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"I can face the whole world with one claw, as long as your hoof is holding the other." - A Dragon in Love -

Luna and Spike romantic feelgood thriller with a dash of political intrigue.

'...a great and glorious orchestration in romance...' - Wing, Non-Pareil Fiction
'You made me cry tears of sorrow and joy, cheer like a madman and truly be happy for the two characters I never even liked in the show.' - Eversquee
'This is the most I've laughed, cried, exclaimed and cheered in a long long time.' - Melancholy
'I usually don't like romances, but this one is awesome!' - Aguion12
'When the characters are happy, I'm happy. When they're not, I'm not. It's all so perfectly done..' - Drgnwolf


Greed strengthens a dragon. But what of the opposite? Spike feels a little bit of himself broken away with each passing day as Rarity flaunts her newfound love with another stallion. But that's the least of his troubles. A formal gala for which he is the guest of honour quickly approaches. With the relationship between the Council of Friendship and the nobles of Equestria at stake, he is certain this gala could only end in a big political disaster. Enter Princess Luna, cunningly disguised as the sweet elegant mare by his side, intent on turning him from a laughingstock into the star of the show. But jealousy and misfortune swiftly strike, leaving Luna permanently stuck in her disguise. Together they must maintain their cover until they somehow figure out how to fix everything. As the days pass, as the 'one more day's turn into a week, they slowly come to a startling realization - Perhaps there is nothing to fix?

Proudly brought to you by our hardworking editor dream team, Not A Hat and Brad The Brony

Story Art 1 - The Moon Rises!
Story Art 2 - Moonlight Sonata(Disguised Luna)'s cutie mark
Story Art 3 - The World Has Been Doubled!
Story Art 4 - Moon Walk
Story Art 5 - Raising the Moon

New Cover Art by this guy who's into candy-coloured little equines. Apparently calls himself Pen Mightier or something.

Old Cover art by the talented Yakovlev-Vad! Please be sure to give him a 'watch' on his DA as thanks!

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Comments from the Readers (Spoiler Free)

'We’re taken on an adventure, and if I dare say, we aren’t just told the damn story. We’re allowed to experience it. Spike has a moment, and I feel warmth. Luna tosses off the royal baggage, and I feel the feels. This is a great and glorious orchestration in romance...' - Wing

'Bravo! Bravo! ...I'm not into Romance stories because I don't really like them at all but this story here...This is my favorite!' - PlatinumPony

'I don't think I can accurately express how much I truly enjoy this story, right now. When the characters are happy, I'm happy. When they're not, I'm not. It's all so perfectly done that it's like I'm living the story instead of merely just reading it off a page. This already wins first place for most adorable story I have ever read...' - Drgnwolf

'Oh my Gods the feels! I smiled, laughed, got very angry and very sad all in one chapter! Please oh please complete this awesome tale soon! The suspense is killing me!' - Wiriamuzu

'I always wait until a story is finished before thinking about adding it to my favorites. Always. I have never added a story to my favorites before it's finished. This story is the one exception.' - Jomp

'Yeah. You just made a grown-ass man make a 'squee' sound.' - HoneyBadgerr

'Of all the stories I've read I can safely say that this is the one that best combines the written word with sound and music, there are plenty that have tried the same and not even come close to what you achive here.' - Lore

'This is the greatest story I have ever read. This is also now my favorite story. If you don't upload another chapter soon I will wait patiently until you do. I will climb mountains for this story. I will go to Disney Channel.com without my parents permission for this story. If i don't finish this story, i will write down in my will for someone to finish it for me. You, ascended pony writer from a land where the pigeons poop gold, are the greatest person in history.' - Blooming Cherries

'I am loving this story so far. The storytelling, the drama... oh it is so magnificent. A well crafted story by a well deserving author. I tip my hat to you sir. I can see some form of "Beauty and the Beast" in here. But what also surprises me is the way it is written. I've even had some moments of portraying Spike as Holden Caulfield from the famous story, The Catcher in the Rye. Just the way he speaks sort of reminds me of the way that poor man was, and the bits of Spike not wanting to detach from Rarity felt similar in the regards of Holden not wanting to grow up. Again, Pen Mightier, you have done a great job. Keep up the great work!' - XxEpsilonxX

'My cheeks hurt because I been smiling all the way down the chapter. Princess Luna really is the best pony.' - Allen Vth

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Dear god, I just read the premise/summary and I'm already hooked!

Though how did you plan how many chapters it'd have ahead of time?

Liked and fave'd to read later, since I haven't not enjoyed one of your stories yet.

6219330 Thankies. And I know because I've written everything up to chapter 4 and have it all outlined to the big finale. :raritywink:

A little leaf I took out of PussPuss' book. Literally. :rainbowlaugh:

6219338 Thankies! Much appreciated. :pinkiehappy:

6219393 I would read now, but too busy with Lufia 2 Ancient Cave Race HYPE!

Faved and liked. Good to see some ponies have Spike's back, read too many stories where Spike is alone all the time. Reading this is like a breath of fresh air. Cant wait to read the next chapeters:pinkiehappy:

An underrated and under-used ship and I'm loving this! Writing is great and i'm loving this! Good characterization and I'm loving this!

... did I mention I'm loving this? :pinkiesmile:

I particularly enjoyed Dash's not-so-subtle exposition of Rarity's behavior.

Oh god my stiches!! This story made me laugh so hard I think I popped a few. I should never read your stuff right after surgery. Oh well it was totally orth the pain now I can get the pretty nurse to give me morphine. Keep up the good work

Congrats on the feature ^^ I'm loving the story so far!

Ahh yes, another uncommon Spike pairing to grace the masses.

Anything with Luna in it is perfect.

I'm glad to see that our little Spiky Wiky here is getting a little more love, considering everything he's done for the mane six, I think he fully deserves to have a little somepony of his own, don't you think?

My guess about "Spike's" party:

Blueblood wants all the nobles there so he can be seen proposing marriage to Rarity.

So... Luna got lost in a forest. And forgot about her wings?

I'm confused, but I'll accept that.

I'm enjoying this greatly. Can't wait for the rest.

I am...absolutely LOVING this more unique version of Luna. I insist on more, good sir! Write more! :pinkiehappy:

Hah! Thanks for the unsolicited pimping! I'm not writing many Spikeships these days, considering my current multi-part story. I'll definitely be following this, though. You do good work, so I expect a good story out of this! Congrats on hitting the box!

Oh, this promises to be interesting

*grabs cloud and popcorn*

And every last inch of Blueblood is covered in hair

Well, he is a pony, so I guess that's true?

I could totally see Blueblood as Gaston, Rarity as Belle and Spike as the Beast

Although in this case, Luna is Belle, hm?
probably don't know most of 'em though...

Don't know what's going on with, Luna, but I'm loving the personality you gave her and, Spike.
Also loved how Rainbow said what needed to be said for a loooong time!
Things like this is why, Rainbow Dash, easily makes my top 3 with who I like of the Mane 6.:rainbowwild: And, Rarity, is ALWAYS 6th!:raritydespair:

Well written great start. Let's continue!:moustache:

Wanderer D

6220634 Sure, because she's clearly manipulating him and it wasn't clear either by her stammering that she had no clue Spike was serious about it. How tragic that just wanting something or someone doesn't get you what you want every single time.

This is great. I await more my friend.

This definitely has me interested. Keep up the good work.

So I loved with, Luna, right now!:trollestia:

We have no evidence. T'is but mere supposition on our part.

This isn't a legal proceeding, Luna. The standards are much, much lower here. :facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

This is both hilarious and intriguing, I can't wait for more. :twilightsmile:

>>the Nth Doctorwhat? A cloud? I want a cloud! :pinkiegasp::fluttercry:

eeeeeeeeeeeee!!! The Long Patrol!!

How can one NOT like and favorite this story?! I love this Luna! She's so adorable!

6220223 I hope to the Royal Sister's that you are wrong, because if you aren't, I will kill Blueblood with my own four bare hooves, and I don't want to be banished to the moon.

6220993 And again, I have the urge to bellow "Eulalia"

Fancy that...

I have to say, these are some interesting characterizations. Twilight getting swallowed up in the soulless quagmire of Politics is interesting and somewhat fitting. She is one to go all in on anything she tries, even sometimes forgetting her own past lessons in the process and needing a kick in the rump when she does.

Rainbow Dash's is great because she's being her brash and loyal self, but for Spike and, outside of actual SpikeDash shipping, a lot of people seem to just write off her interactions with him. And to a smaller part, Applejack trying to keep the peace while not ruffling any fetahers.


Well, to be honest, from her part in this, she's either being manipulative or is the outright most oblivious she can be of the situation, and bits like the 'Sickly Sweet Smile' tend to lean towards the former. And she doesn't seem to stammer over Rainbow's accusation, but she seemed more angry and tried to play it off as Spike being alright with her suggestions, an argument we didn't see the end of because Spike didn't either, so we don't really know what sort of turn it took. That said, we'll be better able to tell by her next appearence now that Rainbow and outed the not-so-secret secret, so the ball is in her court to show her true colors.

Really, I have to agree with Dash on this, though, since whether Rarity is being manipulative or not, it seems more and more like Twilight and Rarity are caring less about Spike's big day and more about how it can be used, for Twilight to push forward her political agenda and for Rarity to help her help Blueblood. It's not really putting either in the best light. Rarity is, again, wither a manipulative nag aiming for the 'Sweet and Elite' again, or the outright most oblivious being on the continent, and Twilight is too caught up in politics to realize how it's making her 'little brother' feel. But with a line like this, though-

"Uhuh." Twilight nodded, awkwardly, "Well, good. Good to see you have somepony, Spike. For the dance, I mean.

Might mean Twilight is starting to see the writing on the wall. Whether she plans to try and change and how remains to be seen, and again, for Rarity it will depend on how she acts with Dash's statement out in the open.

On a separate note, though, I do hope to see more of Rainbow in this, it's nice to see this type of relationship with her and Spike, as opposed to the usual 'friend of my friends' distant thing they often have.

This is good. Very good. I'm following.

I'm still wondering why no one has actually done that yet. Do they care for Spike that little that they'll just let Rarity keep leading him on even after all this time? And Rarity clearly knows, Spike even told her, yet still does it?

Wanderer D

6221434 One thing that strikes me whenever I read one of these stories, is that whether the author intends it or not (I'm not trying to guess what the author here is trying to do in chapter 1, unlike others) is that Sparity wishy-washers always blame the whole thing on Rarity being insensitive by not doing what Spike wants, rather than Spike being obsessive about someone he can't realistically have. Forget the species. Forget the age difference (which to a lot of people here doesn't matter at all). You are asking Rarity to put out just because it's Spike's 18th birthday so now, naturally, she has to. Just because he would want her to. Not even because he asked. Surprise! He didn't ask her. Ignore whatever she might want or not. If she's not doing what Spikey-wikey wants, the Sparity fans are not happy and she's a bitch. Hey, maybe, Rainbow Dash here could have been less of a bitch herself, and had told Spikey-wikey it was not going to happen years before to avoid this whole situation. But I guess that wouldn't work with the almighty Sparity Headcanon.

6221434 You, are insightful.

One thing I would like to know though, what does being 18 mean for him as opposed to what we've seen? How big is he now? Does he have any extra appendages? Stuff like that. Because any shipping where Spike is older, but still physically the same is a bit, you know, ewww. And unless I've been given some picture, that's what's in my head.

Another masterpiece. I love your usage of the work hoofsies, it's so very cute. You have a unique skill for making ruling monarchs adorable.

Pretty interesting story. That'll show some different angle of Princess Luna, as a cute young mare (In attitude). But hoooooweeeh, does that song brought the joys for Luna, like... it's understandable...ly AWESOME!

tsundere luna? i dont like like tsunderes.... but i like this one!:pinkiehappy:

By the gods, this Luna will cause so many heart attacks...

"One thing that strikes me whenever" I read comments like this is they make up arguments and motivations for the other people who have made comments and assume that it's always whatever motivation that makes their opponents seem as stupid as possible, in this case about how unfair it is that Spike doesn't get Rarity at all, rather than the actual gripe of "It's unfair that Rarity takes advantage of Spike being willing to do anything for her in a way that is super obviously, from the outside, motivated by his huge crush on her."

I mean, if it's about Sparity worship, yeah, that's ridiculous, but you act as if it is unreasonable to expect that Rarity, as the adult who has a child with a crush on her, should know better than to use that crush he has to get him to do things she wants. Or that, also as the adult, she shouldn't be expected to have the self-awareness to understand that Spike has a crush on her and treat him appropriately, instead being oblivious and inadvertently taking advantage of his feelings.

I'm not sure it's possible for you to write a bad story
Just two chapters and I'm already clamoring for my next fix

Wanderer D


"One thing that strikes me whenever" I read comments like this is they make up arguments and motivations for the other people who have made comments and assume that it's always whatever motivation that makes their opponents seem as stupid as possible

One thing that strikes me whenever I read responses like these is that they completely miss the point and also happen to do exactly what they are accusing the others of doing.

My issue (reinstated) is with people assuming that Rarity is intentionally leading him on, rather than effing stopping to think that a "teenager" Spike such as is presented here is old enough to make his own choices and if he's being 'led on here' as you seem to insist, instead of Rarity being oblivious, it's his own damn fault for being in denial.

Edit. Effit. I deleted the rest of my post. You can keep whining as much as you want for Spike's so unfair life. I won't bother answering.


This isn't about her having to be with Spike, neither I not Rainbow mentioned that. All Rainbow said was to stop manipulating him and stop stringing him along. This is about perspective. Whether Rarity knows or not, from Rainbow's, it's so obvious that there's no way she couldn't know, so the only answer for her is that Rarity is willfully manipulating him, which, as I said, could be true or she could actually be totally oblivious to his feelings. The only further this I said was little bits of her actions seemed to make it lean a bit towards her knowing and manipulating him, in the same way a similar girl might bat her eyes at a guy for some outcome she wants. It doesn't necessarily mean she's doing it out of any sort of Spite or anything like that, but like I said, both she and Twilight seem to be forgetting this is Spike's birthday.

Spike himself hasn't said anything about her having to like him, he dislikes all the other stallions she goes after, but he also seems to lament the fact he never makes a move. He's hesitant, but he's hopeful, while also knowing he can't get her if he doesn't actually try. He's trapped by his own uncertainty. At the same time, though, he wouldn't completely believe Dash saying he has no chance for the same reason a lot of people wouldn't believe it until they hear it from the object of their affection, because they hold out on that hope, which is part of what ticks Dash off. Heck, there's probably been times when Twilight tried to steer him away, but couldn't.

As I Said, in Dash's eyes, there's no way Rarity couldn't know, so the only truth to her is that Rarity is stringing him along for her own gain rather than outright shooting him down, and that 'stringing along' in her eyes, would be what would keep Spike from believing he has no chance.

And I'm slightly insulted because at no point did I say she should 'put out' or anything like that. I only specified it as Spike's 18th birthday because it seem like it's as major a point in Spike's life as it can be in some countries here especially given Twilight's giving him the option of moving out if he wants to and Rainbow getting so mad that it's that birthday. And despite it being such a turning point, both Rarity and Twilight are concerned more with how it can benefit their ends, as noble or ignoble as they may be.

I made no mention of Rarity having to return Spike's affection for a reason, because she doesn't have to. I'm not looking at this as a Sparity shipper because, honestly, I'm not. I'm trying to show how this looks from the perspective of all the other characters to better understand their actions.

From Rarity's perspective, she's either oblivious, in which case she's just being her, or being slightly manipulative, but neither means she's being outright malicious. Remember, she has somewhat lost her head before when high society or a high goal was in sight (Both in Sweet and Elite and Rarity Takes Manehattan, and of course, Best Night Ever), and she usually comes around with no major issue. Also remember she has been know to be flirty to get her own ends, which she does in "Putting Your Hoof Down". But this isn't a play or her own birthday or a bundle of carrots, it's Spike's birthday and she's more caught up in hobnobbing with the 'Nobles', Blueblood or not, that she's loosing sight of that.

From Twilight's perspective, she's trying to do good and push through what she believes to be good things, but again, she's loosing sight of her friends, seeing the goal and not paying attention to her path in reaching it, which she has done numerous times before, sometimes bringing close to things disaster or driving herself nuts (Lesson Zero, It's About Time, and to a lesser degree Suited for Success, Bats, Owls Well That Ends Well, and Feeling Pinkie Keen). Heck, even her Ascension was the result of her doing something without realizing the consequences. It's not to say she's a bad pony, as I said, she just sometimes forgets her own lessons.

Rainbow Dash is angry because, from her perspective, Spike's crush is as obvious as the purple of his scales and there's no way Rarity doesn't know. Maybe she could play it off as not wanting to hurt him, and if it were just another day of her batting her eyes and Spike not manning up, Dash would groan internally and let it slide, but now it's effecting a major turning point in his life and she's still stringing him on, which is what sets her off against Rarity and Twilight (Remember, she was getting cheesed at the alicorn, too). It's not about age or species or romance, to her, it's a major point in one friends life, and the others are making it all about them.


I don't think any real mention of his physical stature has been made, I think, but think more beyond that. Even if he looks basically the same, it's no different from an early bloomer who looks mostly the same at eighteen as they do at fourteen.


One thing that strikes me whenever I read responses like these is that they completely miss the point and also happen to do exactly what they are accusing the others of doing.

So these things:

You are asking Rarity to put out just because it's Spike's 18th birthday so now, naturally, she has to. Just because he would want her to.

If she's not doing what Spikey-wikey wants, the Sparity fans are not happy and she's a bitch.

But I guess that wouldn't work with the almighty Sparity Headcanon.

Aren't about how this is all about how people want Sparity and want Spike to exactly get what he wants, but all about:

My issue (reinstated) is with people assuming that Rarity is intentionally leading him on,

when you said exactly no things about her intent in your comment. Apparently you sent that sentiment in some older comment in this chain I wasn't responding to.

So... my bad. I didn't realize you didn't mean anything about Sparity or people who disagree with you definitely wanting Spike to get Rarity, when you brought it up three times, in response to someone who even admitted that she might just be oblivious, no less. Good communication, there. :ajbemused:

>MFW When it's clearly stated that he's turning 18 in this story.

And he's had this crush since he was a child, and she apparently hasn't noticed or bothered to do a single thing about it that entire time. And even then, Spike is a teenager with one unresolved (and that includes him finally getting over it) crush since his childhood, and the practical experience of that is completely different from someone with at least multiple transient crushes and one fairly serious romance like Rarity has.

And, to be honest, Spike is flawed for not getting over it earlier. This is, in fact, very nearly a canon flaw of his, and certainly in line with what we know of him. But I find this a sympathetic flaw for him to have, whereas if, somehow, Rarity never noticed that when she flutters her eyelashes that boys (and Spike, specifically) always agree and do things for her, despite obviously turning on "the charm" when she wants something from them in canon she is also flawed, and I find that flaw much less sympathetic than clinging to an infatuation that leads to your own detriment.

Edit: Apparently he quit the conversation with an insult. Can't even be bothered to back out gracefully.

Again, I like the characterization a lot, be it Lotus and Aloe with absolute despair at the train-wreck of a pelt that was Sonata, Spike honestly trying to be the mature one, even if he allows a few mental chortles at Blueblood and the Nobles, and 'Sonata' seeming ready for anything, but still somewhat vulnerable deep down.

I'm practically jumping in my seat! That cliffhanger though! Ooooh, I can't WAIT to see the next chapter!

6219693 Yeah, with all due respect to the creators, I don't think they give the little guy enough credit sometimes. Even the whole Crystal Empire thing felt like a bit of a throwaway. I've always wanted to write a Spike-centric romance ever since I read King of Beggars' work. Just never had the inspiration...at least until that last episode with Luna.

6219878 Thanks! Yeah, Rainbow's explosion was quite exciting to write. I'm really looking forwards to the next Rainbow scene, actually.

6220066 Thanks. Whatever the surgery was, I hope you'll recover soon. Pro tip - take the morphine before you're about to do anything strenuous - like laughing. :raritywink:

6220117 Thanks! That came as a bit of a surprise to me, actually. It was your comment that drew my attention to it yesterday.

Fun fact - there are 21 Luna-Spike shipfics on Fimfiction, but only half that are purely Spike - Luna (the other half are harem fics). Why do I know that....?

6220157 It's a tough one, considering he's a dragon growing up among ponies. Logic would dictate he's destined to forever be alone. But, hey, that's what fanfiction is for.

6220223 You don't want to be reading my mind. I haven't seen it for the past year. Who knows where it's been.


6220375 Thanks! I can't wait either!

6220391 Thanks! I dunno about unique, but I do admit I have a bad habit of ruining Luna and Celestia's image with childish antics. Uh, not because I'm pro-Twilight or anything. Nope.

6220418 Thanks! That means a lot coming from you.

6220633 But Gaston's actually manly though. I can see the others would make an excellent Beauty and the Beast parody.

6220634 Thanks! It's funny, considering Rarity and her generosity is what helps me get through most grueling days at work, helping remind me exactly why I do what I do. She's a constant reminder to me that generosity does not neglect oneself, something I often forget. In that way, she is my best 'guiding' pony.

I have no qualms casting her as a quasi-villain in a story though. :trixieshiftright:

6221914 6222061 6221052 6221891 6222106 6220677 Yeah, Luna keeps on surprising me too. I swear, half of what she does just writes itself. It totally wasn't me. Honest.

6220693 6221751 6220798 Thanks!

6221861 Actually, I deliberately left out any description of Spike's physical appearance. I am leaving that to reader interpretation, so you can imagine it however you like. Want regular Spike? That's cool. Want a physically more developed Spike? That's fine too. There'll be more on this in later chapters

6222169 Ask and ye shall receive! Here, have a chapter 3!

6222312 6222277 6221850 Wow, I wasn't expecting the story to generate this much discussion. This is all very interesting and I thank you for it. *Takes notes*

I will say this; I don't think there is any real fault on either party when it comes to Spike harbouring his crush for Rarity for so long or Rarity not outright rejecting him sooner. Spike never properly confessed (other than that one time they were both falling to their deaths after Spike un-HULK'd from his giant greed form, during which Rarity, wisely or unwisely, told him not to rush it just because they were, y'know, falling to their deaths) and thus Rarity never really had a reason to reject him properly. Sure, the right thing to do would have been for Spike to make his feelings clear for better or worse, or for Rarity to either accept him or reject him properly and settle the matter once and for all instead of letting it snowball on.

The point in this story isn't the above, but a matter of timing. It was Spike's big important day and Rarity and Twilight were indeed using it to advance their own agenda. Rarity justifies it by saying they have Spike's consent. Rainbow snaps because she feels that Spike was unfairly manipulated into giving said consent. Rainbow did go on to point out Spike's crush, but that was more a heat of the moment thing.

(unsure of how much this contributes to the discussion, buuuuut....) :twilightblush:

So Spike has a violin bow that Sonata needs, as well as a glitter bomb(?), among other things. I wonder what he, Spike, the primary means of Princess to Princess correspondence, could possibly have to do with the unfolding events.

I can't think of a more impressive way to upstage. Pinkie's a genius. (Think about it...)



It made a lot more sense as I read further. :twilightsmile: That was only the first chapter, after all.

that one comment from the last chapter freakin call it o-o

Thanks for charitably referring to my part in the argument as "discussion." :twilightblush:

Ultimately, what this story is about is more important discussion than fault here in the comments, so it's probably for the best if we let the other issues and, more especially, the personal parts of this argument fall aside.

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