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This story is a sequel to A Sweetly Sour Surprise

After being introduced to each other, Indigo Zap and Iconic Portrait begin a friendship on the verge of becoming much more. However certain insecurities begin to give them second thoughts. Can their friends and family help direct their path towards happiness and nude photos?

Collaboration with Ron Jeremy Pony

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This was cute.

Ya earned yourself a thumbs up, fav, hug, and boop!:rainbowwild:

Not your best work. The pacing needs to be slowed down and it felt like you were missing a few details. Still, it was a cute story that I enjoyed regardless of the flaws.

A bit top-heavy in terms of the information it had to provide, but overall this was a very sweet romance, with friends offering support in their own unique ways. And Lemon's right; the last thing we need is another Sour and Second. :raritywink:

Thank you for this.

"Since when are you a model? Shouldn't you be seizing the means of reproduction or whatever you commies call it right now?"

Why do I want to see a Sexy Communist outfit for Halloween.

Sexy Communist
She’ll want to seize your means of reproduction.”:duck:

Ha. When you know exactly of the drama between Sour Sweet and Second Person.

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