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I'm a realist, and reality is pessimistic Shy and easily embarrassed >/// < Feeling depressed? sad? suicidal?/Like talking to somepony?/Need any help? an art? - Lime's your pon! :3*

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Ask Lime Overtime · 3:41pm Oct 12th, 2015

Hello bronies and ponies! :rainbowwild:

Finnaly made myself an ask on deviantart :rainbowlaugh:

If you want to ask me anything-do not hesitate!
Here's the link to my Deviantart ask , or if you don't have it/do not wish to post your question there-feel free to leave it here :ajsmug:

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My tries at drawing stuff

so, as some of you pons know, I draw stuff from time to time...
And... As some others of ya know-I like number 6... So I'mma put up here 6 images that I've made, and if ya like em, or wanna see more, here's meh Deviantart link . I also make Icons, but they don't move on FIM

This is an OC of Got Rootbeer

this OC belongs to Thunderbolt Sentinel, real cool, friendly n helpful dude :p

This tasty frightened pon doesn't have a FIM account, but you can find her on Deviantart: DatDoghnut. And you can also see mua ^w ^

This is Vinyl_melody's OC. She's a great friend, so no need to be afraid to talk with her ;)

Meet Vital Spark's little cutie

Me and the first friend I've made in your little oll'town called Ponyville. She's a cool mare, though ya probably already knew that >u <

Ponies who are using my stinky smelly stingy stupid "art" as prof pictures:
RoseGamer, Ringmaster1336, Plagueboy23, Got Rootbeer

Tell me wacha think bout my fails drawings, and if ya wanna see me, the link to my DA is above these images

Stay awesome my hoofians! /)

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