} Lauren Faust envisioned Twilight's character as slightly tragic, because the young unicorn prodigy is forced to mature far ahead of her physical age because of her grand Destiny.

~ d. And Spike, rather obviously, is the youngest of the circle of friends. On a minor relevant note, however, it has been stated that Spike and Twilight Sparkle are "close" in physical age, meaning single digits' difference in years, since Twilight applied to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns at an early age when her magical surge hatched Spike's egg.

There is another factor as well. The more generalistic age ranges are also a product of clever Marketing as much as Creativity. By making their ages non-specific, it appeals to widest possible range of potential consumers, and that makes $$$.

2. @Radiant Dawn... While Spike Harems (herds?) are not my particular cup of tea for fan-fictions (no malice, just personal preference), I do applaud your impressive Word Count. Almost any fan-fiction Author that puts in that level of [time + effort] into expressing their Creativity earns a Like from me, regardless of my own opinions over the story.

Well, your best has captured the eye of lots of people. WE NEED MOAR!

4714331 I appreciate your honesty, and thank you for the fact you're judging the story on the skill and work gone into making it instead of personal preference.

Twilight, Rarity, and the other four 



Well, that was rather informative, thanks. The bit about Spike and Twilight's ages was nice to learn

4714331 I suppose when it comes to the ages of the characters I could go and change them, but that's a rather minor issue that won't really have an adverse effect on the story as a whole. All the same, thanks for the info. It will help in future releases.

This looks amazing! Please continue.:twilightsmile:

My thought on ages for the girls (oldest to youngest) are:

Pinkie Pie-:pinkiehappy:
Rainbow Dash-:rainbowdetermined2:

Ah....a harem fic. It's a good read, but I think I'll pass on this one.


Raven: ......... A what?........ This isn't gonna end well.....

4716366 Um no, Fluttershy is seventeen, and Pinkie is a year younger than her. Also, I don't think I ever actually said Spike was the youngest. Maybe you simply assumed that since he was so small for so many years.

4716605 The reviewer was probably referring to the fact that the high word count didn't come at the cost of quality. I'm sure I'm not the only one to come across stories that are long as hell, but are lackluster in the actual readability department.

As much as I agree with you that length of chapters does not necessarily mean a good story, the opposite is also very true when it comes to stories that have chapters that are 1,000 words or less, since said stories tend to feel very choppy.

4716919 Ah, thanks for that. Gotta fix it now.


1. I am glad that my canon age-range information has been informative &/or interesting. It simply is a summary of canon info and compiled comments from the various staff that bring us MLP:FiM. This was something I had (loosely) worked to learn when my middle daughter once asked me, back in the early seasons, "Daddy, how old are Rarity and Pinkie...?" And all I could do was stare blankly at her going, "Uhhh..." :derpyderp1:

2. Two (2) off-hand signs of good or bad literary works, from my personal perspective:

~ a. Technical Writing... One can have the greatest story premise/idea in the world, but if the Technical Writing is poor, then the story is dead before finished being read.

~ b. Word Count... A high Word Count tends to naturally draw-in potential readers, because it shows that the Author has put in the [time + effort] into their work. Conversely, a pitifully low Word Count warns potential readers that the Author did care enough to write, so why should they care enough to read?

3. Are there exceptions to Word Count guideline? Of course.

Some fan-fictions I have read that had earned a Like from me were low Word Count. Either because they were written that way with definitive purpose (such as poetry, music/lyrical, journal entries, or snapshot narrative, etc.) or because they were simply very well written. The latter usually from fan-fiction Authors I know have previously done quality writing, or from high number Likes and low number Dislikes, which give me leave to try reading the story.

And I have slogged through long Word Count stories that left me with a bland taste in my mouth for the [time + effort] in reading it; or worse, earning a Dislike from me because of poor Storytelling.

But, as numbers go, which do you think tends to happen more often? Poor stories due to low Word Counts? Or high Word Counts?

4717301 Both are quite common, actually. Word count honestly means little to nothing when it comes to the quality of a story, since I've come across some pretty boring stories that are tens of thousands of words long, and at least ten chapters or more.

At the end I would often find myself thinking, "This could have been so much better."

The same goes for stories that are too short, since it is actually more difficult to deliver a good story in less words. Personally, I think someone that can pump out a great story with a minimum amount of words has to be a master at conveying not only what the characters are feeling and how they view the world, but showing detail with words that are more descriptive. Usually, it takes someone with a good vocabulary and a lot of patience to make a short-worded story work well.

Amazing. Just simply amazing. I can not wait for the rest of the story. :)

Spike references to his age:

"simply because I was nineteen -- or twenty-one, in Twilight’s case."

Spike references to Fluttershy's Age:

"She was the second youngest of us all, being only seventeen years old,"

Spike references to his age:

"Granted that you couldn’t tell it now just by looking at me, but I was still a year younger than even the youngest of the group,"

I'm curious to how spike is younger than Pinkie, (who is supposedly 16), when he is 19. (Pinkie is one year younger than fluttershy, she is the youngest pony in the group of 7.)

I am truly sorry if I seem obtrusive doing this,:fluttercry: it's sort of a habit. I'm just looking for a way to help. I love the story and I can't wait to read more. You are an amazing writer and love your work:pinkiehappy:, but the age thing sort of threw me for a loop. Again, I am truly sorry if I've offended you. :applecry:

4717450 It's been changed. I finished this first chapter on a day and a half of no sleep and like three Java Monster drinks, so I had to tweak a few things here and there after I looked at it with rested eyes and had kind people point out my mistakes. That part that references Spike's maturity in regards to the others has been changed.


Again, I do apologize for being rude. I didn't mean to be intrusive. I do enjoy your writing style, it is unique, with not a single grammatical error in sight. It is very rare that I stumble upon someone of your skill. I must ask, do you proof-read your own work?

4717679 It's not rude, it's perfectly fine. Yes, I proofread and edit all my own work.


That is amazing!:pinkiehappy: You continue to baffle me! If I ever begin writing, would you mind being my proof-reader?

I want to beat it to death with a 2X4

4717694 I wouldn't mind, but I'm unsure if I would have the time. It might be worth a shot though.

4717708 How is this relevant to anything at all?

4717730 It means your story is shit.

I am very grateful! Thank you so, very much! I truly look froward to working with you! I will contact you when I have completed something. ^^ You have no idea how much this means to me. ^^

4714331 Wow, this means in Inner Demons I got their ages right?! Awesome!!!

I think this is a great idea. I can't wait for more of this story. I get the feeling that this is going to be filled with lots of awkward moments between Spike and the girls.

Like this?

So when can we expect another edition of Spike the Horsefucker?


1. @SapphireLibra3... Glad to have provided some informative brony enlightenment about the main characters' age range in relation to your own writings. :pinkiesmile:

2. @Radiant Dawn... I am also glad to have provided some clarity over age ranges, which was the core purpose of my original comment.

And yes, one of the (subtle) appeals, and tragedies, of Spike's character is deliberately much like Twilight Sparkle's; Spike was also forced to mature far ahead of his physical age. But because of that, it is one of the major reasons why the duo's dynamic works so well, they understand each other exactly so.

As for changes, always remember the literary writing axiom:

It is never "too late" to go back and add-to, edit, refine, or even completely overhaul your work, when it is for the better.


3. As for the rest, I am not trying to start a comment fight, or troll others, or put others down. So I will sidewalk-chalk it up to differences of personal opinions & preferences, and Let It Go at this point.

Heh, you're the guy writing Legend. I knew I've read your name before! Legend is amazing, so I'll definitely give this one a read.

Wow, you've got a lot of incomplete stories going on. No wonder I have to wait so long for Legend to update :P

Keep up the good work!

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