Ever get annoyed seeing some of your favorite stories languish in obscurity while mediocre tales and pointless trollfics sit in the featured box for days, to be read by thousands? Sometimes all it takes is bad timing for a good fic to slip off the front page with hardly any notice, and once that happens it's pretty much out of luck as it gets buried deeper and deeper under the overwhelming mass of stories.

This group is for those stories that deserve more attention.

Our intent is for people to recommend stories by other writers, so if you're here to promote your own fic, try Authors Helping Authors instead. That's literally why they exist. Also, The Underappreciated Story Society is a very similar group to this one that allows people to submit their own stories.

Since the intent of this group is to bring more attention to good stories that have gone mostly unnoticed, we need help finding them. So if you know of a story that seems woefully under-appreciated, go ahead and submit it, as long as it meets a few conditions. We want to make sure that the stories in this group are genuinely worth reading despite their lack of fame, so here are the guidelines:

- No more than 500 views.
- 90% minimum positive vote ratio.
- Stories with fewer than 10 votes may have 1 down vote, but be especially picky with those.
- Stories should be at least one week old.
- Don't submit your own stories. These should be stories readers enjoyed enough to recommend, and authors can be biased toward their own work.
- If you wouldn't up-vote a story, please don't submit it. Anyone could scour the archives for random stories you haven't read that happen to qualify, but these should be stories you have read and enjoyed enough to recommend. And try not to get carried away submitting huge numbers of stories. While not a rule exactly, it would be good if people limited their submissions to a few at a time.

The two Recommendations folders are for stories that don't meet the criteria for the main folders, but still deserve more attention, because it's impossible to make a perfect set of rules for something like this. Stories submitted to these folders should still be good fics that are under-appreciated, just a little less strictly defined. If you add a story with less than 90% up votes, use the proper Recommendations folder, or else it will be removed from the group.

Also, because many of these stories are largely untested waters, stories that start accumulating negative votes are subject to removal. No specific numbers at the moment, it's just a fail-safe to ensure a story's initial positive reception wasn't a fluke.

(These rules aren't locked in stone, of course, if some improvements look like they should be made. If the group ever gets to a point where it starts getting overwhelmed, for example, we might change to an approval system in which standard users submit their suggestions to a general folder, then the admins decide which of those will be added to the main folders.)

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Fixed. And that troll has been banned from the site as of two years ago.

The story I recently added (ask Roseate) is something surprising I came across last month. I highly recommend it!

A troll has been going around submitting a story to a mass number of folders and groups. After 3 hours of combing I found the story in 7 Folders in this group. As of this comment the story has 159 views.

The story - The Ravaging of Rainbow - is a trollfic and is in
0-100 views
101-200 views
201-300 views
301-400 views
401-500 views
recommendations less than 90 positive votes (with 4 upvotes and 90 downvotes)
and recommendations more than 500 views (with 159 views.)

Comment posted by Mane-Shaker deleted Dec 21st, 2015

For whoever put my fic in here. Thank you kindly, sir/madam. Here, have a moustache. :moustache:

Wow, I can't believe one of my stories is featured in this group! Thank you guys! You make me feel appreciated on this site!:twilightsmile:


A week is fine, yeah. Mostly we were just trying to keep people from adding so many stories right when they come out that end up getting like 700 more views by the end of the day. There have even been times when a story added here got one of the featured slots on the site's front page shortly later, getting thousands of views without us.

We've had a hard time all along trying to decide on a good minimum age, to be honest. As far as I'm concerned, I just want people to use their actual judgment to decide if the dust has settled, so to speak, but it seemed necessary to define it more.

Just added Cynical Pone Parody to the group. It's very new, but right now it's exactly a week old. I'm just posting this to make sure I'm in the right and am not adding it too quickly after it's release.

I have a slew of stories from an old friend of mine that I would like to recommend.

His name is Bluecatcinema, and I would like it if some of you would check him out. The stories will be uploaded shortly to this group.


Oops, sorry about the lack of response. I didn't think to check for comments popping up here, since I guess I thought I would get notifications for them.

Anyway, looks like at least one of you got the story you were looking at successfully added, but for the others, and anyone else who doesn't know, you add a fic to groups through that story's main page. To the right of the story's publish dates and character tags, and below the word-count stats, there are three icons on every story. The left button expands to give statistics for the fic, the right button is for reporting stories that violate Fimfiction's rules, and the middle button expands to show a list of groups you're in. Click the name of the group you want to submit the story to, then it'll give you the folder options to choose for the most appropriate location.

Yeah, I don't see how to add stories on this thing. This one has a 15:2 likes ratio and 80 views. It's a very good story that has been utterly buried. Would appreciate some help figuring out how to submit the story on this group. :pinkiehappy:
Its called The War Within - Written by DeltaOps1993

I would like to submit a story, but I'm unsure how one goes about adding a story that's not their own. Could somebody please help me out, because I'd very much like to add the fic I have in mind, it's a really great read that I'd like to share with others? :twilightsmile:

I just joined and am looking forward to discovering some good but sadly unnoticed stories.

Comment posted by Silver Starlight deleted Aug 20th, 2013

I just added On The Horizon, I'd like to encourage everyone to give it a read.

just added Spike the Knight,
hope you enjoy it is currently at 482 views in almost 6 weeks

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