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Ah shit, here we go again.


Stories have been written, time and time again of heroes and villains. Though in the end the hero usually triumphs, the tale of the villain is many times more important. My name is Reaper, I am public enemy number one to the country of Equestria, this is my story; of how I got here, and of my revenge.


A very special thanks to Blue Spark, for the fantastic cover art that he took the time to draw for me.

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Comments ( 217 )

Your description maked me so envious of going to a convention. I never been to one and have been wanting to so badly. Your story is amazing though, just though that I should let you know! Keep up the great work!

4003927 Just to let you in on a little secret: I've never been to a convention either. But anyway, thanks for the compliment, and I do plan on making it good.

Well...shit that was intresting. By the way unless he ia mounting that valley at the beginning I'm preaty sure spell check got you. I'm going to read the next chapter.

Lol the references oh lord the references. I hope he has plenty of .50BMG cause he might just need it.

Aww hurry up you got me me drooling over here but I ain't got nothing to sink my teeth into. See you as soon as my email tells me you got some more.

Please post next chapter soon, have a fave and a like!

:ajsmug: This is really good but really short. Just keep up the good work buddy.

short chapters but oh the possibilities of this story

Woot! Infinite ammo activated. Time to put that anti material rifle to work.

4009089 I will most certainly try my best, I'm trying to make it short to get the back story (The [1200 B.N.M.]) sections done, before focusing more on the present, and what happens to modern day Equestria.

4010598 Haha, yes, you have me there. The AMR actually won't be used that much, as that would be OP as fuck. The bottomless clips thing is mostly so I can have firefights without having to do any micro-managing of procurement and manufacture of ammo in the story. His main weapons will be the M16 (Even though in real life it's shit at killing) and the Taurus (That 45-70 revolver that made an appearance in the first prologue). But anyway, hope you're still enjoying the story.

Well, huge problem with your firearms. First, the Raging Bull is NOT chambered in .45-70. It is .454 Casull. Secondly, .45-70 has far less power than a .50BMG. And lastly, the Raging Bull is one of the worst firearm designs I've seen. (Engineer at Taurus) "Lets design a gun to shoot a magnum caliber, but not make the components strong enough to do it on a steady diet...herp derp."

Keep those pears handy, a pear a day keeps the doctor away! :pinkiehappy:

4012097 I suppose I never did explain, but yes, you are right. This is not the Taurus Raging Bull we have available in reality, mostly because I'm too lazy to do research. The one Reaper has is a version from a mod on Fallout New Vegas, that's where my information is from. My other source is also flawed, apparently. I was mislead into believing the real life one fired 20 gauge shells. But it is of no matter, logic is second to fun when it comes to a story. I do hope this doesn't ruin the story for you, though.

4012138 Well, that depends on what Doctor we're talking about, I hear Dissy quite likes pears.

4012177 OH GOD DON'T REMIND ME OF THAT!!! :pinkiesad2: :fluttershbad: :applecry: :raritycry: :twilightoops: :ajsleepy:

awesome chapters you doing a amazing job:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

4012339 Why thank you my good sir! (Or madame) I do hope you are enjoying reading it as much as I am writing it!

how did he become the reaper in the first place? something terrible had to have happen to him is my guess...

4015241 Hm, yes that is an interesting story indeed. One that will be told, though I will give you a tid-bit: It started as but a name, but fate has a way of messing things about.

so when he was stoned did the souls pile up? the good and the bad?

4020496 Indeed, that will be one of the things done in the 'present' chapters, along with seeing how the æther has changed in response to the new bearers of the Elements, and Luna's banishment. I won't give away any specifics, but it should be very interesting.

4034378 He probably won't ever be in it, but cameos are always fun, yes?

4034395 Workin' on it mate. Writing stuff is hard when you're a lazy bastard like I am.

tia has much to answer for:pinkiecrazy:, this should be fun

Good job, sorry for being out of the loop for so long but my internet went down...
as for the previous chapters I think you've done a great job and I loom forwards to your up and coming chapters.
Fear out.:moustache:

4042358 Why thank you good sir, nice to see that others find my work entertaining.

I wonder if he tell her his species is the only sentient kind of his world and self taught? not perfect yes but not as bad as before cause we know better now.

4044132 Honestly I myself have some very good ways to explain humans to an outside species, although I don't think I'll include the part where Reaper and the Princesses conversed on that point. I might if enough people want me too, or if I feel like it would help, but otherwise, well, we'll see.

My name is Sabots, La Sabots

It could work because its a name but the correct way to say it would be Le Sabot because sabot is masculine and if you want it to be plural it would be "Les Sabots"
Though as I said before its a name so you could just leave it as it is but it will bother some.

4044211 I think fimfiction may have fucked it up, it looked fine when I wrote it but the full name is La poussière Sabots. Apparently Fimfic doesn't like French.

4044230 what would the name be in english? I can't really get a meaning out of this name.

4044267 It's French for 'Dust Hooves', the reference I'm making here will be up to you to find.

4044758 Correct you are good sir, into the author's notes you go. Now, can you figure out the rest? As well as all the references in the chapters themselves?

4044801 Indeed, indeed, but nothing worth doing is easy. Hell, I probably made some references I don't even know about 'cause I'm a fucking idiot. Anyway, have fun.

4044839 Green Day bro, great band. Always thought that 'St. Jimmy' would be a badass song to play for the ponies.

4044922 Well, Reaper does have some characteristics of [REDACTED], perhaps something like that will be happening soon?

So guys, I can't quite decide, should this story be changed to mature? I mean, I don't really think it needs to be, but I would like second opinions.

a very interesting story so far also could you put the date at the beginning of the chapter? every other chapter you change the date and if I did not read the chapters one after another I would be confused
also I agree with DE_K I would not change it to mature just yet maybe if/when the story gets darker?!

4054446 I suppose I could put it at the start, the date changes because each chapter after the last changes the time period. Present and past.

Woot got caught up. I actually like the back and forth from the present to the past you got going on.

4068530 Well, that's good. It's mostly for explaining how he came to be how he is in the present. Wait, why did I explain that? It's fucking obvious... Anyway, back to writing.

I hope he makes them do some good old ranger training, so he can make them more tough.

It seems many writers have the opinion that (all) religions are composed primarily of fanatics. I don't really care whether this is your opinion or your character's opinion put in there for the sake of him making a "humans are bastards" statement. Either way, it's not actually true, and the repetition of this kind of statement by so many authors is getting annoying.

Religions that advocate peace tend to produce more saints and fewer monsters (per capita) than non-religion, or religions that advocate war. Yes, you hear about the monsters more than you hear about the saints, but that is because the monster's actions tend to be both obvious and "newsworthy", but the saint's actions are more subtle.

It's not one person advocating peace and a thousand advocating war.
It's one person making a public stand to promote peace, 500 publicly advocating war, and 10000 working for peace in more subtle ways (such as by voting).

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