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Unpopular opinions are still opinions. Treat them with the same respect as popular opinions. They do not make a person bad nor do they define a person. Talk about them and find out about each other. There is no shame for having opinions. There is no shame for being us.

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Fine. Just don't go causing trouble again. I only spared you your ban because SilverStarApple disrespected me both as a user and as a person. Hate group, indeed.

My apologies, I was writing this comment and ended up posting it before I got the alert that you had replied.

That's the thing, I never once said hating Starlight was objectively wrong, however ignoring all of her good qualities in favor of that or simply losing your shit just because she appears in an episode or has one surrounding her is nothing short of childish.

I don't need to "insult and lie and reframe events", why do that when I can casually link to them instead? Such as that incident where you basically said that only people who hate MLP after season 5 are true Bronies. Or when you went on a Mindless rant about how Starlight fans don't like her but just the image of her, as if we're not capable of thinking for ourselves and liking her for legitimate reasons.

Also, please don't compare my actions and opinions to that of a Nazis. I'm not the one who capitalized on the (false) info that Brony-Wan-Kenobi may have attempted suicide just to carpet bomb and section of the fandom. Something that even the admins called you out on.

Alright, both of you:
Normally, I would ban both of you because...
@Alphamon_Ouryuken: You started this argument and egged on SilverStarApple, so you should have left him alone.
@SilverStarApple: You proved yourself to be a Trump supporter, which at this point in time makes for a legitimately twisted and insane person.
But, I'm only going to ban you, SilverStarApple, because you totally got the wrong idea about me. This is not a hate group. This is a group where people can freely express their personal opinions because I wanted to create a safe haven. And I know nothing of your history and apparent feuds with Alphamon_Ouryuken. Therefore, you have disrespected me as an admin and as a person. Since I banned you from what you would call another of my "hate groups", I thought you would have learned your lesson and not cause any more trouble on any of my groups. But no, you really can't stay in any of my groups. I'm aware that Alphamon_Ouryuken "started it", but you've been no better.

Now, both of you, if you don't want to suffer the same fate as user Humanity, you'll both get over your personal feuds, petty differences, personalities, and disagreements.

I witnessed an interesting phenomenon recently. I saw a scan of a recent-ish Captain America comic in which the villain, Red Skull, gave a speech to Captain America about the degenerate consumerist hellhole America has become, and how what Cap really wants isn't to protect the America of now, but to bring America back to its traditional values and roots. The idyllic american dream of 1945ish, when things seemed bad, and were, but people had hope. In another scan, the villain, Red Skull, gave a speech about the complex geopolitical situation behind the Migrant Crisis, its true colors, and the politicians that allowed this disaster to happen because they're trying to use its populacement displacement potential to their advantage, and... Interestingly...

The "Villain" was right. More right than the leftist writers clearly intended. To the writers, the values of traditionalism and the idea of conservatism and the act of criticizing immigrants, they were all Inherently Wrong. The validity of these ideas isn't the issue here(I'm no fan of traditionalism), the main issue is the writers inserting politics they loathe but don't understand into the story, but let's get back on track, so nobody claims I'm going off on a tangent.

The writers think Traditionalism is Inherently Wrong. So the writers didn't "Need" to make the villain act extra-evil or kick a puppy. Because by being "Literally Hitler" in their eyes, he was already as evil as a villain could be. The writer assumes the values the villain calls good will be so detested by the general reader base, the villain will think "This Red Skull guy is a real asshole! How dare he like Traditionalism and have political views the writer hates!". The writers can't argue against these ideas, only write their comic so the ideas come from the mouth of a man with a red skull for a head.

To you, the act of disliking Glimmer is Inherently Wrong. You don't understand why I don't like her, and after the conversations we've had, I'm not sure if you'd understand. You'd need a different mindset. The mindset of someone willing to listen and debate and question all that's known, not the mindset of someone willing to insult and lie and reframe events and do whatever it takes to "Win".

Simply saying she's objectively bad doesn't automatically make it true, if that were the case then the Star-hate group would have a lot more members than the pro-star group, as several other users and fans of the show can easily attest to. And considering that you basically just compared me to a group of people thinking of car is a spacecraft, once again you're trying to call me retarded without actually saying the word. Once again, you're not as subtle as you think you are.

I can easily point out several good Episodes with Starlight in them, A Heather's Warming Tale, To Where and Back Again, Celestial Advice, Fame and Misfortune, just to name a few.

Also, stop assuming she's my waifu, I just like her as a character. The fact that you believe that she has to be my waifu just for me to defend her is just strawmanning on your end.

And I really don't have to strawman you when you do a perfectly good job of doing that to yourself. I can't recall one review that had Starlight in the word you didn't immediately devolve into just mindless ranting about what a horrible character she is. Once again, that little temper tantrum you threw when news of Brony-Wan-Kenobi's incedent came up.... for someone who claims to have been "brought back from the brink" by MLP you sure didn't act like it.

Hell, even when you do try to say you don't hate her it comes off as a false compliment hiding an insult, you basically become that jerk from Teen Titans who kept calling Starfire troq, and then at the end when she proved her worth he's still insult her by just calling her "one of the good ones", as if to say the rest of her race is still trash.

The same way you basically avoid calling everyone who still likes MLP Starlight Glimmer Nu-bronies that like nu-MLP just to avoid being called out for calling people retarded. Once again, you're not as subtle as you like to think you are.

You're strawmanning me, and you should stop that.

Tell me, if one hundred people look at a car, eighty percent think it's a car, and twenty percent think it's an alien spacecraft, then the eighty percent get insulted for thinking it's a car until they give up and walk away, what does that say about the twenty percent?

And the "Incident" is what, me blaming Glimbots for harassing some guy for not liking Glimmer, something you've shown me they do? There's nothing manipulative about having strong beliefs like "Harassing people for their cartoon opinions is wrong". Negative Descriptors like Toxic and Harmful and Manipulative and Problematic can't just be used interchangably, you know. Your intent to use them in that way speaks volumes about your character (Pun intended), but let's not discuss you.

Subjectively, nothing matters because nothing has objective meaning if you don't want it to.

Objectively, according to all known rules of writing and all known standards of judging it, Starlight Glimmer is a bad character.

You think I hate her, but I don't. She's objectively bad, hating her for that would be pointless because she isn't real. She isn't real and she will never love you the way you love her. Whiteknighting for her to try and defend honor like this on the internet is pointless. But back on topic...

If you aren't just "Baiting and trolling", you'll listen to this next part: I don't think Glimmer episodes are bad just because Glimmer is in them. I think they're bad because they contain the same writing flaws. The same big, glaring, unbearable writing flaws that could easily be fixed. These writing flaws are always there, and some Glimmer episodes are worse than others because in some, the flaws are more noticeable. Likely because they're directed by the same people and penned by the same team.

If I go in-depth here on Glimmer and her worth as a character, objectively, will you listen? I feel like you should calm down and listen, you could learn a lot here. It would be far more productive than calling me a toxic bigot here out to beshitsch your waifu's name and hurt your feelings.

Tell me, what does that say about your logic that everyone who likes her and the current season of MLP is too retarded to know better? hmm?

I can at the very least admit Starlight has flaws, you on the other hand lose your temper and go into rant mode the moment she's visible. And let's not forget that insensitive and manipulative stunt you pulled with Brony-Wan-Kenobi's.... incident.

Seriously, even if the info turned out to be fake, what you did was downright low, have you no shame?

In your head, not liking Glimmer and admitting it is rabid fanboy behavior.

In my book, stalking and harassing a man for not liking your precious pony waifu goes beyond rabid fanboy behavior. This is genuinely getting into stalker behavior territory, and the rationalization just screams "I need help before I get worse". Stop posting here, stop trying to "Win", and get some help. Life's too short for shit like filtering everything about a man through your "He doesn't like my waifu so he's oppressing me and all waifu fans" lens.

That's the thing, I'm not. I simply joined this group and saw your little quip and replied accordingly.

As for beating me, tell me, how does this count is beating me?

Answer, it doesn't.

You never beat me, you gave up and devolved into your standard rant about everyone who disagrees with you being retarded, and you got banned for it.

Calling me Glimbot only further proves just how immature you really are. Even when the admin came down on you for calling everybody retarded, you just deviated into insulting them another way by calling them nu-MLP fans or nu-bronies, which is just your way of calling fans of the series and character retarded under your breath. You're not as subtle or clever as you think you are.

Not to mention the fact that you basically lose your temper the split-second anything pertaining to Starlight glimmer comes up, you openly promote the alienation of people who like Starlight glimmer and the current status quo of MLP just because you don't like it, claiming that they're not "true Bronies", as if you're one to judge about what makes a true brony.

Also, rabid Fanboy Behavior? Tell me what do you call this then?


Not to mention do that stunt you pulled with Brony-Wan-Kenobi.

The only rabid Fanboy here is you.

Thanks for the anonymous downwards thumb, mate. Really showing off those leddit skills.

Are you satisfied? Do you feel emotionally fulfilled? Good.

Don't contact me again.


Stop stalking me.

I've already beaten you. Several times this year. Get over it.

I've already debunked your arguments. I've already debunked your beliefs. You're whinging about my tone and calling me ad hominems like "Toxic", and this childish behavior of yours needs to stop. You are harassing me, and you need to stop.

Black Kyurem invited me to hate groups he and you are in, because he wants a fight between us. Unfortunately, I've given up on both of you.

I'm not going to call you pathetic. I'm not going to threaten to report you, since the Admins have been unusually lenient with you, for reasons I cannot discern. You've already shown everyone with eyes you're a Glimbot. If I explained what's wrong with you and your worldview, you wouldn't listen. You'd cry and ask an Admin to delete it. If I explained why I dislike Glimmer, you wouldn't listen. And if I noted your refusal to make a rational argument, it would have no effect on you. In your head, you're right and everyone who disagrees with you is an angry toxic asshole. You can't understand beliefs different from your own, or tolerate them, even for the brief moment it would take for you to understand them, and I just don't have the cure for that.

This site doesn't provide me with the tools to deal with you, either. I've already blocked you, but that only stops you from talking to me directly. But as you've shown me, you can still comment on fics after I comment on them to insult me, and you can still talk about me behind my back and talk to me in groups like this. I guess I'll report you again, and we'll see what's done about you and your refusal to grow up and change your toxic rabid fanboy behavior.

Says the guy who pops a blood vessel every time she's in the same scene as everyone else.

Unpopular opinion:
Fans like you are part of a more toxic aspect of the fandom that need to stop pretending the entire series is ruined just because of one character. It's childish and pathetic.

Unpopular opinion: Starlight Glimmer is a bad character, her episodes are bad, and her fans need to take a chill pill instead of projecting onto her detractors.

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