• Published 25th Apr 2014
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Instant Mom - SeasonTheWiccan

When Rainbow Dash takes in a baby Pegasus left on her doorstep, she learns what it means to be a mother to a child with special needs when it's revealed that she is completely blind.

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The First Day of School

Rainbow was asleep in dreamland and Celestia hadn't even risen the sun yet when the door burst open and an excited filly ran up to Rainbow's bed.

"Mommy! Mommy! Mommy wake up we've gotta go! Wake up!"

She then climbed up on Rainbow's bed with some strain and continued her hyperactive yelling, "It's the first day of school! First day of school!"

Rainbow groaned, "But I don't wanna got to school!"

Cumulus giggled, "Not you Mommy - me!"

She then got impatient and began jumping up and down on the bed saying excitedly, "Time for school!" over and over as Rainbow groggily got up.

"Okay okay, I'm up, I'm up," Rainbow said tiredly as she sat up.

Cumulus continued and Rainbow had to smile, it wasn't often that she was this excited for anything! Apparently she felt that if she didn't draw attention to her being blind, she would be fine and maybe make some friends. Cumulus continued for 2 more minute before Rainbow caught her in mid jump, "Whoa there Cue, don't waste your energy. Save it for later."

"Sorry Mom, I just can't help it!"

Rainbow set her down on her stomach, "Now if you're not really awake yet, I can jump on your stomach!"

Before she could jump, Rainbow caught her, "Never mind!"

"Now you'd better not go back to sleep again!"

"Alright young filly, breakfast first and then I'll fly with you to school."


Rainbow smiled playfully, "Now get up and go downstairs so I can strech!" she said as she set her on the floor and nudged her playfully out the door with her giggling. After Rainbow closed the door, Cumulus darted down stairs to the kitchen where her saddlebags were, she knew the house and Ponyville by now so she had a map in her head.

As promised, Rainbow flew with her to Ponyville, they decided to stop at Sugar Cube Corner for breakfast because Cumulus' aunts wanted to see her before she went to school. As they entered, Cue heard Applejack's voice, "There's the filly of the hour!"

Cumulus felt herself blush as her mother guided her to the nearest seat when she sat down, Twilight asked, "So are you excited about your first day?"

"Excited might be underplaying it," said Rainbow rubbing her eyes.

"How so?"

"She woke me up early by jumping on my bed this morning."

"Sorry Mommy," said Cue.

Rainbow smiled and ruffled her hair, "It's okay."

Cumulus spoke again as Pinkie came over with a stack of chocolate chip pancakes, "But honestly, I'm also a little nervous...I'm...I'm..."

"You're nervouscited! It's like you wanna jump up and down and yell 'yay me!' But you also wanna curl up in a teeny tiny ball and hide at the same time!"

Cumulus began to shrink in her seat.

"Pinkie!" the others yelled.

"What? We've all been there!"

Applejack then said, "You've got no reason to worry, they'll all love you! Yer pretty..."

"You're smart." Twilight offered.

"And sweet as these pancakes!" Pinkie exclaimed.

This actually made her feel better the nervousness was still there but it wasn't as bad as before.

After breakfast, Cumulus walked to the school with Rainbow flying over her. Cumulus' heart was beating wildly, what if nopony liked her? What if nopony wanted to be her friend? What if - what if they all thought she was useless? Beads of sweat formed on her forehead as these questions formed in her mind. Then, she heard the sound of foals laughing, her fear then intensified.


"What's wrong?"

"I...I'm scared."

Rainbow landed beside her and placed a hoof on her shoulder.

"It's going to be okay, I'll be here to pick you up at 3...okay?"

Cumulus nodded and tried to step forward, but couldn't, her mother flew behind her and nudged her forward to get her going.

Rainbow landed at the beginning of the path leading to the schoolhouse as she watched Cue walk up to it. Cumulus then heard the bell ring; she knew what that meant, so she started running, then somepony ran into her knocking her over.

"Watch where you're going!" came a shrill filly's voice. This was the voice of Silver Spoon's cousin who just moved to Ponyville - Sparkling Gem. The filly had blue eyes, a lavender coat and a blue mane and tail; her mane was pulled up in a tidy bun with strands of hair framing her face. Rainbow watched with horror as the filly skipped up the steps like nothing happened Rainbow then flew to Cumulus' aid.

"Honey, are you alright?" she asked as she helped her up.

"I guess so, who was that?"

Another filly came up and spoke, "Sparkling Gem, the mean one...stay clear of her and she won't bother you. I'm Dandelion by the way and this is Autumn Leaves."

Dandelion definitely represented her name, her coat was a sunshine yellow with freckled cheeks, her unicorn horn poked through a mess of curly hair on the top of her head with ringlet pigtails tied by green bows and her tail closely resembled Rarity's. Autumn Leaves had a light brown mane and tail with a rusty orange coat and purple eyes.

"Hi and...uh...yeah, l-listen to Dandelion," he said sheepishly. Rainbow raised an eyebrow at him he then blushed and turned his head awkwardly to look at something else while drawing circles in the dirt with his hoof.

Ms. Cheerilee then poked her head out to see the four of them talking, "Children, come in, you'll all have time to get to know each other later."

Cumulus started to go up the steps when she heard, "Hey, no hug for your mother?"

Cumulus then went back to hug her Mom, "Have fun," she said.

"I'll try.."

As the three went in, Dandelion spoke, "So, we didn't get your name."

"Oh, sorry, it's Cumulus."

"That's a nice name, like the cloud?"


Ms. Cheerilee was about to shut the door when Rainbow spoke, "Cheerilee, just so you know, Cue is very sensitive about the comments on her being blind...if there's any problems please let me know."

"Rainbow, don't you worry. I have it all under control, all you have to do is drop her off and pick her up; this is very normal for every parent."

Rainbow took a deep breath to relax herself, realizing that she was right. "Alright, and thank you."

Cheerilee smiled and closed the door, she turned to see Cumulus standing in front of her desk facing the class completely confused.

"Cumulus, would you like some help?"

She nodded as the class snickered, all except Dandelion and Autumn Leaves. Cheerilee then guided Cue to a desk behind Dandelion which was good, to her left was Autumn Leaves which was even better, but the only bad thing - she was in front of Sparkling Gem. Cheerilee then went to the front of the class and said, "Good morning class! I'm your teacher Ms. Cheerilee, now turn to the students near you and introduce yourself for five minutes and we'll start the lesson."

Cumulus turned to her left to find Autumn Leaves, their conversation didn't last long because they'd already met. However, when she turned to her right, she heard a voice that made her heart burst and then go nuts!

"Hi, I'm Shiny Bit."

Cumulus couldn't find her voice at first, her mind had gone blank. "I...um...I'm Cue - Cue - Cue..."

He looked at her amused, "Cue? As in...Cutie Pie?"

Cumulus' blush got redder as she played with her mane laughing shyly, she then shook her head to wake herself up, "Cumulus! I...I'm Cumulus."

She heard him laugh a little as she felt her face get hotter. What she didn't know was that Autumn Leaves knew what was going on, his smile fell as he looked jealously at Shiny Bit. Shiny Bit had a blonde mane and tail, blue eyes and a gold coat. His mane was neatly combed by his mother whereas Autumn's was just messy chunks, even when she couldn't see - she was blind. Autumn had grown up around Shiny Bit since infancy and had been best friends with him, but as life went on, Shiny Bit grew out of Autumn and began ridiculing him. He invited Autumn to fake sleepovers, threw mud at him, made him eat dirt, told him he couldn't hang out with Shiny and his friends because he was low class, the list goes on. And Autumn knew that he was going to do the same to this filly, this beautiful...beautiful filly. Autumn saw her from a distance this morning with her mother and thought Cumulus was the most gorgeous thing he'd ever set eyes on, but now that she was developing a crush on Shiny Bit, maybe it was better that they remained friends. But it didn't mean he wasn't going to stick up for her when needed.

"So...what's up with your eyes?" Shiny Bit asked.

Cue looked down glumly, she was hoping to avoid this question. Autumn Leaves felt hot with anger, how badly he wanted to sock Shiny in the face!

"Are you...blind?"

Cumulus was close to crying.

Shiny Bit didn't press any further, to Cue's relief. But, Cumulus wasn't the only one who had her eye on Shiny Bit, Sparkling Gem witnessed the entire exchange and looked at the blue, blind pegasus with scorn. Her frown slowly turned into a devious grin as she brewed a plan to make Shiny Bit not interested in Cumulus anymore, though truthfully, he wasn't interested in her anyway. He just
wanted to please his sister, Diamond Tiara who has always ignored him, by ruling the school she went to as a filly. He hoped it would get him noticed by her.

For lunch and recess they went outside to eat, Cumulus decided to eat with her new friends Shiny Bit, Dandelion, and Autumn Leaves. After Cumulus ate her lunch, which was a peanut butter and zapapple jam sandwich, a cherry cupcake from Sugar Cube Corner and an apple juice from Sweet Apple Acres, Shiny Bit asked her if she wanted to go for a walk with him. She said yes without hesitation; she then remembered her other 2 friends, "If that's okay with you guys."

"Go ahead, we'll be fine," said Dandelion.

Autumn Leaves just grumbled, "Sure."

Shiny Bit took her by the hoof, making her blush a shade of beet red as he guided her around the playground.

"I didn't mean to make fun of you earlier."

"I know, I'm just...well..."

"You just don't like it."

She shook her head with a smile.

"So, what's your parent's names?"

"I only have a Mom, her name is Rainbow Dash."

"What happened to your Dad?"

"She never mentioned him."

"Oh...what does she do? You know, for a job?"

"She's the captain of the Weather Patrol."

"That's awesome! Your Mom is so cool!"

"What about your parents?"

"My Dad's name is Filthy Rich, my Mom's is Jewel and I have an older sister named Diamond Tiara. My parents own half of the town."

Her eyes widened, "No wonder why he's called 'Filthy Rich,' so..."

She was then interrupted by Sparkling Gem, "So, we have a new power couple - Cumulus and Shiny Bit!"

Shiny Bit looked embarrassed as well as Cumulus, she felt him let go of her hoof and say, "No way! I don't wanna hang out with a BAT!!"

Cumulus gasped and felt her eyes sting with tears.

From a distance, Dandelion and Autumn Leaves saw their new friend being hurt by Shiny Bit and Sparkling Gem, they immediately went to stand up for her.

"Go back to the Everfree Forest where you belong, that's where the bats who are as blind as you are at," Sparkling Gem said sharply as Shiny Bit walked away from Cumulus' side with a smirk.

"Who knows? Maybe you'll fly as bad as a bat, always crashing into things. Look at me! I'm Cumulus! Where am I going? Where am I going? I can't see! SPLAT!! Oh, I ran into a tree!" Shiny Bit mocked.

"Which is weird because...isn't your Mom captain of the Weather Patrol?!" he continued. He and Gem then started laughing and calling her 'Bat,' 'Bat Pony,' 'Blind as a Bat,' and more!

Dandelion and Autumn Leaves were then in front of Cumulus, "Leave her alone!"

"Or we'll get Ms. Cheerilee!" Dandelion added.

Shiny Bit was intimidated for a minute, but then regained his confidence, "Ooooh scary! A bunch of snitches!" Shiny Bit taunted.

"Come on Bit, if you wanna hang out with the cool foals."

Cue heard Shiny Bit walk away and felt like her heart was ripped right out of her chest. She now knew who her friends were but yet, she still ached over Shiny Bit - she still had a crush on him and she knew that wasn't going to change anytime soon.

The rest of the day, she tried to focus on the lesson but she was honestly waiting for class to be over. When it finally was, she got out of her seat only to trip over somepony's hoof. It wasn't Sparkling Gem, but Shiny Bit.

"Watch it Bat!"

Cumulus glumly let her head fall to the floor she laid there a few second when she felt a hoof helping her up, it was Dandelion!

"Thanks," said Cumulus.

"Don't mention it; trust me, I know what it's like...I'm mentally disabled."

"What does that mean?"

"It means my brain doesn't work like other ponies. I have ADHD."

"What's that?"

"I don't pay attention for long and I can't stay still in one place for too long."

Cumulus shouldn't have been surprised, she heard Ms. Cheerilee getting on Dandelion for not paying attention. They then got their saddlebags and went out to wait for their parents. Rainbow, of course was already there waiting anxiously. All day, she was a mess. She was watching the clock, thinking of all of the things that could happen. she could get a papercut, she could trip and break a tooth, she could fall off the swing, etc. But she was thinking that something happened with Cumulus, if she was involved in a fight or something. Was she badly hurt? Did she have a black eye? A broken bone? A broken muzzle? A tooth missing? Who started it? She'll pound em if they hurt her Little Cue! But she came out unharmed and she could breathe a sigh of relief, she was even more relieved when she saw she made friends with the sunshine yellow filly she saw this morning. She wasn't an idiot to see that the rust colored colt had a bit of a crush on her Cumulus since this morning, but she wasn't ready to think about her daughter dating - nor would she ever be.

Dandelion saw Rainbow and told Cumulus that she was there.

"Okay and thanks for everything that you and Autumn did for me today."

"It's what friends do, right?"

'Friends' Cumulus beamed as the two friends hugged and Cumulus went up to her mother as Dandelion's mother, Lily Valley came up the path to pick her up.

"See ya tomorrow!" Cumulus called back to Dandelion.

"See ya!" she called back.

Cumulus reached her mother and Rainbow then picked her up and tossed her in the air catching her with a hug, "I missed you all day!"

"I missed you too Mommy!"

"Ready to go Cue? Your Aunts want to see you before we go home and get started on your homework."

"Yep! And...can I get my favorite milkshake?"

"Chocolate Fudge Swirl?"

Cumulus licked her lips, "Mmm-hmm!"

Rainbow laughed as she assisted Cumulus onto her back. Cumulus didn't know the way to Sugar Cube Corner from the school as well as she knew the way from her house, so she rode on her mother's back the whole way there where her Aunts were waiting to hear how her first day went. She entered with her mother with the scars of a day that started out bad, then good, bad again, good again, then bad and good again.

"So, how did it go?" asked Twilight.

"Did ya have fun?" asked Pinkie.

"What did ya learn today?" asked Applejack.

"Do you have homework on the first day?" asked Fluttershy.

"Are there any cute colts in your class?" asked Rarity.

"Whoa, girls! Give her some room. Pinkie, can I get a Chocolate Fudge Swirl Milkshake?" Rainbow asked.

"Absolutely - ootely!"

She went into the kitchen and was back in a flash with the milkshake. The milkshake was exactly what it sounded like: a chocolate milkshake with chocolate fudge swirled in it and topped with whipped cream with no cherry it was her favorite milkshake flavor and always got it when she cam to Sugar Cube Corner in the afternoons. She then began answering their questions, "It went okay...I guess, yeah I had fun! We learned about pony history mostly about Hearth's Warming Eve and how Equestria was founded. Yeah, I have homework on my first day. And...about your last question..."

"Yeeeesss?" Rarity asked.

Cumulus was aware of her mother sitting right next to her, she suddenly chickened out and quickly sipped on her milkshake.

Rainbow raised an eyebrow, "Cumulus?"

She swallowed her mouthful, had a brain freeze for a few seconds and answered, "His name is Shiny Bit, I'm saying no more!"

She quickly went back to sipping her milkshake as Rarity said, "Ooooh! Our Little Cue's first crush!"

Cumulus swallowed and sank into her seat, wanting to melt into the floor. Remembering that her first crush didn't end all that well and it was something she wanted to forget.

"Cumulus, aren't you a little...well...young?" asked Twilight.

"Oh Twilight, don't fret! There's nothing more adorable than young love!"

"A love that's TOO young if you ask me," said Rainbow bitterly.

Cumulus then recalled the teasing about her sight, a bat? She was a bat? She got around by sound and couldn't see, but from what she heard, bats were also ugly. Like, evil little flying chipmunks! She couldn't finish her shake and this shocked everyone, she never left a shake unfinished.

"Cue...you okay?" asked Applejack.

She shook her head.

"Uhh...can I talk to her alone?" Rainbow asked. "Mother to daughter talk."

They all agreed and went outside.

"Come on now, what's going on?"

Cumulus told her everything from meeting Shiny Bit, to thinking he was her friend, to her new nickname.

"They called you what?!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"A bat, he even said, that I'll probably fly as bad as a bat and that it's weird because you're the best flyer in Equestria because...I'm..." she was about ready to cry at the memory when Rainbow took her in her arms and held her close.

"I'm so sorry that happened to you."

Cumulus couldn't hold it back, she cried; her mother pulled her in closer. "Look..." Rainbow began as she let Cue out of her arms, "Now you know who your friends are."

Cumulus sniffed, "Dandelion and Autumn Leaves?"

Rainbow gritted her teeth at the mention of Autumn Leaves' name, "Right."

She then composed herself and continued, "But, if the teasing gets worse, you know that you can come to me...right?"

Cumulus sniffed again and nodded, "Mmm - hmm..."

"That's my big girl."

Rainbow kissed Cue's forehead and she went to get the others; she also told them what happened and they were just as disgusted as Rainbow was. When they came back in they only looked sadly at Cumulus, not understanding why somepony would pick on somepony as sweet and innocent as Cumulus.