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Blog stuff. (Blog 16?) · 5:11am Nov 17th, 2016


Today, I screwed my mind over.

Specifically, this.

I can't describe it too well, other than:

This will screw with your looking at black and white grating for multiple months, and nobody knows how the hell it works.

This is short because I don't have much to write down.

About me.

Hi! I'm That_Delusional_Pegasus, or Del for short.

Age: 13
Profession: I dunno, writing fanfiction? Wait... I don't get paid for that.
Hobbies: Writing fan fiction, doing wierd psychological stuff that isn't that wierd. Talking to you here, SpiritofDancingFlames.
Favorite mlp character: DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch
Best online friend: A fellow fan fiction writer, SpiritOfDancingFlames!, oh, and

Stuff I write about:
My little pony (No way!)

Stuff I like to do:
Video games;
Summer vacation;
Write fan fiction. (Can you guess what all my fan fiction revolves around?);
Reading a good book;
Improving my mind's eye, and creating and improving tulpas. Hey, SoDF, again.