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Rainbow Dash takes in a baby Pegasus that was left on her doorstep and affectionately names her Cumulus, she finds motherhood to be harder than it looks but loves the young Pegasus to death. But when it's revealed that Cumulus was born blind, Rainbow finds it harder to raise her with the pain of knowing that Cumulus will never see her mother's face. And as Cumulus grows, she has to fight to find her true self with her disability, and to see the brighter side of life...even if she can't literally see it.

This is a personal story for me, because I am adopted and I do have ADHD, Organic Brain Syndrome and I'm Emotionally Impaired...and trying to get through life with a disability is not an easy ride.

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Nice story, looking forward to another chapter.

Awww, Rainbow Dash feeling affection! Cute chapter you have here, even if things seem rushed. :rainbowkiss::applejackunsure:

I'll check and see if the next chapters aren't rushed, though, but I won't take it hard if they are. I'm a very forgiving person. Don't worry. :twilightsmile::raritywink:

I'll add this to my watch later list, because this looks like it will get better. :raritystarry:

This is a fantastic and touching story. You have earned a like and a fave, and I look forward to reading more of it in the future :eeyup:

All right. Not bad. Couple of basic things here:
1) Ellipses are not your friend.
2) Ellipses are generally not used in narration.
3) Generally, you should keep chapter lengths above one thousand words.

My feels love this story.

This is an interesting story. the only problem I really have with it so far is the short chapters. Improved going to chapter 4, but I didn't like the fact the first 3 were so short.

I think one of my eyes has sprung a bit of a leak.

I liked this chapter but i saw i think a mistake :twilightblush:

"she'd never heard her Mom yeel at others like she did when Cumulus was in trouble."

Im guessing Yell is what you meant. Im not a crazy person :pinkiecrazy: But just thought i should point it out. Also love this soft side of Rainbow its nice to see her wanting to protect Cue. keep up the brilliant work :raritywink:

Well a bit short but good

Well not bad but it feels still like the first chapter and as a prolog

I think to be blind in that age is not really bad, because they get used to it, but i don´t know if they are ready for blind "ponys" .
I like it.

Now you got me finally on your side:rainbowkiss::heart:

And the chapter length get better

I hope this story got an happy end and maybe a sequel after this one. I love this kind of storys, but don´t like it if it had a bad end.:fluttercry:

Well with this chapter you make a very good one.

hmmm i guessing by the end, she'll have her sight.
but one can dream, can they?
and has she met tia and luna yet?

4319038 not yet, but she will meet them...I wont tell you what happens because...I don't want to spoil things!:scootangel:

4317606 I am planning a sequel, it's on one of my blog posts and don't worry this story will have a happy ending!:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

I still haven't read it, but from the description, this story sounds amazing.

So wait Shiny Bit was hanging out with Cumulus like they're friends, but then Gem shows up and he turns to Diamond Jr. THATS SHALLOW

I am happy abot another chapter but i wonder why Cuemulus suddenly should like shiny Bits. I was or i hope for one of the both colts? she meet befor the school to get friends with her or in a romance.
Wow i don´t know why but i want Autum Leave to be her special ehm...playfriend, because they are not that old i assume:pinkiehappy:
I can´t decide what make this story much better to read or what keep me so happy when i read it but i like it very much. I have to say i am very interessted in this blind thing somehow.

Ok i should wait because know i see the thing with Shiny Bits
I know it is maybe not that bad if you born with blindness, but i think i would be affraid if i always trip over a bullies leg and would be affraid because i don´t know when i have to fall the next time. (I hope there is not to much false grammar)

I think this would be worse for a blind pony than anyone else.

4333043 Trust me, this is gonna be crucial to the rest of the story, because I know I was tricked and picked on a LOT, guys toyed with my emotions in middle school. :applecry:

Plus, Shiny Bit is also going to be crucial to the narrative of the sequel.

4333082 Oh yeah i forgot about the sequel, alright i trust you with this story, so i just wait and see till i get another nice chapter.:twilightsmile:

hmmm i honestly think that twi could teach cue.
she did teach spike.... i think?


4339695 lol kind of bias dont you think :derpytongue2:

Love this chapter Rainbowdashisbestpony100 called that this was a great fim fic. Again love ya girl keep the chapters and videos coming :rainbowkiss:

I like this chapter, but feel awful sorry for Cumulus.:fluttercry:
DIamond wing, take a rest after that, i go for their parrents

Thx for another Chapter:raritystarry:

if this keeps up your going to have me bawling by the end of this story.

keep up the good work.

Ohh god the raggeee somone hold me back befor I get arrested for killing 2 children

This........ I shall give it a read. :trixieshiftright:

I hope her crush turned to another colt later.
Nice Chapter.:heart:

Stay calm, they can smell fear, is now one of my favorite lines in mlp fan fic

Another new set of great chapters! You've just earned yourself a like! :pinkiehappy:

I am Grahf Seeker of Power and Enjoyer of Family Stories look forward to future chapters

she was also trying to piece together what just happened while Cumulus looked completely contempt now. So contempt, that she yawned and fell asleep.

the word you want is content. comtempt means hatred.

Just gotta say... Love the Nemo reference.... However, i thought that Pinkie's "Nervouscited" thing word-for-word from Equestria Girls was a little much... Still loving the story though, and I can't wait to read more, so I won't... ONWARDS TO THE NEXT CHAPTER! :pinkiehappy:

And I am now regrettably at the end of what has been uploaded of the story thus far, which makes me sad :fluttercry: However, I am still loving this story, and I am giddy with anticipation of what's to come :pinkiehappy:

4386703 I'm trying figure out a way to build up to the next part I've got planned...which is really hard, just b patient.:raritywink:

On one hand (hoof) there are some pacing phrasing and some grammar issues (particularly in the first few chapters) that irk me, but on the other hoof I can't deny that this story is just....sweet. Good work, have a :pinkiehappy:

It is a good chapter and i am glad you write that she like her talent. I think it should be normal but i would feel like she did this because her was boring and not because she like it. Only one thing i don´t like was, that Rainbow could guess what her Cutie mark was, i mean it could be just another semi talent like Fluttershy which coul sing very good.

Well i have nothing seriously to complain about this, i like the story very much.:heart:

Another nice chapter. Also I can relate to the cough syrup

Okay before I read this, I read your summary and I couldn't help put point out that this sounds so familiar.
But from where have I heard of something even remotely like this.....
Oh ya that's right from here

AM I the only one who gets the same idea?

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