• Published 25th Apr 2014
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Instant Mom - SeasonTheWiccan

When Rainbow Dash takes in a baby Pegasus left on her doorstep, she learns what it means to be a mother to a child with special needs when it's revealed that she is completely blind.

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A Mother and Daughter's First Fight

Within the first few months, they tried everything they tried dancing, track, baseball, basketball, as well as crafts like painting, ripped paper art, crocheting, knitting and drawing...resulting in them still being blank flanks.

It was when the school's yearly talent show came up that Dandelion spawned an idea, maybe they could perform as an attempt for their cutie marks. Cue wasn't too keen on this idea, she honestly had no interest in performing. But Dandelion insisted, "Come on, we've heard you sing before...we could write a totally awesome song and you could perform it."

"I don't know..."

"Come on! And it'll be great for your mom to see it!"


Rainbow had honestly never heard her sing professionally for her but this could in fact be the opportunity. The CMC signed up for the talent show, and Gem and Bit had obviously seen the sign up sheet and began taunting them when school was out, Rainbow was later than usual because of her weather patrolling but was on her way.

"There's no way you can be talented at anything!" said Shiny Bit, who's flank had the mark of three shiny gold coins and whom to this day - Cue still had a crush on for some bizarre reason and she didn't know why.

"When the three of you are blank flanks!" Sparkling Gem taunted, whose flank now donned a diamond ring cutie mark.

"That doesn't even have anything to do with it!" Autumn defended.

"Oh and that's not the only thing..." Sparkling Gem continued, ready to pull out the big guns.

"What?" asked Dandelion.

"You not only have a blind pegasus on your team, but it's a pegasus that can't even fly!" said Shiny Bit harshly.

"I can too fly! My Mom's been giving me lessons!"

"Really? Then show us!" said Gem.

Cumulus was taken aback, she would never disobey her mother's orders! "My Mom has rules, I can't fly unless she's here."

"What Mommy doesn't know wont kill her...now if you're so good...prove it!"

Cumulus bit her lip, and folded her wings - what mattered more? Showing these jerks what for? Or obeying her mother's rules?

She felt a hoof on her shoulder and heard Dandelion's voice, "You know your Mom's rules, she'd blow her top if she found out! You don't have to prove anything to these jerks!"

On one hoof Cue wanted to prove herself, but on the other hoof, she wanted to obey her mother's orders.

"Aww, look we've got a Mommy's filly!" said Shiny Bit.

For some reason, that set her off, she nudged Dandelion aside, stepped forward and began flapping her wings. She was only straining a little and she was 5 inches off the ground when she heard, "CUMULUS!!"

"Mom?!" Cumulus, in her shock felt her wings automatically fold and she fell to the ground as she felt her mother nudge her to stand up and walk to the side, "You just flew without my supervision!"

"No Mom, you don't understand...."

"No, I don't want to hear it and it's a good thing I was here! You could've crashed into something and..."

"How long were you watching?"

"Oh, trust me...long enough, I was testing you from the moment I heard Shiny Bit call you 'Mommy's filly.'"

"But Mom!"

"No 'buts!' And you're lucky I'm not sacking this whole 'Crusaders' thing for good! You know you're not a good flyer yet!"

"I can fly JUST FINE Mom okay?!"

"Is that a tone? Are you using a TONE with me?!"

"Is this all because of my sight?"

"Yes, that's EXACTLY it! Cumulus there are limits to what you can do!"

"Mom! Just back off, I can take care of myself!"

"No you can't and I'm taking care of you until you can! And you're grounded for a week young mare!"


"No friends, no Crusading, I'm picking you up from school and we go straight home and you stay there!"

There was a long pause, then out from Cue's mouth came the words that no parent wants to hear, "I hate you."

Pain was an understatement of the look on Rainbow Dash's face, all that they'd been through? Now she hated her? This tore a hole open in her chest.

She finally found her voice, "Your grounding begins now! Walk!"

Cue began walking, not even bearing to think about the looks on Gem and Bit's faces.

Once home, their argument continued, "Why do you always have to be breathing down my neck? It's so annoying!"

"Excuse me? But I am your mother! My job is to keep you safe and that is exactly what I'm going to do!"

"Well you don't have to baby proof everything I do! It's embarrassing! I hate that I can't do what other foals do because of your stupid rules!!"

"My stupid....? If it weren't for my stupid rules, you woudln't even be here! You would be in a hospital room by now!"

"Well at least I would be TRYING to fly, but no, I've gotta wait until YOU have the time to actually TEACH me!!!"

"I've been doing the best I can with work and everything else!"

"Well guess what? There is a LOT on me! Everypony expects me to be like you!"

"Didn't I tell you not to let others compare us?"

"Well, it's kinda hard when they keep doing it and you know their right!"

"Well, I..."

"Exactly! You agree don't you?!"


"You know what? Forget it! I'm gonna take care of myself from now on!" Cumulus began walking to her bedroom.

"Oh, you wanna test your wings? You think you're ready? Fine, go ahead!"

Cue stopped where she was, for a moment she was scared but she wouldn't let her Mom see that, "Fine, I will!"



Cumulus then walked to and out the door with a slam. It wasn't until she was gone when Rainbow realized what she had just done, she just cast out her own daughter. She calmed herself by telling herself that she'd probably come back when she saw how hard it was out there.

Once Cue was on the ground below her house, it began to rain. The rain told her that she was now on her own Cumulus began to cry out of fear, she didn't have a mother anymore and that scared her. She decided to go into town to get some shelter. She navigated herself into Ponyville with ease, but was still scared because she knew she probably wouldn't be welcome back home again. She decided to go to Auntie Twilight's, she mapped out her course and headed there.

Twilight was getting ready for bed when she heard three tiny knocks at the door, "Who could that be at this time of night?" she asked herself. She walked over to the door and three more knocks came, "I'm coming, just a moment."

She opened the door to see Cumulus and just as shock hit her, she let out a sneeze.

"Hi Auntie Twilight."

"Cumulus! What are you doing here? HOW did you get here?

"I have a map of Ponyville in my head."

She let out another sneeze.

"Quick, come inside, you must be freezing!"

Once she was inside and dripping onto the floor, Twilight could see that she was crying, it was hard to tell which drops were her tears and which ones were the raindrops. Twilight got the softest blanket she could find and wrapped her in it.

"What happened?"

Cumulus told her about their argument, Twilight just shook her head and said, "She probably didn't mean it, I mean, when me and my Mom used to get in fights...we'd always say things to each other that we'd apologize later for."

"This is NORMAL?"

"Yes, it doesn't mean you and your Mom aren't close as you used to be, it means that you're growing up. Your mind feels grown up, but the rest of you isn't."

"Do you mind if I stay here? I don't think I'll be let back into my house again."

"I'm sure you will, you can stay here until your Mother comes to her senses."

Cumulus smiled as Twilight took her over to her room and summoned a tiny bed for her and laid her in it.

Back at home, Rainbow fell asleep on the couch waiting for her, the next morning. She went up to Cue's room to see if she came back home overnight, when she opened the door and saw her empty bed, she panicked and darted out of Cue's window.

"Cumulus?!" she called.


She then flew to Ponyville, praying that she was safe there. Her first stop was Twilight's, she knocked frantically on the door until Twilight opened it and saw Rainbow in a frantic state.

"Twilight, it's Cumulus is she..."

"She's here."

"She's run away and I'm really worried...wait what?"

"She's here, safe and asleep. Come in and see."

Rainbow calmed down and walked inside and up to Twilight's bedroom to see Cumulus sleeping peacefully, only sneezing occasionally.

"She caught herself a little cold last night," said Twilight. She then walked over to the tiny bed and woke her up gently, "Cue, there's somepony here that wants to talk to you."

"Hrm? Who is it?"

Rainbow gulped and spoke, "Hi honey."


Rainbow looked at Twilight, "Twilight, can you take Spike downstairs? I need to talk to her alone."

"Of course, come on Spike," she said as she crossed over to Spike's basket where he was still asleep.

"Why yes Rarity, it is an ice cream house."

Twilight rolled her eyes and levitated Spike and his basket downstairs.

"Cue, I..." she began as she walked over to Cue, she merely turned away from her voice.

"Cumulus I'm sorry for what I said, I didn't mean any of it. You've gotta know that, with your disability I'm afraid of you getting hurt."

Cumulus let this sink in, then she spoke, "I just wish you could trust me."

"I do! Believe me, you're not a bad kid, you never were. nor do I think you ever will be."

"I-I just wanna be like you!" she sobbed.

"Cumulus...your perfect the way you are!"

Cumulus sniffed, sneezed then asked, "Mom? Do you still love me?"

"What kind of a question is that?" Rainbow walked toward her and took her in her arms, "Of course I do! I still do! And I always will! No small fight like that could ever change it! Ever!"

This gave Cumulus so much comfort as Rainbow released her, "So, can I come home now?"

"Sure, but, let's get you to a doctor about that cold first."

"Am I still grounded?"

"Oh, yeah."

And with that, they left.