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These ****ing writers are making YET ANOTHER episode that directly insults critics and real bronies for "arguing over" (Discussing) which seasons are better and which episodes are better and, scariest of all to the Miller/Haber alliance and Glimfans, arguing over which writers are better! You know you're pathetic when you have to try and discourage people from arguing with you on points you already know you're wrong on.

If Miller keeps this pathetic behaviour up, we're going to end up with more manipulative insulting stupid mean-spirited "Fuck you, critics!" episodes than Teen Titans Go. I mean, the writing quality is already at that level. "Pinkie bakes food for yaks: The episode", anyone? Fricking "Waffles: The Episode" was better than that.

Gee golly ****ing gosh, I can't ****ing WAIT to hear ledditor hasdrone Glimfans point to this episode and loudly call it something I "Need to see" because it'll make their non-argument for them better than they can! I just can't ****ing wait until those waifuf*gs get ANOTHER non-argument to throw at me for "Making them" get butthurt at me for not liking Glimmyglam and the new writers and what Haber and Miller and all the other fuckers are doing to the show that used to win awards and used to be good and used to inspire music and art and things other than readerxmaud, readerxglimmer, and readerxweeklywaifubait fics.

And of course, OF COURSE, Glimmer's in this episode, everyone's FAVORITE writer's pet. I can't ****ing WAIT for everyone to lose 100 IQ points so she can be the mouthpiece to tell fans to stop arguing over which episodes and seasons are better.

Here I was, thinking of going back to the show after season 6 made me want to quit and season 7 convinced me to quit. But no, it looks like the show's just as ****ing bad if not worse, and the writers are throwing out more non-argument "Omg guys plz no fighting, stop attacking me for my pro-glimmer views and stop oppressing me by disliking Glimmer!" episodes. BECAUSE NOTHING makes your point for you like an episode of what used to be a good show ham-fistedly shoving an incorrect moral message down your throat, right, Glimfans? Gee, I can't wait for a bunch of nihilistic cultural-marxists wholeheartedly in love with their Chloe-tier Mary Sue to yell at me for not liking Starlight Glimmer and then claim I'm "Watching MLP Wrong". Then again, it'd be nice to hear them yell something other than "BAWWWWW STOP HAVING OPINIONS AND THOUGHTS THAT DIFFER FROM MINE THAT'S OPPRESSION YOU'RE VIOLATING RULES AND ABUSING ME AND MAKING ME UNCOMFY I'M REPORTING YOU BAWWWWWW" and "We've been talking for fifty posts but I still refuse to see or understand your point of view and I'm still tilting my head back so I can smirk down on you for arguing with me, so there!".

Come to think of it…

The Quibble Pants that said your waifu Rainbow Dash will never love you unless you stop hating things other people like because that's mean and for losers, the Zephyr Breeze episode that directly insulted artists and millennials everywhere, the Applejack episode that seemed like it was going to do "Tact, mare, learn what it is" and instead did "Lmao fuk le haters haha", the Pinkie episode that said "Let people like Glimmer on their own because some people have different tastes", the Rarity advert where she tells kids you should cry about what critics say and then disregard it completely because lmao fuk le haters, the Yaks who exist to mock the idea that imperfect things(Like Miller and Haber's run) should stop(If that seems like a stretch, it's because that strawman is so far divorced from any semblance of reality)... I'm probably forgetting some, but let's focus on some for now.

Somebody write down every "Fuck the critics" plot the show has done and compare that to the number of "Fuck the critics" episodes Teen Titans Go had.

It's pretty sad that the show that saved me from suicide can now be negatively compared to Teen Titans Go. Then again, these aren't really the same shows. The old episodes I liked were written by a team of writers that tried their best, and the new episodes I hate are written by a team of freelancers that don't bother reading up on the characters they're supposed to write for. Hell, from this point of view, the Naruto filler arcs are closer to canon than these new episodes, because at least they're written by people that have some kind of connection to the show and some kind of emotional or financial investment in making their show good.

Funny how despite all the memes about anime companies outsourcing their animation work to foreign studios, you rarely see a brony talk about how Hasbro outsourced its writing work to freelancers with less respect for the show than I have for Fanfiction.net's administration. Maybe it's because bronies know discussing MLP on MLP sites risks the chance that a Glimfan might overhear you and get triggered.

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