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Spike had watched his friends grow and developed into awesome protectors, defenders, and achieving the impossible through the Magic of Friendship. Spike hears, reads, and watches Twilight's progression of being Celestia's pupil to Princess of Friendship. He's watching her friend accomplishing many goals while he remains a servant with no purpose in life.

Spike has no goals, no motivation, nothing worth fighting for. Just wake up, work, eat, sleep, repeat. He has his moments with Twilight and the gang, however, he wasn't going anywhere. Just remaining in a shadow, pondering the days of his existence until he read a comic book that changes his whole dynamic of thinking. After being a die-hard fan of a character he relates too, he decides to strive for the new purpose he wants to achieve; become someone he can be proud of.

So, this is the tales of Spike's ascension to become something greater that he would have ever imagine.

This story got featured: 1/18/24 - 1/19/24 - 1/20/24, 1/22/24, 2/11/24, 5/1/24 - 5/2/24, - 5/3/24, 5/13/24 - 5/14/24, 6/5/24, 6/7/24 - 6/8/24 - 6/9/24, 6/11/24

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An interesting start to this tale, can't wait to see the Mane 6/ Celestia reactions to it!:moustache:

Glad we got a timeline of events regarding this story, in which the school hasn't been built yet, though it seems a certain tough unicorn will make an apperance soon (if that tag's any indication) Can't wait for that! :raritywink:

Interesting so far, hopefully this continues to the end.

Spike is gonna kick the Storm King's butt!

So far this has piques my interest :)

Speculate we're about to see FIREWORKS & SPARKS FLYING in the next chapter. Makes me wonder if he should've done this sooner in either O.W.T.E.W. or D.Q..

Until then, I have more surprises.

We'll see what happens next.

Looking forward to what happens next.

Wonder how Luna reacted to the fact the girls left Spike out of her birthday party.
Or how Smolder reacts to the fact her teachers treated Spike like that.
Or how Ember and Thorax react to this

always good to see a great Spike story

Comment posted by Justin Mershimer deleted January 19th

I guess you'll have to wait and see.

I'm glad to be part of that category.

I see things will get harder when it does get built and Smolder hears what the teachers did to a fellow dragon.
Twilight done goofted

Ember, Garble and Ember's dad the Dragon Ruler too because Spike was in the dragon gauntlet and all 3 of them had interactions with him.

Thorax too when he hears about it

Thank you. I had wrote of a different conclusion and was about to post when a thought came to me and told me to change it, thus this came out and I enjoyed this better than the other outcome.

And the hammer has fallen down on bookhorse's head, hard! :moustache:

Quite the wake-up call that Twilight's gonna get back in Ponyville, not to mention both Ember/Thorax reactions toward these events! Not sure if the Friendship school will happen at this point either but I do wonder if Spike/Smolder will meet some other way down the road, especially since she became like a big dragon sister to him in canon.

Looking forward to the next chapter San Dragon, keep up the great work! :yay:

Knowing the R.S's are going to confront the main 6 about this when they get home, I can think of only one word to describe their inevitable outome:

Let's now take it over to THESE guys for the PUNISHMENT FORECAST:

Spike is faring better already.

Looking forward to more of this. Keep it up.

Spike's already feeling better with that warmed welcome at the Crystal Empire, I was surprised Celestia's answer to his letter arrived before him there! Talk about quick! :moustache:

Spike asks Shining Armor to train him diligently with some weapons the crystal guards use at their disposal. Shining Armor sighed deeply and declined Spike's request since he fortifies the crystal guards daily; however, he knows some pony who would coach him privately with more discipline since he's more family to him than the personal trainer and would hold back his remarks. Spike welcomed the challenge of embracing a personal trainer and asked about his training session due date. He'll get his first lesson tomorrow morning.

Think we all know who that is, that should be fun! :ajsmug:

Two things:

1/ maybe its just me (I love Momlestia, especially when Tia is 'mom' to Spike instead of Twilight), but am looking forward to Tia and Lulu addressing the Mane 6 mare to mare. Celestia being disappointed in Twilight--especially after reading Spike's resignation letter--is being kind. I think she is really pissed off at Twilight and the rest of the Six but she's working really hard to stay disappointed and not go full Daybreaker on them. Lulu--not so much. I expect Nightmare Moon at some point. Wouldnt hurt to see a little Nightmare Rarity at Twilight too.(Rarity probably still care a little about Spikey-Wikey, just Spike doesnt care much about Rarity). Starlight Glimmer is guilty too.

2/ I would love for Flurry Heart to actually be talking to Spike. Not baby speak either, actual conversation. Of all her relatives, I think Spike is her favorite relative, even morw than Mommy Cadence and Daddy Shining. And now that, at least until further notice, Spike is a citizen of the Crystal Empire, so there could be plenty of time for the two of them to better each other. She could also be getting Spike a special somecreature (Flurry is the daughter of the Princess of Love after all, I'm sure she got a couple of tricks herself.)

Uh oh... this is not gonna be good...

I don't usually read these types of stories because I don't like how people interpret Twilight and Spike's relationship this way.

Spike's an assistant, not a servant. And the times he's been absent from the Mane 6's activities isn't because he was left behind. He either willingly stayed behind or the writers just chose to not include him.

But more importantly, Twilight has only ever treated Spike as a friend.

Justice for Spike! Spike deserves better!

I wonder what's going to happen to The Main 6 because they don't know they've been banned from the Crystal Empire for 90 days, and they don't know that the princesses are coming to Ponyville.

Oh geez, things are gonna get ugly at the Crystal empire! Hoping some one stops the frantic princess over there!:moustache:

Twilight is gonna be in a rough awakening

(also to people saying Spike willingly stayed behind in-show. Where? Usually its because either Twilight TOLD him or its because of the routine engrained into him that he gotta do stuff. He has shown he wants to be with them. So the moments he DID choose to not go, its more like the writers flipping a switch to make him not go because OOC moment. Like how they usually flip a switch to make a fool out of him at times)

Oh dear....:rainbowderp:

It-shay's gonna it-hay the an-fay (havent used pig Latin for a long minute :eeyup:).

Can't wait for twilight to realize that she been bad friend.

Also can't forget this :

"Spike won't be teaching. Spike will continue his duties as my Number One Assistant at the School of Friendship and will aid our dragon students in interacting with other creatures," Twilight responds since she'll use Spike during her curriculums and other private studies. Also, Spike has his work cut out with cleaning the castle and the school when the day ends.

Yep Spike totally called it! :moustache:

T.W. & friends are in for a LONG AWAITED RUDE AWAKING upon reaching the C.E..

Maybe the R.S'S can can since they're heading over there as well.

Looks like we maybe in for some FAMILY FEUD ACTION.

I only have two words to say about the ending of this chapter: Uh oh.

Or twilight just didn't bother to invite him before taking off.
Though she in for shock when she realizes that spike left because she neglected her friendship with him and turned into a slave. Maybe she never meant to but there were plenty of times when she could have made time and why is chore list a mile long but hers isn't. As the adult she should have the longer list. And since spike is a child why does he even have any sort job considering he shouldn't be old enough for an actual job. A few chores are one thing but he shouldn't be working all the hours just handle the castle and twilight messes.

Wanna bet Smolder is just gonna ditch the school entirely when she finds out what they did to a fellow dragon(Spike)?

Still looking forward to the big clash at the Crystal Empire, hoping that cool purple dragon can come out on top! :moustache:

Welp things sure exploded at the Crystal Empire, thankfully in Spike's favor as Twilight finally got her whole crappy behavior smacking her in the face! :ajsmug:

Flurry Heart arrives in the room, holding onto him to soothe his heart. She doesn't understand the reason for Spike's sadness but wants him to become happy. Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, Sunburst, Discord, and Big Mac enter the room and listen to Spike's cries, understanding differently about the tribulations he bore for years unnoticed. Spike calms down after seeing his friends and family entering; he doesn't notice Flurry Heart hugging and holds her dearly for comfort.

"Are you feeling better, Spike?" Princess Cadance approaches Spike, placing her left hoof under Spike's chin. She wants to gaze into his eyes and read his emotions.

Spike nods. "Yeah.., I think I released years of loneliness into that hug," Spike turns to Princess Celestia and Luna. "Thank you for helping me. I am eternally grateful," Spike bows before the Princesses honorably.

Glad that Spike was able to unload all of that crappy baggage away from Twilight, he really needed that! :moustache:

Looking forward to see how things develop from here on out, especially seeing Spike grow into his own role far away from Bookhorse's whims & if said Bookhorse will change for the better! (maybe her trying to clean out that huge fricking castle by herself, see how that's like! :ajbemused:)

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