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Days before the return of Nightmare Moon, Twilight Sparkle has fallen ill. To ease her pain and help the time pass, Princess Celestia tells her a story.

Just a simple story.

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A great evil has risen. Again. Equestria is in danger. Again. The Mane Six must face their greatest challenge yet. Again. It's the same old story, told by a thousand writers the world over. A story of gratuitous darkness, of love in the most nonsensical of places, of unimportant side characters pushed into the spotlight by fate. Dark secrets are revealed that change everything. Good characters snap under the pressure. There's a big, climactic finale. Nothing you haven't read dozens of times before.

Let's not alter that formula in any way. In fact, let's kick it into overdrive.

Dedicated to the past two years of editing fanfics. I love you all, ya crazy weirdos.

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The not-too-distant future: After the Thousand Years Argument and the banishment of the creature who became Nightmare Moon, it has fallen to the unicorns of Equestria to once again raise and lower the moon as they did in ancient times. But magic power is in short supply, and it's only with the aid of Hydrate, an expensive and addictive magical supplement, that most unicorns are able to contribute to the cause without burning out their powers completely. For those who aren't able (or rich enough) to pull their weight, their fate is to be hunted by Midnight, a necessary evil of Celestia who drains ponies dry to give their energy to those better able to ensure a safe and stable orbit. Amidst this climate of corruption and addiction, a sheltered and magicless filly named Sweetie Belle must venture forth to discover the secret behind her mysterious disease and her adoptive mother's true nature...

A crossover/parody of Repo! The Genetic Opera, born when a sick and grumpy author suddenly remembered that he was allowed to write whatever he wanted. Be very afraid.

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Ultra-short stories with friendship that's magic. Can you dig it?

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Fifteen foals (and one dragon) believe that they are in for the adventure of a lifetime after a mysterious mare tricks them into playing a game for the future of their world – a game played with one-on-one combat between metal monsters the size of mountains. But all is not as simple as it first appears, and saving Equestria may come at a far greater cost than any of them can bear.

(Art by blu-red. Comments will contain spoilers.)

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Every culture has its own story of romance blossoming under the most unlikely of circumstances. The wild west is no exception. In a little town called Appleloosa, one of the strangest love stories of all time is about to unfold. That is, unless Braeburn has anything to say about it...

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Sometimes, bad things happen to good ponies. Sometimes, a good pony has to do bad things. Sometimes, some of these things involve the undead. A collection of short stories from the silence of Equestria's eternal night.

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Equestria is growing, and magical savant Twilight Sparkle is disgusted by the crime and corruption this change has brought. Her life is changed forever when she discovers the Death Note, a notebook with inexplicable and deadly powers. She uses this book to pass judgement on those she deems unworthy of life, aiming to create a perfect world free of crime. But when the two Princesses put their best pony on the case, a mysterious detective known only as L, a psychological game of cat and mouse erupts between the two.
Comments contain spoilers. Artwork by blu-red, opening by Anon3mous. Now with its own TV Tropes page.

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