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didn't like ponyville confidential well your not alone there are Few Fics that explore the issues so I made a group that accepts stories about the issues Fix Fics to Dark fics are welcome.

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You should see the various ideas for alternate endings I came up with over the years as a result.

This episode still has me thinking, If any of these stories were to happen in the show:
By which do you think the MANE SIX will finally go INSANE?

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368038 that's why I made this group for a reason.

I hated this episode for one reason.
Everypony bashing, yelling, and making pariahs out of the CMC instead of just telling them to stop, all of that could've driven them to committing suicide. I know gossip is wrong, it's an easy trap to fall into, but that doesn't give you the right to bully the person responsible, it only makes it worse, and those ponies should've known better.

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