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I'm one who like to express his thoughts and opinions on certain episodes that many didn't approve of and like to create controversy to both stir up certain topics and keep things interesting good/bad


Question · 12:50am Oct 29th, 2017

If anyone could come up with a real ending to these episodes, how would you do it since these to me could've alternate the fate of the mane six and others:

Owl's Well That Ends Well

Dragon Quest

Ponyville Confidential

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So, how you feel about having the ponified shadowbolts in the story this far

Wouldn't be their first & won't be the last.

One of Hasbro's flaws.

Thanks for the update. What I'm liking so far about the story is that SPIKE finally realizes what BIG JACK-WAGONS his friends & family really is & decides enough is enough for him to finally leave them for a better life. IN addition, Twilight & Co. are finally realizing the error's of their vain ways towards him & have finally witness the pain & suffering they've endured on him. Too bad this never happened in the show itself otherwise my opinions on them would've changed.

Should be out either Wednesday or Thursday. What parts of the story you're enjoying?

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