• Published 25th Apr 2014
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Instant Mom - SeasonTheWiccan

When Rainbow Dash takes in a baby Pegasus left on her doorstep, she learns what it means to be a mother to a child with special needs when it's revealed that she is completely blind.

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The Filly On the Doorstep

It was a typical morning for Rainbow Dash...she got up, got herself some breakfast and went out for a morning flight. She stopped to say hi to her friends along her flight to give herself a breather, for she was flying as fast as she could go as if nothing could stop her. This was the life for her...worry free, loose and most of all, exciting!

But on this day, when she went home, she decided to rest for a bit before going back to Twilight's and having a picnic with the others at Fluttershy's cottage. She pulled out the latest Daring Do book and read for a few hours...then there was a knock at the door, she marked the page she was on, got up and went to answer it. But when she opened the door, no one was there...there was, however, a basket on her porch. There was no note or anything! Rainbow looked around, trying to see who had left the basket there...she went up higher to see if she could spot the Pegasus flying away...she saw nopony. She came back down and picked up the basket and carried it inside. When she set it down, it started making funny noises. It was a small squeal and a coo, it sounded like a...Rainbow quickly removed the lid on the basket to see if her theory was correct.

And it was!

It was a baby!

It was a baby blue Pegasus with a white mane and tail, and a clean diaper; it looked no more than a few months old. It opened it's eyes and Rainbow was immediately in love she carefully picked it up and began rocking it while it sucked its hoof. Though it was a beautiful moment for her, she then came to a realization and panicked, 'I don't know anything about babies!' she thought to herself.

Though she knew some ponies who did!

She then got her baby blanket and had to do guesswork to swaddle the baby correctly, after 3 tries she gave up and left for the picnic flying slowly as to not upset the infant. She wanted to be the one to care for her, but, she would need her friends assistance. She hated asking for help, but there was a young life at stake right now, she couldn't and wouldn't send it to an orphanage. It would break her heart to part with the infant now that this foal had touched her heart. But a question came to mind...Why? Of all the ponies in Equestria...Why her? She thought about it for a moment but brushed it aside. The infant was all that mattered now to her. She saw the picnic in the distance and her friends looking around confusedly for her. The baby pretty much slept the whole way there, Rainbow looked down at the foal sleeping peacefully and her heart melted like butter.