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A collaboration between myself, Tidal and Seventh Heaven

Cheating. It never leads to anything good. Hearts get broken, trust is lost, and lives are ruined. Unfortunately, even the best of relationships are not immune to it.

When it comes to light that Shining Armour has been in a secret affair with Rarity, it leaves Princess Cadence and Spike stunned and badly hurt. Leaning on each other for comfort, the two devise a plan to not only get revenge on the ponies that hurt them, but maybe even heal their broken hearts along the way.

Note: This fic was written during season 4 originally, so that's why Flurry Heart isn't mentioned.

Coverart by: Not Enough Coffee

Inspired by the album Two-Faced Charade by Famous Last Words.

Chapters (13)
Comments ( 1030 )

Awh yeah!!! :rainbowdetermined2:

4426424 you know it :yay: breaking social norms one story at a time

haven't read yet but one question.
where is twilight in all this?
her brother and best friend were having affair...

4426545 it shall bge explained throughout the course of the story :raritywink:

Oh! I forgot about this.

Yes! More Spidance!

Great story! Tidal still sucks though....

Is this the one you were talking about?

4426571 You... you get out of here! Lol

4426591 DUDE YES! your avatar is kickass

A collab between two of the awesomest dudes on fimfic?

Hell to the yes. :yay:

I have been dying for this to come out. I want these two to unleash hell on these two cheaters.Spike needs to get over this sadness quickly and turn it to rage. He is a dragon and she played with him, he needs to show her that is the wrong move. Hell the two of them have the connections to shatter her clothing line all together:raritycry:. Shinning I want him to come face to face with a pissed off Spike and watch his shield (much like his DICK) come up short in comparison lol.:pinkiegasp: I wonder will they keep up the act like they don't know or will she throw him out on his ass. I mean he cheated on Celestia's niece he is not getting his old job back when she finds out. Rarity will lose Twi as a friend big time as well. I can't wait for the next chapter.:moustache::moustache::moustache: DEATH TO THE UNICORNS!!!!

4426559 As sad as it is to say I did for a second there I did as well, but I am happy I it came out and reminded me of it.

S@##s about to go down!!!!!!

4426550 She will rip every hair out of Rarity's head when she finds out and then she will use that hair to whip her bitch ass (and boring if i do say so) brother lol. As Spike and Can cheer.:moustache::raritycry:

4426605 I am with you there I can only aspect great things from these two together.:pinkiehappy::moustache:

4426620 Yup when Spike stop crying like a bitch and become a cannon like Candance and start plotting revenge It will turn into a shit storm with those white unicorns in the middle. You piss off the two of the stronger species on your planet.... not smart lol:moustache:

4426635 you guys are making me feel all awesome and stuff :twilightblush:

4426642 I agree... Not smart at all :raritywink:

This seems very interesting. Let's see if Rarity and Shinig can survive an Alicorns (and maybe a dragons) ragequit :flutterrage:


You're missing a blank space there.

I could feel my heart fall in my chest as the chapter went on...

Okay, Cadance, Show them the power of a pissed off demi-goddess!

4426676 I am with you there as I read I knew it was coming but it didn't make it any easier. But hey lets not forget Spike, he is I like to think almost genius level IQ dragon that seems to be getting stronger by the day. And they just made it to his fuck list. A list that only had one red dragon on there till now. I only take comfort in that they will get sweet and devastating payback on these two and will find love in each other before it ends.:pinkiehappy::moustache:

4426604 No, his avatar is Obi-Wan Kenobi. My avatar is Kick-Ass.

4426708 I was about to smite you for dishonoring a Jedi but then I saw your avatar. Indeed it is kickass

Man I waiting on baited breath near the end and it made my heart crack.:fluttercry::applecry: Should I get two coffins ready or just get some wood for the funeral pyre?:pinkiecrazy::twilightangry2:.

And so it begins. With all the Spike x Cadence fics i was waiting for a fic like this to happen, can't wait to see the rarity bashing.
Sorry for any rarity supporters but i just don't like her, she either has to be so air headed to see how much he loves her or already know he do and uses him to get what ever she wants.

4426769 Oh get the wood for we know one will be roasted alive. And the other will be just disintegrated lol:moustache:

4426770 I think there are only like 4 at most of Spike x Candence stories out there. I have nothing against Rarity at all (beside maybe the overuse of her pairing with Spike something lol) But in stories like that I am with you on the bashing of her. The one I really hate is Shinning (always have lol) Even by the rules he is married he is the one I say fucked up the most. So I hope he gets ripped to shreds. (and if i am really lucky by Spike lol) :moustache::pinkiehappy:

4426644 Dustin!! We got featured!!

4426823 ikr :yay: expect a storm of praise and hate now

4426842 I'm so excited! Hate won't bring me down!

Something I contributed to got featured... Tidal is happy :twilightsmile:

When we doing another live-stream man? We can talk about the story and stuff!

4426842 No hate just love. Good Job guys I could tell just from this first chapter you were going to be a hit. now go and get started on the new. Go shoo shoo! lol:rainbowlaugh::moustache:

4426851 I'll be there with questions a plenty lol :pinkiehappy:

4426855 lol I probably could start the next chapter if Famous is ok with it :twilightsheepish:

I love answering questions :pinkiehappy:

4426881 Ether way just from you being eager to start it is great. I know I will prob have to wait a week or so for it to come out :fluttercry: but i can tell your guy's story will be totally worth it.

4426881 lol, you see those 7 dislikes? I say with confidence that those are just people who don't like Spike or want their story to be featured instead. why? because not one person has commented or expressed their dislike in any way. :raritywink::rainbowlaugh:

4426916 I bet you are right. But who care. There will always be haters to greatness. THEY WILL EVER BEAT THE SPIKE ARMY!!!! :moustache:

OMG THIS IS GREAT :pinkiehappy::twilightblush: CANT WAIT FOR MORE!

Nice juxtaposition of beautiful to heart-breaking. I will follow this story.
I reeeaaallllly hope Shining Armor gets punched at least once,

"I will destroy her."

And rightly so! How dare that vixen steal away the love of your life?!:pinkiegasp:

4426975 probably my favorite line :raritywink:

Well. To be fair, RarityxShining is a better coupling than with either of them with Spike or Cadence.

Cadence and Spike have immense lifespans. Rarity and Shining? They're going to die really soon compared to the other two. It'd be friggin' depressing knowing that your significant other will be strong and vital while you wither away and, in five hundred years, they'll be asking themselves "What was the name of my first spouse again?"

4426980 my favourite line was when Spike was like "oh, there they are! let's go say hi, Cadence!" or something :rainbowkiss:

I'm kind of unsure about that Dark tag, but for now I'm following.

4426986 lol... Oh spike... So oblivious :rainbowlaugh:

Can't wait for the next chapter

4426983 your reasoning gave a whole new dimension to work with in this story :rainbowderp: I'm surprised I didn't put that together! :raritystarry: thank you!

4426993 lol yeah... It's interesting...

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