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Days before the return of Nightmare Moon, Twilight Sparkle has fallen ill. To ease her pain and help the time pass, Princess Celestia tells her a story.

Just a simple story.

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This was different. A good different though.


i approve of this and all head cannon there of.

I feel that this is symbolic, but the symbolism goes straight over my head.

I loved it. :rainbowkiss:

I feel that the author is implying that Disaster's brand is Twilight's mark. I approve of this idea.

My student, who is but a mere child, is sick. Better tell her a bedtime story of rape and murder.


Just a simple story.

Color me skeptical.

How is there no comment on this amazing piece yet?

It brought so many feelings in so little words. My heart sank when Marigold died, overall a sad story in deed. But a powerful one.

This is a really powerful story. Bravo and good job

Wow, that was very interesting. You write some of the best short stories ever


I feel that this is symbolic, but the symbolism goes straight over my head.

Likewise. It does a very nifty job of capturing the tone of European legends, but isn't copying the structure. Those legends are usually either cautionary tales ("don't do X or you'll die horribly/suffer horribly") or stories of a hero doing Mighty Deeds (which may or may not be distortions or allegories of historical wars/events). This comes across as half of a cautionary tale (missing the "don't do X" or "perform placating ritual Y to avoid dying" part).

This one is a little bit like some of the Greek legends (squabbles amongst the gods), but those legends usually have a point along the lines of "and that's how X was killed" or "meet Y, your new boss via killing the old boss". I'm having trouble understanding what this legend, by contrast, is trying to say to the listener.

That said, still a great job copying the tone.

Nonagon, are all of us missing something, or is the story just a hook to get Twilight interested in other legends?

Celestia's story has multiple interpretations. That is one of them. Other versions depend on how you answer the following questions:
1. Who is Disaster?
2. Who are his children?
3. Why is Celestia telling this story now?

It's also based on a story that was told to me a long time ago.

I'd wondered if it was an allusion to or origin story for Discord, or if it was shaping up to be a "where the Royal Pony Sisters came from" story, but both of those seem to be a bit of a stretch. If anything, it seems like an allegory for Discord (or small-D discord) causing strife amongst ponykind (as alluded to by the names of the children). But that ignores the cliff-hanger, and "Just-So Stories" of that type usually have an explicit "and that's where X came from" wrap-up, so I don't have confidence in that interpretation being correct either.

Of the options offered so far, Zocarik's seems the most plausible, but that's less due to the legend's structure and more due to "conservation of detail" narrative tropes ("we're mentioning X because X will be important a few chapters from now").

So, still lost. It's fine if you want to keep it mysterious; that sense of mystery seems to be driving most of the comments on the story, so you're obviously doing something right. :pinkiehappy:

I wrote a critique/review of this story; it can be found over here.


If this won't give Twi nightmares I don't know what will.

Author Interviewer

Huh. I feel something has been left out, for all that this is obviously meant to make the reader think and question what they've just read.

Mostly, I just want to know more about this magical disease. XD

Excellent piece, you smashed it mate :twilightsmile:

But Dismay simply smiled, and Disaster saw that her body had become old and frail. "I didn't have to outrun you forever," she answered him. "Just long enough." Then she leaned into his claws and whispered her last words into his face. "You will never find my daughter." And with that, she died.

And that was a big mistake. If she wouldn't have said this, Disaster wouldn't get the idea of hunting her descendents.

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