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This is a group for story's where Spike just kicks ass.

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In case you are searching for it, I think that story is mine. Name is Friendship.

Hello I am look for some help.

The story I am look for is about spike as the king of the dragon and that he is pretending to be Evil so spike and keep the mane 6 happy and friend for a long time but spike see that the Mane 6 are only together when they have to fights a evil person so spike becomes the Evil and keep the mane 6 happy, also spike has to fights all the dragon and becomes the king.

If anybody can tell me the name or a Link to the story pleas tell me.

Hello one and all!! You are courdually invited to The Deadly Dragon , and read about the darker side of the drake we all know of!! Just click the link and join!! Bring any stories you want as well!! Have FUN!!

Hi, does this group have any rules?

Send me any suggestions for what you would like the banner to be, ie send a link to a picture you like for it.
Just saying but if you want great spike story's check out Crisis Nova stories.

The words "Spike" and "kicks ass" don't ever belong in the same sentence. Unless he's the one getting his ass kicked, most likely by Fluttershy, considering she fucks up pussy ass dragons like him on a daily basis. hehe. :trollestia:

Best group eva!

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