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A bit about me

Been a fan of MLP:FiM since the show started, and still am. After season 5 started I fell off a bit, but I've been keeping up with the EQ Girls movies, and some episodes. Other than MLP I'm a huge wrestling fan/nerd, and weeb with a huge bias to Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail has had just a big an impact on my life as MLP did, if not more so. Both shows have definitely left a huge mark on my life. I also play a ton of different card games: MtG, Weiss Schwarz, Cardfight!! Vanguard, and Buddyfight. I do have a MLP trial/starter deck, but I never actually learned how to play, nor do I know anyone that does tbh. However, any of the aforementioned card games I know very well and am willing to play via skype. Just hit me up with a private message and I'll send you my skype id. That's basically all there is.

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Hey, thanks for the watch! :rainbowkiss:

Thank you for the fave on Catching Up. :twilightblush:

Thank you for the fave on Sunset's Gift, my friend. :twilightsmile:

Hey there. Thank you kindly for Faving A Private Party.

Glad you like my work ^^:twilightsmile:

2109019 Ayyyy no problem mate. I love to see Fluttershy have this almost hidden erotic side to her, and it was a great read/fap. :derpytongue2: :yay:

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