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The paths of Sour Sweet, Wallflower Blush, and Dazzlings finally cross. It will be a night that most of them will have a difficult time remembering.

(This is a backstory linked to my regular Sour Sweet series. Those fics are NOT necessary to read beforehand to understand this one.)

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Poor Wallflower. I can empathize with prioritizing fan fiction over human interaction.

Aria wished that the silly humans would figure out what they actually valued one day, instead of see-sawing their morals every generation.

Yeah, the key phrase there is "every generation." New morals for new people. We don't live forever, Ragefish, we get replaced.

:pinkiesick: Okay, I've had deep-fried Oreos, and they're actually amazing, but they were fresh. Canned ones sound horrid.

Magnolias, sweeping valley landscapes, Sasuke x Gaara yaoi...

The simple things in life.

Ouch. I've taken spills on sidewalks before. The effect is not unlike running a cheese grater along your body, and that's one of the better outcomes. Wallflower has adrenaline going for her right now, but she'll feel that tomorrow.

Definitely looking forward to more.

I feel like this cover art was already used but turns out it wasn't.

Oh dear. You're about to cross paths with Sour Sweet.

... welp, you're screwed.

Poor Wallflower... at least she has a knight with burning anger coming to her rescue.

First story in a while, and we get Sasuke x Gaara yaoi.......


I like this plot bunny. The Sirens hunting the other humans when they had some Equestrian magic is something that I've always thought was an interesting idea but nothing something that I see too much of, even in the broad strokes. Poor Wallflower is probably going to be even more insecure around others after this, even if Sour Sweet does succeed in saving her.

Wallflower never really paid much attention to street names and such. She was content on simply memorizing the general paths to get where she needed to go. That way, she could enjoy preoccupying her mind with more important stuff such as gardening or her Naruto fanfics.

I can't say that these are good priorities but I can say that I have the same priorities. Who has time to learn where the local library is when finding the right third-party software to modify the desktop in just the right way is clearly a more urgent matter?

Help! You're turning Soursweet into my favorite character!

Oh it's good to see the Sour stories are back!

This is really good.

Lets see how Sour deals with the Dazzlings.

So that's what happened. Sour took it like a champ though.

Yeah, it makes sense for Aria to be stronger, having 1000 years of experience.

Poor Wallflower. You managed to get away bruised, but your heart is still empty.

I'd rather they remembered what happened. I don't like the memory wipe device in storytelling. It negates the valuable experience. Still thumbs up tho.

If anyone asked what had happened to her, she could always just blame her boyfriend.

Oh wow. Though given Second, it's not like anyone's going to believe her.

Yeah, Wallflower has a tendency to short-circuit stories when she doesn't catalyze them. A bit abrupt, but understandably so. Thank you for it.

Damn! Sour is really willing to throw her BF under the bus for Assault and Battery?

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