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A great evil has risen. Again. Equestria is in danger. Again. The Mane Six must face their greatest challenge yet. Again. It's the same old story, told by a thousand writers the world over. A story of gratuitous darkness, of love in the most nonsensical of places, of unimportant side characters pushed into the spotlight by fate. Dark secrets are revealed that change everything. Good characters snap under the pressure. There's a big, climactic finale. Nothing you haven't read dozens of times before.

Let's not alter that formula in any way. In fact, let's kick it into overdrive.

Dedicated to the past two years of editing fanfics. I love you all, ya crazy weirdos.

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Wrong choice, Celestia. You should have relied on a background pony, or Spike, it would have been much less likely to play into Paradigm's hooves.

Or you know, you and Luna could have done it! No one ever writes that!

Seriously I died laughing at the list of red and black alicorn brothers named Eclipse. This thing is hilarious so far.

Couldn't contain my laughter, well done xD

This... it the greatest thing ever.

This wins all the internets!

I would say be careful of parodying cliches vs. using cliches, but you seem to be doing a remarkable job of that. I love the idea of Paradigm, the humor was outstanding, and your grammar is spot on (THANK YOU).
I can't wait for more. This is great.

This is the sort of brilliance that must be read aloud by a similarly overly dramatic narrator.

The insight coming from reading this work will either allow me to write the best fic ever or make me unable to write anything at all ever again.

This is absolutely hilarious!

I would actually love to read one of these generic darkfics to see just how accurate this is.

Good stuff!

Haha this story is hilarious, as well as interesting. I cant wait to read more!

Wait... so you didn't kill her this time? (also a step too far for him. I'd make him try to keep her as a sidekick - once a kid is officially a sidekick, it's nearly unkillable, even in stories where kids die - and that would make her a useful living shield)

Also, he should be careful with talking is a free action thing. It's fashionable to subvert it nowadays. Even Bleach has done it. :pinkiehappy:

The whole speech about what is required from Treehouse as a hero reminded me of Harry Potter - if I remember correctly, he was stuck in a similar situation for much of the saga and ended up resenting it bitterly.

The fact you're managing to twist and turn a cliche parody narrative is testament to your overwhelming abilities as an author. I wish I had more to say than gushing about how happy this story makes me, but I really don't have anything else to say.

No, wait, there is one more thing: Thank you.

Now, they need to keep running until the monsters realise they hate each other. :pinkiecrazy:

Also, this fic gave me a character idea that doesn't seem to fit in any of my stories but perhaps you will find it useful: a black pony who dyes his hair to hide the fact that it's red (he was picked on at school because of it, red on black being considered bad luck among ponies)

First few chapters are hilarious. Now it's starting to look like it has a real plot. Keep up the good work!

So that's where the crazy idiot who breaking through my defendes is

When you're done defeating him can I have his brain? I need to retrieve all the data he stole.

Hey! Put that Gurren Lagann reference back where you got it from! This world is only meant to cross-over with the rest of its universe!

Wow this is really meta....

Scene transition powers are cool. And Sweetie Belle lives? Meh she'll probably get killed later somehow.

The whole section on the list of monsters had me laughing out loud in PUBLIC. Damn you Nonagon, you're too good. Also, is this on hiatus indefinitely?

The future of this is uncertain. More chapters do exist, if I can devote the time to writing them. We'll see how my other projects go.
Here's a fun fact: This story was rejected on principle from Equestria Daily. Not because it was offensive, or because there was anything wrong with it, but because it was impossible to tell whether or not I was trolling them.

Yeah well, EQD has a lot of biased Proof-readers/story accepters apparently. Many other authors I'm following have written/typed amazing pieces of art and they aren't on EQD either. I don't find this offensive, but it is a bit of a troll story, cynical in the way that dark/adventure type stories are written.

Don't let EQD get you down! Just do it for yourself, and enjoy it! Also, could complete several of your stories? I enjoy reading all of of them so far and would love to see them completed

It was mostly as a precaution, in case I started mocking them. She encouraged me to submit again when the story's finished.

Don't worry, I have a schedule! I intend to finish SWLY and the Mirror series before knuckling down and focusing exclusively on Death Note: Equestria. If inspiration strikes me, I may come back to this one as well. CPP is fairly simple to write; each chapter I got out in a single sitting. It's deliberately only edited at the surface level. I've just finished my exams, so right now, there's a certain girl-on-girl scene I've been meaning to get to...

Well good luck for your exams results! I'm actually in the middle of mine right now:fluttershyouch:.
Your stories have been a great stress relieve in between study sessions, just not the Textbook Review 2 type though:pinkiehappy:

Gods. I thought it was dead...

Also, it seems I am the 666th viewer...

Freaking. Brilliant. Thanks, I really needed this today. So funny.

Didn't Celestia say for Twilight & co. to stay away from Canterlot in her letter? Bah, who cares haha. And of course Pinkie is oddly not there, it's Pinkie's job to figure everything out and then explain how she knew what was happening all along and either solved it or ignored it depending on her mood, or to be a lesser God of chaos, or to actually be super depressed under her happy facade. I'm sure she's fine.

That actually sounds a lot like a compliment! XD They say the best satire should be indistinguishable from real opinion, after all.

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