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Hey ho, whered I go · 3:29am March 1st

Just want to start off by apologizing for the silence on this end. Been dealing with a lot of problems on the family front, as well as working out some personal issues.

Chapter 29 will be out early March. Maybe this weekend, might be a little further away I don't stop adding shit. Just wanted to let anyone who's looking out for it know that the chapter is on the way.

My Objectives

*Get The Wayfarers up to five chapters [X]

*Get The Wayfarers up to 10 chapters []

*Publish a new one-shot [X]

*Publish a another story longer than 10k []

My Stuff

  • TThe Wayfarers
    Oddball vagrants, powerful scholars, and sordid warriors find themselves on a collision course with destiny in this budding epic. Can truth and loyalty endure the darkening of Equestria's soul? Come join a whirlwind of intrigue and violence!
    TheFictionAddiction · 164k words  ·  33  4 · 885 views
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Comment posted by ToSpeakButNotSee deleted Aug 22nd, 2017
Comment posted by ToSpeakButNotSee deleted Aug 22nd, 2017

2236790 Sure thing. Can't wait to see more!

Thanks for the stalk i mean follow hope you enjoy my stories :pinkiehappy:

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