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Hello or aloha! I’m Splash Surfer 216, I’m born with Asperger’s syndrome, and am just a guy with big ambitions and writing happens to be one of them!


Ponyville Confidential, you know the story and how the CMC were shunned by their friends and family until they apologized for their "misdeed" and were eventually forgiven. But what if the Crusaders didn't apologize? Instead, The crusaders decide that if everypony didn't want to talk to them or let them explain, then maybe they should just go away. When their siblings then do decide to talk to them reasonably, they find the crusaders have left Ponyville to Celestia knows where. Will everypony finally see the error of their ways? Will the three little fillies ever come home? And most important of all, will Diamond Tiara get her just deserts for her involvement in the whole Gabby Gums nightmare?

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 469 )

"The hypocrite who practically asked for a story about herself in the first place..."

You what they say: "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it."
Nice story by the way. Can't wait to see what happens next

Hmmmm. Interesting concept. Let's see where you take it.

You ain’t seen nothing yet, my friend...

And it just might end up biting you in the flank. How true... Yes how true..

Congratulations Big Mac. You provoked your sister and her friends to run away.

Shame on you

Hell I'd bet Granny would paddle the Mane Six as well if she had authority

Well, I wouldn’t let her go that far, being that Big Mac and the others are practically teens or young adults and I don’t believe in that kind of punishment, but I can guarantee that she’s gonna be “peeved”. *Cue Aunt Millie covering her niece’s ears in shock and disgust* :raritywink: :ajsmug:

I'm liking where this is going.

I always wanted to see a story of the CMC running away for the Gabby Gums escapade. And now it's happening. :coolphoto:

I see.
I guess he must've read your blog, and thought to give it a try.

Yes, I read his blog once, but I mostly got the idea from a comment of a Deviantart page that had a review of the episode.

I see.
Oh, well. Still keep up the good work.

I really want to see Scoota's mother and Aunts tear intoe Dash so hard she elft sobbing, and even warn them, if anything anything happens to Scoota, then by Celestia's might and Luna's nightmares they make Rainbow pay so hard she never recover!

Can't help it, Rainbow was bing a hypcrite, and drowning them in rain water like that was plain awful.
add it broke Scoota's heart and with everypony treating them so badly.

i get they were mad, i know, and they should talk to thier siblings when things got bad.
But everything became over kill, and Dash was another example.

Looking good so far.

Ponyville Confidential is my second least favourite episode of the series (was #1 until Newbie Dash came along), and I'm always on the lookout for alternate endings like this.

Hmmmm.... You have my attention, let's see if you can keep it...

A what if story in Ponyville Confidential when the Crusaders weren't forgiven and they decided to run away from home?

Every pony loved Gabby Gums...until it was their turn to be the subject of the gossip

Bro you've sucked me in like a vacuum cleaner. Can't wait for the next chapter

Unfortunately that’s how every joke works, it’s only funny if the jokes on someone else instead of yourself. They said that it was the girls fault, yet if they knew it was wrong, why did they do it anyway? That’s going to be a recurring theme throughout most of the story...

on that page you mentioned?

Is it this one?

If anyone is willing to make a fanfic out of what I suggested then feel free (I can't write stories well).

Despite my hatred for this episode, there is ONE good thing it did for me: It got me to love the CMC more, because... well... everyone else is a total plot-hole.

No. It’s more of when he mentioned how too quick the episode was wrapped up.

So heathbreaking. I love it. Also, great catchphrase, I wish I came up with it. Hope to see more chapters.

Okay. I don't agree with Scootaloo's POV. Rainbow Dash didn't pour the rain on them until after they asked her for another story. If they had told her that they wanted to quit but are being forced to continue and why, I'm sure Rainbow wouldn't have given them a shower.

You have a good point, I’ll have to make note about that...


OK, seems interesting thus far, will track that for now. Do you have some schedule for next chapters?

I don’t believe in schedules. I basically write whenever I get the time and new ideas pop into my head. I plan to alternate between chapters on both this and ROTSE.



Fair enough, I'm just asking because I hope it won't be one of those 'one chapter per year' stories :trollestia:

Oh trust me, I’m a little bit more organized. In fact, I plan to hopefully finish work on chapter 2 of ROTSE (check it out) and then move on to the first chapter of this one, about sometime this month or March.



OK then - will be waiting :twilightsmile:

So, when will the next chapter come? Should the CMC's go to Canterlot & tell the Princesess, WHO do you guys think is going to get SLAMMED the most?

I’m already making plans for chapter 2, my plan is to focus of the crusaders family and friends finding out theyre gone and the events from there on before I go back to the perspective of the CMC.

Making their way towards the train station, they paid their bits to the ticket master, and headed aboard the train, having finally left the family and friends they ever knew, and on their way to where?

Who lets three minors board a train without any adult supervision?

I don't think that the Crusaders are that young (6 to 10) I think they are more closer to 12 or 13 because their appearances in Equestria girls shows that they are already developing curves and breasts indicating that they were going through puberty at the time. Hasbro also confirmed that the ages of the Equestria Girls Mane Six (17 to 18) are around the ages of the pony Mane Six. The same could be for the Crusaders. And seeing as 13 is a reasonable age for a child to travel alone without adult supervision (depends on the type of parent) that might explain why the conductor let them on without asking any questions.

That makes sense but then again this all took place during season 2 before Equestria Girls was conceived and I read that in an old audition script that Apple Bloom was supposed to be 7. In “Just For Sidekicks” however, both Spike and the CMC were let on the train so they could watch the Mane 6’s animals.

Slightly egotistical:ajbemused:? Scoots, Rainbkw Dash has an ego the size of a WHALE:facehoof:!

Great start so far! I've wanted to see a story where the CMC run away after being shunned by all of Ponyville! Seeing how it's my least favorite episode, aside from Mare Do Well:twilightangry2:! I can't wait to see how the Mane Six reacts to this and realize what they did, along with Diamond Tiara getting her just deserts! Keep up the good work:twilightsmile:!

Thank you so much! I’m already planning more coming soon!:pinkiehappy:

Glad I could provide a source of inspiration.

Patience my friend, I still have other things to take care of, but I will give you a small spoiler free clue about what’s to come in the next chapter. The clue is: “We done goofed...”

All right:pinkiehappy: take your time and keep up the good work:trollestia:

I got to know is the hypocrisy going to be directly addressed to any of the Mane 6, because Rarity being a shameless gossip who didn't care until it was about her and Rainbow Dash getting mad for getting exactly what she asked for is something I want see get put into light the most out of any other?

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