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Ron Jeremy Pony

What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.

Universes, worlds, pe.. Ummm Ponies, and all good things!


Halloween/Nightmare Night Anthology · 10:34pm October 23rd

So, my favorite season of all time is upon us again. Naturally, I'm talking about the wonderful holiday known as Halloween. Since COVID is still spreading, and the numbers are rising like no one's business (Especially in good old Oklahoma), that puts a bit of a hamper on the normal Halloween fun.

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Can I please have a link to your fanfiction.net account?

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

"The Muffin Man?"

"The Muffin Man..."

"Who Lived down Drewy Lane?"

"well She's married to the muffin man."

I have a question. Do you know the muffin man

Thanks for the invite.

Glad to have you aboard on Positive Ponies, awesome possum!


Thank you. I'll do my best. I'm glad that I'm finally getting back to finishing some of the stories, and hopefully I can get more of them done.


Love your stories man keep up the good work 😎👌🏻

You're welcome. I like the premise of it, and I look forward to reading more.

:raritywink: Thanks for adding Like Mother, Like Daughter to your favorites.

Thank you for the follow!

Thank you for the follow! I greatly appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

hello Ron, i am sorry to bother you but when are you gonna update the herd life?

Thanks for the fave...

No problem. I'm a confirmed Fallout Junkie. In truth when I first saw it I thought it was going to be a retelling of Fallout Equestria In the Equestria Girls style. But I'm interested to.see how this goes.

Thanks for adding Fallout Girls to your library, I try to update every two weeks!

It's on my list of stories to finish. Hopefully I'll be able to update it in a few days.

  • Viewing 137 - 156 of 156
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Some Damned Good Stories, well... Mostly good, Okay even I have those guilty pleasures!

Just an Oklahoman born Brony

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