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Welcome to the Monthly Writing Club. Here, writers can choose one of three prompts each month to write a fic about.

This month's writing prompts

-- Rules --

Length: Site length rules apply (at least 1000 words at time of submission). May be a one-shot or part of a larger series. This means you can start a longer project with the prompt, or you can even write a longer project where each new chapter is based off the chosen prompt for that month.

NSFW: Absolutely no story is to be rated "Mature". "Everyone" or "Teen" only. Mature stories, and stories with strong adult or sexual themes labeled "Teen" to get around it, will be removed.

Prompts: Please pick only one prompt to acknowledge. This does not mean you cannot include the other two prompts somehow; it just means that only one of the prompts can be the main focus of your story.

Species: If a prompt specifies something Equestrian, feel free to change it to the human world. Likewise if a prompt specifies the human world, feel free to change it to Equestria. The prompts are merely suggestions, after all, and if you think your chosen prompt fits a different setting, go for it.

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