• Published 25th Apr 2014
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Instant Mom - SeasonTheWiccan

When Rainbow Dash takes in a baby Pegasus left on her doorstep, she learns what it means to be a mother to a child with special needs when it's revealed that she is completely blind.

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Being a Single Mother

For somepony like Rainbow Dash, being a single mom was no trot in the park. There was the crying throughout the night first off, Rainbow would groggily fly to Cumulus' nursery that Rainbow and Fluttershy built with furniture and necessities that a baby would need from the baby shower that Pinkie set up. Rainbow would sit with her in the rocking chair; rocking her until Cumulus went back to
sleep again. Rainbow, however, had not gotten any sleep since she brought the baby in. But she was determined (as always), she knew this was just part of being a parent and she was going to take it head on. Though, more often than not, when Cumulus cried Rainbow found that occasionally there was nothing wrong. Rainbow concluded that Cumulus probably wanted to make sure her mother was still there. Rainbow loved Little Cue (as she sometimes called her) from the moment she set eyes on her but when her Little Cue started flying...that's when Rainbow really went nuts. She was afraid that Cumulus, with her being blind, would fly into something and hurt herself. So when Cumulus felt bold some days and began zooming all over the house, Rainbow had to fly in front of her to catch her.

"Whoa there Little Cue, take it easy!" Rainbow would say once she caught her. Rainbow knew that her Little Cue would have the Pegasus' urge to fly someday, and would be particularly inspired by her mother's flying stories. The three Sonic Rainbooms she did, how she saved her friends at the Wonderbolts Academy, the list goes on...Rainbow could only hope that she would see why she can't do the things her mother can. She hated to be the one to rip apart her dreams like this at this age, but it was her job to keep her Little Cue safe and that's what she was going to do.

Not only was she cautious about Cumulus flying, but she was cautious about everything! When something small happened, she made a mountain out of a molehill, like if Cumulus coughed once - Rainbow thought she had whooping cough. If Cumulus got a small cut - Rainbow thought she needed stitches. The others begged her to tone it down a bit with Cumulus...she tried, but she found it to be really hard.

She knew she wasn't exactly mother of the year, and she admitted it. She was over protective, at first she didn't know how to change a diaper, it still took 5 minutes to swaddle her, she didn't know how to get the milk to room temperature, she has blown up at Cumulus because of the stress that she was under and she did her fair share of accidentally eating her mashed peas due to being so tired.

But she must have been doing a darn good job, because Cumulus was beginning to recognize Rainbow's voice. Apparently, being blind has it's advantages - better hearing. It was actually when the 6 were at Sugar Cube Corner and it was 2 months after Cumulus appeared on Rainbow's doorstep when they took notice to this.

They were eating while Cumulus was under the table sucking her hoof when she felt something fluffy against her back, she turned around and felt that is was as soft as her teddy bear, she actually thought it was her bear and hugged it. Pinkie Pie's eyes widened in surprise, she then pulled her tail up to reveal Cumulus clinging to it.

Pinkie giggled, "And what are you doing?"

Cumulus only spoke in baby mumble (Rainbow noticed that she was showing signs of talking soon) as she chewed and drooled on Pinkie's Tail as they all laughed.

"Come here," Fluttershy said gently as she removed the infant from Pinkie's tail. She then cradled Cumulus in her arms and rocked back and forth. They then continued with their conversation.

Rarity was talking about their dresses for the gala this year, "I've got the designs done for your dresses!" she said excitedly. "I just need a pallette. Rainbow, your's should be easy - Fluttershy, I'm thinking...maybe teal - like your eyes, Applejack - apple red for you, Twilight - lavender, Pinkie's shouldn't be too difficult and mine will be a surprise!" They all looked excited, the gala was in another 5 months from now; they all were ecstatic - all except for Rainbow Dash.

"Rainbow?" Fluttershy asked in concern.

Rainbow snapped to attention.

"Are you alright?" asked Twilight.

Rainbow shrugged and looked at Cumulus. Fluttershy took the cue, "You'd miss her."

"Yeah separation anxiety," said Rainbow. Then Cumulus was fussy and reaching towards Rainbow, who was stunned! As were the others!

Rainbow reached out towards Fluttershy as she willingly handed Cumulus to Rainbow. Rainbow held the baby closer to her; she was also trying to piece together what just happened while Cumulus looked completely content now. So content, that she yawned and fell asleep.

"She knows your voice," Twilight confirmed, clearly touched.

Rainbow looked up at her surprised.

"Since she can't see, she locates you by sound," said Rarity.

Rainbow looked down at the filly smiling.

Cumulus was, without a doubt, a very intelligent filly. She was now, by Dr. Binky's guesstimate, around 7 months old and it was at this age that she said her first word. This happened when Pinkie decided to celebrate Cumulus' 7 month birthday with the picnic that had to be postponed due to her arrival. But, as the others were eating, Cumulus was entertaining herself with her new toys, a set of cloth building blocks with different feeling fabric on each side of them from Rarity, a ball in the shape of an apple from Applejack, a butterfly binky from Fluttershy, a touch and feel book from Twilight, a hat in the shape of a birthday cake from Pinkie and a hand me down pillow from Rainbow's crib when she was a baby. She was especially entertained by the blocks, mainly because she loved to feel different textures, her favorite being clouds - since that's what her house was made of. She had a corner of the block she was holding in her mouth when her mother approached, "Blocks aren't food Cue."

As she picked Cumulus up, she dropped the block and she was carried to the pony food.

"Twilight can you hand me the applesauce?" Rainbow asked.

Twilight levitated it to her and opened the jar. Rainbow then pulled out a baby spoon from the baby bag, that she carried with her when out and about, scooped out some applesauce and fed it to Cumulus. After the jar was empty, Cumulus was laying on her back between her mother's forehooves while her mother and her Aunts were discussing other matters...that was when Cumulus said it: "M-m-ma!"

Rainbow looked down at her, not sure if she heard her right. But she could have sworn she heard Cumulus call her..."Ma!"

She said it again! She called her 'Ma!' Rainbow's heart thudded as the 5 Aunts gasped and Rainbow's Little Cue said it again and reached upwards. Even when Cumulus couldn't see what her mother looked like - she still recognized her by the feel of her coat, the sound of her voice, and the sound of her wing beats. She knew every sound her mother made. The bond this mother and daughter had was a strong one.