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This story is a sequel to My New Life in Equestria: Helping Has Its Ups and Downs

It's the first day of a new school year at Canterlot High and many ponies are excited and coming form various towns to attend. A train arrives from Ponyville and out come eight new freshmen, each more different than the next.

They hope for their first day to be low key and normal. But unfortunately their looks, personalities, and parentage might ruin it for them. But hopefully if their first day doesn't go well, then maybe the rest of the year will?

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Immediately upvoted, tracked and favorited. :yay:

Edit: don't need to read it again seeing as how I edited this chapter. Hehehe...

Oh, would you look at that, I got first comment...


Don't hate me... :fluttershyouch:

6019293 oh wait forgot to add editor thanks...be right back...and there

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*two magical thumbs up* And glad there was more than just me. I always worry I miss something.

6019405 first of Alternate Universe tag, a high school can be anywhere it wants. there may be an explanation farther in another chapter but you don;t want to go any farther so...

6019469 well its a first chapter and i didn't yet want to spend....god it would probably take me like 1k words to explain about the highschool

so i'll do it in the future when the story calls for it...

but going back to your analysis and such...it's like asking the question' How do you kill a vampire?


here it's simple: How do you kill a vampire?
answer: Any the fuck way you can make up because vampires aren't real

i can put anything any when, when, how i please, i am the creator of this(i know that makes me seem powermad but stay with me). I can and will give readers better know;edge of this highschool but i did not want to waste space on it in the first chapter when i had just a bit more important things to do

also it's just regular Equestria...maybe EQG will play into it who knows? I could change plot points at any time except for *SPOILER OF LAST FIC* when my character and others blew Tirek into oblivion can't change that

You can say it doesn't fit and in your head cannon it may not and i can respect that. My picture of Canterlot is different though and now it has a high school. As for the how when and why? well honestly if you want to know....you'll have to come back and find out

6019534 you need to work on your explaining skills, friend.

I just did a quick look, i don´t want to many spoilers right now, but is this still about Dan?
I am only half through the first story, and wanted to take a quick look, but i am not sure if would like a different main char.

Are some of these characters ponified versons of other fiction. Like I know there was one or two the reference RWBY, but is that all, or are the other characters references too?

6030777 thats two out of four... and i can't give one away just yet...but i'll give you a hint on the last one....its the freaking dragon

6030250 all i can say without spoilers is somewhat yes

6030840 well okay, now i assume they either adopted a child, and this is the main Char, with Twilight, and Dan just as the parents, but maybe that is nice too, or they well really got a child, which is more or less the same thing.

I guess i can allow you to give me a little spoiler, it seems i have to know it, it keeps nagging at my mind.

However it seems i can be reassured, since it seems that he is shown often enough, if i understand you right.

6032422 well there are eight of them so i'll let you guess who's which kid. i know at least some of them should be obvious. I did try to give a small descriptor for each which would point to their parentage

I have to say this sequel is already going of to a good start it will be intresting to see what happens in the next chapters

Alright, getting a little bit of a clearer view of who's who, and what's going on. Still looking forward to some more exposition, though I'm sure that will come in time, so far so good.

I'm assuming we'll be seeing some new chapters in the coming weeks now that you're back in the swing of things?
:trixieshiftleft: ...? :trixieshiftright: We shall see...

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to seeing some more of your writing now that your back to doing so. So yeah... bye bye~! :pinkiehappy:


With all these new old ponies I think I'll need a least a picture of them to reimerse myself in this story. Especially since I don't remember who any of the mane 6 minus Twilight were married too.

6244108 it's high school...do you ever know what's truly going on?

6244108 and yeah i'll be hopefully getting more done in better times now so stay tuned

6270496 if i could find an artist i'd try to ...but my first through like 80th (bit of an exageration) aren't taking commissions

Wait a minute... That quote, that getup, those extra limbs... The definition of violence, you say? :rainbowhuh:

Sounds like a certain demigod & bodyguard had a child together ey? ... #YouknowwhatImsaying?!... :trollestia:



I mean... Did Asura and Shizuo have a f*cking rage baby or what?!?!

Anyway, looking forward to more chapters, maybe we can get a glimpse of their parents in the nearby future Mhhh? Keep on writing mate, you're doing a great job!

6353634 to be fair i did drop the shizuo bit in the first chapter

as for the parents...all i can say is...


6270496 just remembered that i didn't say this when i first responded... you don't know who they're married to because i havent said yet...although i think it might be in this upcoming chapter...or two chapters depending on how long or short i go

:scootangel:Finally got around to finishing the first story today so I could read this, and I'm glad I did.:scootangel: :ajsmug:It's not often I get to see such over-the-topness done without it being done very badly.:ajsmug: :pinkiesmile:The story's good, the writings fine, the characters are so far good, and as long as each of them are given time to be fleshed out then this should turn out just fine.:pinkiesmile: :eeyup:Though it might be difficult seeing as there are so many, that just means this story might get a bit big.:eeyup: :twilightsmile:All well and good if you can handle it, which I'm pretty sure you can; you have so far anyway.:twilightsmile: :moustache:I look forward to seeing how this goes. I patiently await for more.:moustache:

6379733 "so many characters"

heh hehe hahha ahhahah MUUWAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!

sorry had to evil laugh that off but you ain't seen nothin yet

Im getting a mix of RWBY and DrrrrrrrDrrraaaaaahh(i dont thank i got that right for the anime)

6396934 first of yes RWBY. and secondly it's Durarara

6396987 first off ,thanks for the spill check Second I'll take a guess and say the one with the bracelets is you take on 'Yang' right?

6402625 yep but it goes a bit deeper than that

I can say personally, i havent asked as ive been having fun figuring them out and enjoying how your telling the story. Although i do wish you updated more often but if you require the time so be it.

6480163 i wish i could update faster as well bu it takes me sometime to get all the words out. I usually set each chapter with a beginning and an end point in the story and i always make sure to get each scene in...mostly. Sometimes if i feel like i'm running too long i cut a scene and stick it into the next chapter.

oh and if you've been keeping track i hope you got a score card ready cause most of the actual reveals of characters parents are comiung in the next chapter

Yeeesssss~ More information! It feeds us, it empowers us, it... it... It makes is so that we know things? Yeah...

Anyhow, it's good to see another chapter of this come out! Now all I need is more chapters! Man I'm needy! :pinkiehappy:
Good luck with life & writing! Don't get hit by a truck and such!


6481468 does it? or is it an elaborate ruse form the writer to lull you into a false sense of security and then suddenly WHAM!!! neveryone's a changeling!....but i wouldn't do that to you guys right?....right?

You might want to go over this some more because there were a couple time yu put the wrong name to some of the character for example

“It’s easy to tell from your expressions and how you react,” Erina sat down beside Erina staring up at the house waiting for her brother to return.

good chapter. and did i detect a reference to the Addams family?

The king and I is what the tidal is form

6888400 your gonna have to specify a when in there for me to answer properly

Are typical American freshman usually this immature?

I kinda want an uncencored conversation with chrysilis to know exactly what would cause that.

*Finishes reading first story."
Well I enjoyed that and there's even a sequel?! Let's check it out.

*Read's first chapter.*

Did they even think of what they were doing when they decided to do this? Who the :yay: are these people and why should I care about them beyond they're obviously kids of character that weren't introduced in any way that would make me care... and then they don't even explain why they're Mary Sue characters... or at least try to show how they're not?

*Loses interest in this story. Down votes for lack of sufficient explanations for all this horse crockery.*

7338678 there isn't one unfortunately, i never planned to have it un bleeped

7396007 sorry i couldn't get all that in the first chapter, if i had tried that's a possible couple thousand words. i didn't want to frontload the story with that. i was hoping people would stay with it till i did get to explain most of it. as for introducing them...well this was it, i wasn't going to just say "HERE THEY ARE!!!" and then go on my merry way. I'm sorry you didn't like it, but i don't regret any of it, it's all as intended.

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