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Throwback Thursday · 6:51pm Last Thursday

I feel like a jerk that I've never showed off this artwork before now. This was drawn and PM'd to me by grammar404 back in April 2016 in honor of "Sour Sweet Scrappers". Loved it then, love it now. If anyone else wants to create some art based on scenes from my stories, I'll proudly feature it on here :twilightsmile:

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I wish I could point out which chapters of Group Precipitation have her, but there are around 250 chapters, and only a small number have a Sour Sweet who is clearly based on yours. Other chapters with her have other either left her generic enough that there is no obvious influence, or had so little focus on her that there isn't enough content to tell. And the vast majority of chapters don't have her at all.
Second Person and Bitter Honey (still only imagined at this point) make a couple of appearances too.

FanOfMostEverything contacted me about his story, "Unfriendly Competition" featuring my Sour but I didn't know that there were others. I don't care if people use my ideas, but I would like to be aware of them so I can read them lol Thanks for letting me know about "Group Precipitation" :twilightsmile:

I don't know if anyone else has pointed you to it or you've found it on your own, but if not, I just want to recommend the Oversaturated series (original story by FanOfMostEverything) to you.
I'm doing this because one of its sequels, Group Precipitation, has a handful of chapters with that universe's version of your interpretation of Sour Sweet. (She appears a bit more than that in other stories in the universe, but it is not obviously based on your Sour)

Here, enjoy this Watch, as gift for your writing!


  • Viewing 51 - 55 of 55
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